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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 1】

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All right everyone, from this point forward, it is finally The Lord Killer’s, Fujisato Yuika’s (that’s me if you haven’t figured it out already) time to shine as the narrator to this bizarre story!

Standing beside Monjiro-kun, my heart was beating with unrestrained excitement. Right now, we are at the center of everything. So many Lords are watching us. So many Knights are watching us. Even Princess Kaguya, the 「Queen of the Night」 and 「Lord Above All Lords」, Shiki-chan and Monjiro-kun’s mother, the 「Legendary Knight」 are unable to tear their eyes away from us. I expected it to be positively stimulating, but to think that that my body would derive this much pleasure just from being watched by so many people…!

「You seem to be enjoying yourself, Master.」

Nagi-chan noticed my excitement and chuckled. My oh my, is it really showing on my face that much? Goodness gracious, what a naughty girl I am….

Yes, to answer your question, Nagi-chan, I am currently having the time of my life! Now, my fellow Lords, how are you going to react? What are you going to do? What kinds of Gifts are your Knights are going to use against us? And most importantly, what is going to be Princess Kaguya’s next move?

「Having fun there, Fujisato? Think you could share some of it with me?」

Monjiro-kun looks at me with that tense face of his and asks sarcastically while looking at me with an envious gaze. Normally I don’t like such faces, the ones that look like they are always too serious about everything, but if it’s him, I don’t really mind. He’s attitude to our current predicament is rather refreshing for me, actually. But maybe I should tease him for a bit, just to see how is he going to react.

「Monjiro-kun, you should try to enjoy this situation a bit more, even if it’s hard for you. After all, you came to such a high-class party with two Goddess-level beauties like me and Nagi-chan, so you have to look the part as well.」

He then smiled and…

「As you wish, M’lady.」


Oh… oh wow, that was actually more effective than I thought! Could it be that this outfit has awaken something in Monjiro-kun?! Maybe it really did, because he bowed to me and Nagi-chan and offered us each of his arms to lean on it like a real escort would! I don’t know why, but… but seeing his glove-clad hand outstretched to me in such a manly gesture makes me feel like my chest and cheeks are getting flared up and I won’t lie, I might be getting a little too excited down there as well.

「You know what Monjiro-kun? This is making me a little bit shy for some reason.」

「It’s the same for me as well, Monjiro-senpai. But I guess being escorted by a guy might not be so bad every once in a while.」

Nagi-chan had her cheeks slightly flushed as well, so I’m guessing her reaction must have been pretty similar to mine.

And to think that this is all an addition to the plan that we have devised with our combined efforts. We knew it’s not perfect and that the chances of success will be rather slim depending on how we are all going to adapt to it, but it was a risk that we have all agreed that we are willing to take.

With that in mind, let us rewind the time seven days back to our final strategy meeting.

「First things first, Yugao-chan and Yorugao will have to memorize the plan of the entire mansion inside and out.」

That was Monjiro-kun’s opening statement.
「That one is going to be easy. We are going to be serving the guests after all and memorizing the plan of the workplace is one of the most essential skills a maid should have, so leave that to us.」

Yorugao-chan was brimming with absolute confidence in herself and her sister.

「Right. If possible, I would like the two of you right to where Kaguya will be located.」

「W-We’ll do our best!」

Yugao-chan had a troubled look on her face, but nevertheless she tried to maintain a positive attitude.

「Next, you’ll have to draw everyone’s attention towards us.」

「R-Really?! B-But how are we supposed to do that with so many guests?!」

「It’s actually very simple, my dear Yugao. We’ll just have to abandon all subtlety.」

「Abandon all… subtlety?」

「Yeah. I have quite a few ideas in my mind, but the most effective will probably be a proclamation, like: Now entering Fujisato Yuika-sama’s Knight, Sakuradamon Jiro-san!」or something along those lines.」

「Isn’t that too blatant?!」

「You think? I think it will be perfect for the occasion, ahahahahahaha.」

Yorugao-chan laughed, but Monjiro-kun was listening to her very seriously with a focused expression on his face.

「I also think this might be just what we need.」


Yugao-chan was even more surprised by Monjiro-kun’s words tha she was by her little sister’s words. Looks like she was thinking he was going to be the voice of reason here. Well, aside from that assumption, everything else was proceeding smoothly. Yugao-chan might not realize that herself, but even her overreactions to our ideas were a valid indicator of what we might try and what would be better of not doing at all. After all, nothing says 「honest」 better than a simple, pure opinion like hers.

「I still think that this plan relies on the two of them too much. I know that it will seem like a rash idea, but in my opinion the best course of action would be a good old frontal assault.」

Next to me, Nagi-chan presented her own opinion and after a brief period of thinking, Monjiro-kun said:

「You do have a point there. With this many strong individuals present, they are probably not going to even consider the possibility that someone might attack them straight away as it would be nothing short of reckless. But exactly because of that it might give us an opening we’d need .」

「But all of the present Lords and their Knights are going to be literal monsters in terms of battle prowess and we cannot forget that with the current manpower our own battle potential has been greatly limited…」

Yugao-chan looked at me.

Yes, right now my own fighting capabilities have been greatly reduced, but when push comes to shove, I’ll just have to fight with what I have left.

I have already gave my most powerful Gift, 『Divine Gift Chronos』 to Nagi-chan and there is also the one I passed to Monjiro-kun, so if I will have to fight Shiki-chan and Kaguya I will be at half my usual strength. Both of them saw all of my Gifts once already and Shiki-chan even developed countermeasures to some of them, so that is going to put me at even bigger disadvantage, making it nigh impossible to fight them in a non-lethal manner. Not that I don’t enjoy a good challenge of course, but this time the odds might be against me a little bit too much, so I decided to be honest about it with the rest of the group and not sugarcoat anything.

「Hate to break it to you, but Yugao-chan’s right. As I am now it’s not like I am totally defenseless but compared to other Lords and their Knights I am like a wolf who had half of his fangs dulled.」
I don’t like the sound of it either but those are the facts.

「I see. But you know, if push comes to shove, Yorugao is pretty strong…」

「Yeah. I will be sure to bring a lot of my spare bodies with me just in case something unforeseen happens.」

「We appreciate the offer, but our ideal scenario here would be to avoid the needless battle at all costs. I may be known as the Lord Killer, but even I won’t throw myself at the enemy without knowing that I will beat them for sure. You have to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em, you know?」

Since Yorugao-chan is in fact a sentient doll, her ability to remotely command her body parts even when they are detached might prove to be really useful. Also, her raw physical strength is probably on par with that of any other physical-oriented Knights. If I were to compare her to Nagi-chan and Monjiro then she would be stronger than them, but inferior when it came to actual battle experience and skills. As unfortunate as it sounds, that is one of the basic rules of this world: there is a a balance to everything. If you want to be fast and agile you will never achieve greater physical strength, and when you go beyond a certain level of strength, you won’t be able to go back to using techniques that require more finesse out of its user. I fully realize the truth behind those words now.

「Oh, I see! Maybe that is exactly what we have to do here!」

「And by 「that」 you mean what?」

Apparently my words made Yugao-chan realize something, because she looked as if she just had some kind of wonderous epiphany.

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