Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part A 9 **BONUS CHAPTER**



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part A, 9】

Eventually we managed to reach the mansion gates without being attacked again. There was no gatekeeper or servant to greet us, but the gate’s wings slowly opened automatically when the car approached them. Beyond them was an amazingly well kept garden and a concrete paved road that reached all the way to the mansion’s double door.

To be honest, I am amazed by the sheer size of the whole mansion complex. The Yatonos must be really wealthy to be able to buy and maintain this much land in such a perfect condition.

Finally, a minute or so after we passed the gates, the car finally arrived at the entrance to the main building, where it finally stopped.

「We have reached our destination. Dear guests, make sure you didn’t forget any of your personal belongings before you leave.」

Hearing the voice of the driver after he spent the whole way here dead-silent made my skin crawl for some reason.

「Yes, we’ll be sure to do that. Thank you for delivering us here safely, sir.」

I thanked him, but he didn’t even look back at me. I don’t think he’s doing that because he dislikes us, so it’ll be best to just leave him to his own devices.


Fujisato smiled and laughed at me for some reason.


「Nothing, nothing at all. I just thought that it’s just like you, being nice even to a doll.」

「Huh?! A doll?!」

I hurriedly looked back to examine the driver again. No matter how hard I looked at him, I could only see a normal, living person.
Wait a damn minute… a doll that is indistinguishable from a normal person? There is only one person capable of doing something like that whom I know about!

「Monjiro-san! Everyone! Welcome to Hachitonoe!」

The one who clumsily ran towards us to greet us was Yahata Yorugao in her usual maid outfit. When we were having our strategy meetings, she was participating in them together with us. She looked like a human being, but she was actually a doll whom her sister, Yahata Yugao created out of the ashes of her dead older sister, Yahata Asagao with her Gift, 『Fallen Angelic Gift Azrael』.

「Yorugao, wait for meeeee!」

「I’ve waited for you long enough! It’s your fault for spending so much time in front of the mirror! Hey, get a load of this, everyone! When Yugao learned you guys, and by 「you guys」 I mean Monjiro-san specifically, were on your way here, she started panicking like a newlywed bride before her wedding night! You should have seen the look on her face when she was trying to make herself as pretty as possible, it was pure gold!」

「I-I did no such thing!」

Desperately denying everything that Yorugao said with a bright red face, Yugao-chan finally caught up to her sister.

She was dressed in her trademark maid outfit as well, which greatly accentuated her natural cuteness. Maybe it was because of all that has happened between us during the summer vacation, but she was standing behind Yorugao as if she was afraid of getting closer to me and avoided looking me in the eyes for too long.


And just like last time, seeing her made my heart race with a strong urge directed towards her, but in addition to that, this time I got flashbacks of everything I did with Fujisato on the night she made me her Knight, reigniting the feelings of lust and passion I tried to keep in check. My whole body felt so hot that my vision got obscured with a mixture of red and black spots flashing before my eyes, which were starting to get unusually wet.

Without realizing it, I have placed my hand on my head and squeezed it tightly.

「Auuuuuu…. S-So I’m being a bother after all…?」

「N-No, it’s not like that, Yugao-chan! Rather than you being a bother, it’s…」

「It’s about him being a horny man whore in constant heat, Yugao.」

That description physically hurt me, but unfortunately it was on point. The more I look at Yugao-chan and the closer I het to her, the more my primal instincts are kicking in. I want to hug her, touch her soft skin with my hands, bring her face closer to mine and many, many more.

「I have to admit that Yugao-san is indeed cute so I kinda get how you feel, but please, try to keep your male urges at bay, Monjiro-senpai.」

「Y-You don’t have to tell me that!」

「Really, you’re such a playboy, Monjiro-kun. And here I thought that after all I did for you that night you won’t have eyes for anyone else but me. *Sob* *Sob*」

「All right, I get it! Jesus Christ, stop saying things that might cause unnecessary misunderstandings, all right!?」

「‘Kay. Just so you know, if you find yourself unable to hold back any longer, just say a word~~.」

And Fujisato followed her bold statement with a suggestive hand motion. Yup, this is my life with my new master now. But I have to say, even though being scolded by my classmate and kouhai felt a little bit humiliating, it did help me keep my head nice and clear.

「Appreciate the offer, but I’ll try to stay on my best behavior from now on.」

I assured them, trying to sound as confident as possible, but Kuhoh just shook her head to the sides while saying 「Good grief.」

You see, Yugao-chan has this 「special blood」 coursing through her veins. In short, it is supposed to amplify the power of any male Knight who drinks it, but it has a demerit to it: it works like a strong aphrodisiac, hence my behavior for which the girls chastised me. Apparently women are not affected by it at all. I she’s going to be serving the guests at the party, then I wonder if she’s going to be all right? After all, there are bound to be quite a lot of male Knights gathered here today.

Honestly, I was seriously worried about her, so I had to aske her about this directly.

「Yugao-chan, are you going to be okay today? With all those Knights here, I mean.」

「Yes, I think I will be fine.」

Yugao-chan slowly nods.

「Don’t you worry about a thing, Monjiro-san! I will have a close eye on her the entire time, so if anyone tries to lay so much as a finger on her I will tear him apart limb from limb and leave his mangled corpse deep in the mountains to be eaten by wild animals!」

Yorugao proclaimed that proudly while puffing out her chest. That’s… good to hear I guess? Anyway, now that I know I won’t have to worry about her, it was a load off my shoulders.

「Then I’ll be leaving Yugao-chan in your care, Yorugao. Just make sure not to go overboard, okay?」

「No promises there.」

As a doll, Yorugao is much stronger then her middle-schooler appearance might suggest. In terms of strength, she is probably comparable to me and Kuhoh, maybe even slightly stronger. Not only that, but she is also capable of sneak attacks by detaching her own limbs or controlling the spare ones remotely, making them act independently to her will. That ability proved to be very difficult to overcome when I had to duke it out with her, to the point where I was forced to use the limited version of my family’s secret technique, 『Code Calvariae Limited Mode: Criss Cross』. So yeah, there is no one else more fit to be guarding Yugao-chan than her.

「Yugao, listen. When the party starts, don’t hesitate to scream when someone suspicious comes near you, looks at you, smells you or make you cry. I will come to your side immediately and beat the living crap out of them!」

「Yorugao-chan, it makes me happy to hear that, but if we won’t hurry up then Fujisato-sama will be late!」
She tried not to show it, but Yugao-chan must be deeply troubled over the fact that Yorugao will have to watch her all the time instead of focusing entirely on her work. But that’s just how it is with siblings. The older one will always worry about the younger and try to protect them from harm. I can only pray that once all of this is over I’ll be able to have the same kind of relationship with Aika.

「Darn, it’s that late already? All right, Yugao, you will guide the girls here to the dressing room so they can refresh themselves and get changed after the journey here. I will stay with Monjiro-san and show him around.」

Yugao-chan, who was nervously running around in place only answered 「Yes!」 and stood with her back straight, but her knees were still visibly shaking. Who would have guessed that the work of a maid can be so nerve-racking?

「Now then, off you go!」

「U-Understood! Fujisato-sama, Kuhoh-sama, allow me to show you the way!」

With a bright-red face and an awkward smile, Yugao-chan bowed down to me and went ahead with Fujisato and Kuhoh, leaving me and Yorugao to proceed to the main building at our own pace.

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