Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part B 12



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 12】

I am definitely a bad parent, I won’t deny that. I think it’s my innate inability to trust and communicate with those around me that’s at fault here. And I’m not talking just about my Gift. I was always a kind of a lone wolf, the one who would rather keep to myself than ask others for help with anything and that bad quality of mine only became stronger when I began my life as an assassin. In that line of work, others are nothing but a liability, a weak point that can be used against you. So instead of growing attached to them, I learned to manipulate them and used them to further my own goals and agendas. By the time I met Kaguya I was already quite proficient at it and gaining the ability to alter the perception of those around me was like a strawberry on top of the cake for me. With that kind of power, I became practically invincible, because even if there happened to be someone who managed to grasp what my Gift was, none of those people lived long enough actually develop a legit countermeasure against it and up until today, Monjiro was no different. All those years I had him wrapped around my little finger, dancing on top of my hand to the tune I chose for him.

But now he claims that my sensory alteration won’t work on him anymore when he doesn’t even know the method of how it works and its triggering conditions. If I wanted, I could have still kept him under the illusion that I am his younger sister and he still wouldn’t have noticed a thing. In fact, I can still mess up his perception of either myself or the world around him should the need arise.

At least that’s what I would like to do, but unfortunately that is going to be impossible right now. To begin with, I was able to impersonate Aika for so long with my 『Doppelganger』 because I captured Monjiro’s sister in advance and place her in confinement so that she wouldn’t try to ruin my plans, but now that he knows that I was her the entire time that smokescreen will no longer be of use to me. So I guess in a manner of speaking I’ve screwed myself over by revealing myself to him at the clock tower on that day a month ago.

I see. I get it now. So that’s what he meant by 「Your Gift won’t work on me anymore」. He was not trying to provoke me, he was merely stating the fact. Hmpf, so I guess he does have some functioning brain cells in the thick skull of his after all.

「Monjiro, if you are so confident in yourself, then allow me to celebrate your growth by humoring you for a bit. When the battle starts, I promise I won’t be using my Gift against you.」

「Are you planning on going easy on me?」

「Not at all. I just stuffed myself with so much food that I could definitely use some exercise to burn some of that calories.」

「If that’s how you want to call it then fine.」

When we finished our bickering, Kaguya stood up, clasped her hands together and declared with a loud voice:

「Now then, you can start the performance!」

If I end it with a single blow, it won’t be entertaining at all, both for Kaguya and the guests, but also for myself. I have my orders, but I also want to see Monjiro’s growth with my own eyes.

I prepared my karate fighting stance, with my right hand placed firmly in front of me.

And at that moment…


Suddenly his right fist came towards me from the side!

I have no weapon on me right now and I didn’t have time to think, so I have instinctively kicked his fist away and then I’ve launched a counterattack of my own. My left hand made its way towards his throat but he noticed that and avoided having it pierced by bending his body backwards so that my fingernails only grazed his skin, drawing a small amount of blood. That was not a spontaneous action, but a planned move, because in the next second he used the momentum from that movement to spin around and make another attack, this time aimed at my left hand.


All right, I have to admit that I am a bit irritated now. Not only he attacked me twice, but he also managed to deflect my attacks just as many times! But that gave me an opening that I needed to drive my right hand into his stomach and send him flying! However, before he hit the ground he managed to flip his body over by planting his hand in the ground to rotate him self and launch another counter-kick, using his height and the length of his legs to their fullest advantage. You know what, Monjiro, I am getting really tired of you only using your legs. I taught you so much more than that, so come on, entertain me some more or I’ll be forced to break those precious legs of yours! Like that!


I firmly grabbed the leg that was heading in my direction and gripped it with all my strength. I may not look like it, but I am pretty strong even without any Gift to enhance my physical performance.



The sound of something being ejected alerted me just in time for me to twist my head to the side to dodge a small blade which was fired from a mechanism hidden in Monjiro’s shoe. Nice move kid. Very by the book, but still impressive nonetheless.

Usually when an assassin incorporates his or her limbs as one of the many tools of their trade, it is common to have a hidden blade somewhere on you just in case your kicks or punches failed to do the job right away. The first assassins of middle-east used the blades hidden in their gloves at the cost of one of their fingers, but nowadays knife launchers were much more popular. All for the sake of taking your target by surprise. Also, nowadays it is quite rare to see blades extending from the ankle area. The ones located at the tip or the sole of the shoe are much more common, because if you made a mistake with something like that you could easily end up hurting or even tearing your feet apart, so it was quite risky of him.

Freeing himself from my grasp he jumped back a short distance and prepared himself for another attack. If he’s going to go for another kick, it would be wise of me to assume that he has another blade hidden in the second shoe as well.

And just as I thought, he dashed towards me again with a speed that will make it impossible for me to think before dodging the incoming blades.

「Splendid, Monjiro.」

So what can I do in such a situation? It’s simple.

I didn’t grab his ankle like I did last time. I allowed his leg to approach my head and when another blade started to emerge from the tip of his shoe…

… I grabbed it with my bare hand.

My hand was bleeding, but a wound like that was nothing to worry about. More importantly, I managed to seal Monjiro’s movements in this way. And now I can deal a major blow to him myself and I will do that…

*Flutter Flutter!*
With a jumping roundhouse kick to the head while he’s momentarily distracted by the view of what’s under my skirt!


See, told you it was going to work. A clean, direct hit that made my stupid son fall to his knees. Ah, no matter how many times I use it, that one move never failed me. I’m glad to see that its effectiveness will remain at one hundred percent. But you know what?

「Monjiro, to get excited by your own mother’s upskirt… how big of a sexually frustrated horndog are you?」

His nose was even slightly bleeding. Or was it the result of my kick?

「*Cough Cough* What else… did you… expect… *Cough* *Hack*… after showing me something… like that?!」

He’s even coughing up blood. Yup, definitely must have been my kick.

「「Something like that」? Whatever do you mean by that?」

Even so, I still decided to tease him for a bit.


This time the one who called out to me was Shiki. Even though she had her usual stone-cold expression I could see that her eyes, both her normal blue and the hidden golden one were opened a little wider than usual.

「What is it, Yatono-san?」

「I know that Fujisato Yuika herself suggested using seduction techniques against Monjiro due to how effective they are, but don’t you think that what you did was going a little overboard?」

「Why would it be? I am an assassin and he’s my target, so it should be obvious that I will use all manner of tricks at my disposal in order to fulfill my mission. Does that answer satisfy you, Yatono-san? Or maybe you’re jealous that my seduction worked so well while your numerous attempts at seducing Monjiro failed?」

「Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. What does it matter?」

Still unable to be fully honest with your feelings I see. Which is a damn shame because with a little bit of training to rid her of that sexually harassing tongue of hers she might have made a good match for Monjiro.

Not that it matters in any way, since he’s going to be dead pretty soon.

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