Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part B 10



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 10】

As all of you can probably guess, the name 「Sakuradamon Yuuto」 was nothing but an alias. As for my real name, I have forgotten it a long time ago, which means it was probably not important to me in the first place. Right now, the only identity that I need is that of 「The Legendary Knight」.

My current mission, my current objective… is to fight with my 「son」 whom I’ve trained to become just like me. As his mother, I showed him how to fight and kill and in order to keep a close eye on him to make sure that he will stay alive as a proper human being I even resorted to impersonating his younger sister. From a parent/guardian’s perspective, what I did to that girl was probably inexcusable, but I do not intend on apologizing to her for what I did. Because there is no need for me to do such a thing. All I ever did was for the sake of my ultimate ambition and I was looking forward to seeing if tonight I the night when that ambition will finally come into fruition.

「Those are some impressive eyes you have there, Monjiro.」

「You have yourself to thank for that, mother.」

「You’ve also learned to talk back, huh? Have you finally manned up and grew a pair since the last time I saw you?」

Those eyes… they really are the good ones, the ones that I wanted to see all this time. The eyes of someone who has found his purpose in life after embracing his human emotions. Right now he looks like someone who’s prepared to fight for what he believes in, no matter the cost.

In the past, many people have tried to reach me and they all met the same fate. 「No 「Human」 can defeat me」, that is the conclusion I have reached after countless battles to the death where I have emerged victorious. That is why I have decided to raise someone who will be able to do it myself. First, I will completely kill his heart, obliterate it to such a degree that there will be nothing left of it, turning that human into an emotionless killing machine, and then I will guide him towards creating his heart from scratch. I thought that by doing so, I might be able to create someone capable of killing me with my own hands.

The way he is now, he definitely should be able to do it. After all, even though everyone told him that his beloved senpai is no more, he still came here pursuing that small possibility of bringing her back. If his resolve is that strong, then…

「Now that it has finally come down to this, how about adding an additional rule to our match? Like the one where the loser will have to obey the winner’s order, no matter what it may be?」


At first I thought he was joking to hide his nervousness, but the longer I looked at him the more serious his expression was becoming. So that is not an attempt at a witty joke, but a genuine offer? Surely he realizes that with this many people watching us he won’t be able to back down from it if I agree to this bonus condition? Is he that confident in himself, or is he simply mistaking bravado for bravery? Time to test it out.

「Okay, fine by me. So what are you going to wish for if you’ll manage to defeat me? 」

「If I manage to beat you, mother, you’re going to come back to me and Aika and the three of us will finally live like a normal family. I am actually curious how your cooking is going to taste.」


Here I was expecting something serious, but the only thing that came out of his mouth was a thoroughly idiotic proposal.

「What in the actual hell, Monjiro-kun?!」

Judging by Fujisato Yuika’s reaction, she didn’t know about this idea of his either.

「How about it, mother? Interesting enough for you?」

He fixed his glasses and showed me a dumb fearless smirk that made me want to punch him right in the face.

I see, so that is how 「interesting」 you want this to be, huh, kid? And you actually think you can make such a foolish dream a reality? By beating me? All right you brat, I’ll play along if you wish!

「What if I win then?」

「I’ll let you decide that. I’m sure you already had something interesting in store planned for me like always, right?」

He spoke with absolute confidence in his words, without a hint of worry. Even I had to admit that he sounded kinda cool just now. Was my son always this kind of guy, or could it be that somebody influenced him to become like that?

Looks like this is going to be even more interesting than I initially thought.

「Then how about taking your precious 「first time」 for myself?」

There, I said it! What are you going to say to that, my cherry-boy of a son?


Just as I expected, his face became bright red, just like a ripe tomato and I don’t blame him for it. I have chosen my current petite, black-haired bishoujo (TL Note: Japanese expression for a cute girl) after an extensive period of research, so I was pretty sure that no man could resist my charms right now. As I am now, I am certain that every adolescent boy would be honored to have his virginity stolen by someone like me.

「W-What are you saying, mother?! S-Such a thing is too much!!!」

Seeing him so upset is so satisfying. A small victory for me. The only small problem I might encounter is that it was so long since I had any action in the sex department that I feel that my skills in that area might have gotten more than a bit rusty… ah well, I’ll just have to give it my best and deal with the potential obstacles when they appear before me, just like I always did.

I felt a chill run down my spine and it prompted me to look behind me. And there I saw Princess Kaguya and Yatono Shiki staring at me with vastly different emotions written all over their faces: Kaguya was raising her brow questioningly while Yatono Shiki was glaring at me as if she wanted to kill me with her sight alone, all the while emitting murderous intent and menacing aura. As for Fujisato Yuika, Monjiro’s current Lord, she seemed… oddly excited about the idea? How did I know all this? Well, essentially thanks to all those years of fighting on various battlefields I just learned to read the feelings and emotions of those around me, even the most hidden ones. All I had to do was look for the obvious signs. Way of breathing, heartbeat, the way they were looking at me with their eyes, all those things and much more can tell you volumes about how someone really feels.

Right now, for example, Monjiro is both flustered by my little provocation, but he also maintains his alertness at all times, all in accordance to what I taught him. Always be vigilant, always observe, always doubt and analyze.

I have to admit, seeing him following my teachings even now was kinda heartwarming in a strange way, even if he technically is my enemy.

Now then, what kind of Gift has Monjiro received from Fujisato Yuika?

Judging by what her other Knight, Kuhoh Nagi did earlier, it couldn’t have been the 『Divine Gift Chronos』. I also managed to confirm his lustful reaction towards Yahata Yugao, so he definitely became a Knight again.

One of the other possibilities was the 『Demonic Gift Kirin』, the ability to amplify the electricity generated by the body’s nervous system and utilize it as a weapon. That would definitely be something that could come in handy in his current situation. For example, if he copied Yatono Shiki’s tactics and used wires, he could electrocute his enemies with pinpoint accuracy. But I know better than anyone else that wires were not his forte. I trained him in using them of course, but he always showed difficulties in handling them so I made him switch to knives after a short while. On the other hand, that move he used to defeat Robert with such ease, the one that looked awfully like the Flash Step from that one shounen manga… something like that could definitely be achieved by manipulating the nerves and muscle reaction speed through electric stimuli.

The other possibility was the 『Heroic Gift Perseus』. It is a strength amplifying Gift that uses a ring as a catalyst, but since he was wearing gloves now it was impossible for me to determine if he had it on one of his fingers or not, but it would be a good match for him since he was always more of a STR type of character instead of INT one, to borrow the terminology from modern day RPG games. If he had it, it would be like an instant cheat allowing him to max his STR stat in an instant. The drawback to it is that strength amplification is limited to the user’s hands only, but with it on just touching something with your fingertips can be enough to cause tremendous destruction, so he might have approached Robert with his own speed and inflict those wounds on him with 『Perseus’s』 help.

And lastly, there was the 『Demonic Gift Gorgon』. With its mind controlling power, he could have commanded both Robert and Yara to stand still so he and Kuhoh Nagi could effortlessly dispose of them. But in order to do so, he would have to look both of them in the eyes for at least a few seconds for the Gift’s effect to activate and I’m sure that he haven’t seen Yara even once since she tried to snipe them down when they arrived here, so I think that I can eliminate 『Gorgon』 from the list of Monjiro’s potential Gifts and focus more on the other two…


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