Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part B 13



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 13】

「You see now, Monjiro? All that talk about beating me and all it took to turn the tables on you was a little flashing. You might be skilled when it comes to following and acting upon the riles and tactics that are set in stone, but you were always bad against irregularity and unpredictability.」

Looks like he was too big of a spineless chicken to make any kind of move on Kaguya all this time he was acting as her Knight, so I can’t really say I am surprised. So if he didn’t make any progress all that time, did he really was that stupid to think he would do something about it in around a month?

「You wanna know how you could have avoided my attack just now? It’s simple really: all you had to do was to get yourself familiar enough with the female body so that seeing a girls private parts would not make you flinch for even a bit. And don’t even try to brush it off with things like 「But I only want to do it with the one I love!」 or 「But I had no one to practice with!」 because we both know that both Fujisato Yuika and Kuhoh Nagi would both gladly jumped at the opportunity if only you asked them nicely enough, am I right?」

I know for sure that those girls care for him in a romantic way, so for them it would have been like killing two birds with one stone. But apparently he didn’t even consider such a possibility and now he’s going to pay the price for it.

「Even if that is true… that would still… be a no-go for me. But once all of this is done, then maybe… if that will be their wish…」

Even though he was coughing up blood, Monjiro still managed to stand up and proclaim that confidently and looked towards the courtyard’s roof where Kuhoh Nagi stood with a troubled, blushed yet somewhat happy expression on her face.

Uh-huh, so my hunch was right on the spot. She really was hoping for something like that to happen. Not to mention that next to me Yatono Shiki’s expression got even more gloomy, to the point where she bit on her own lip in frustration. O la la, looks like little Jiro has some serious competition for the contents of his pants. Knowing something like that felt mildly amusing and oddly irritating at the same time.

「I should expect no less from my son, becoming a Harem King without even actively seeking it.」

「What can… I say? That was not my intention. I’m just… trying to be nice to everyone around me. That’s all.」

「 You know that some guys would be furious if they saw that such a big male ambition can be achieved without putting any kind of effort in it, right?」

「They can go screw themselves for all I care. Harems are meaningless… if their members cannot all be equally happy.」

Still gasping for breath, he gazed at both Yatono Shiki and Kuhoh Nagi. Could it be? Has he achieved the understanding of a woman’s heart? Well, not that it changes much, but I have to say, the way Yatono Shiki looked back at him when their eyes met was concerning. I have already confirmed that when I was posing as Monjiro’s sister, but I didn’t think that the intimate connection (or should I just call it sexual tension?) between the two of them would be this strong.

But from what Monjiro himself told me, the one he truly loves is Shiinamachi Kaguya only.

Could it really be that he grew so infatuated with Kaguya’s, I have to admit it, alluring physicality? No, if it was something so shallow the he wouldn’t have tried so hard to bring her back to how she was before her true nature reawakened. Then maybe… maybe what he fell in love was the 「kindness」 that Kaguya’s temporary personality, his 「Shiinamachi-senpai」 showed towards him? But he already knows that this temporary personality is gone, overwritten by the original one, just how we planned from the very beginning. That is why we placed her at the clock tower in school, a naturally isolated space where her interactions with others were being contained to a bare minimum that would allow her to avoid raising suspicions of any outsiders. That is also why we had Yatono Shiki join her, to act as both her 「friend」 and her caretaker, but I guess she also grew too attached to her, even after all that training she went through at the hands of her own family.

Even now she was wavering. I could see it clearly in her eyes.

「Monjiro, you are a more terrifying enemy tha I thought.」

To think that he could change Yatono Shiki in such a way that she was actually feeling crushed by guilt after she killed him a month ago. The old Shiki would have been able to keep her cool after killing not only him, but also countless others, but right after she ended his life a month ago, she looked almost as if her heart was about to burst from grief.

「You know what mother? I am actually grateful to you for raising me the way you did. If not for you, I would have probably never become the person who I am right now.」

「You don’t say.」

How foolish of him to say something like that. I was simply following the plan we have devised. And Yatono Shiki was secretly helping me. She was not even told about the plan of 「Bringing back the True Lord」 in its entirety even though she possessed such an immense intellect. All she was told was to 「follow my orders and not ask any questions」.

She didn’t know anything. I was not allowed to tell her everything. And look how that backfired now. If those Yatono bastards were honest with her form the beginning, she would have been a reliable ally with unshakable conviction.

But now?

Now she’s might be nothing but a hindrance led astray by her own thinking, shame and embarrassment.

「But now I’m going to have to ask you to wait for a bit. I believe me and that lovely lady behind you have a lot to talk about.」


Monjiro said something like that out of the blue and then he walked past me without even glancing in my direction.


Shiki’s reaction was as expected. First she looked at Monjiro with scared, widely opened eyes and then immediately turned her bright-red face away from him. I could say that was incredibly cute, but that would be a lie. To me, it was just plain awkward.

「Why, Monjiro? Why must you always be such a nosy, impudent asshole?!」

「Finally decided to stop giving me the silent treatment, huh, Shiki?」

And the two of them just outright ignored me and started their own conversation. I know we are in the middle of a battle in here, but I wanted to see for myself what direction was their twisted love story going to take

Yeah, right, as if I’d ever allowed something like that!

I have to do something to understand the current situation even a little bit better, and for that I’ll have to finally get serious. Monjiro, I don’t know which of her Gifts Fujisato Yuika bestowed upon you, but I’m about to find out!

「Shiki, I…」

「Monjiro, I…」

Before this farce could be dragged any longer, I jumped between the two of them and grabbed both Jiro’s arm and Yatono Shiki’s hand.


Using only my fingers I forcefully yanked her hand down, and when I did so, the clothing on Jiro’s right arm got ripped to shreds.

「My threads…!」

Why are you so surprised, Yatono-san? I am a master assassin, a killer who mastered the usage of every possible weapon meant for killing. That also includes threads and wires, so now that I have you here, I can use even your own threads as I see fit.

Up to this point Monjiro was doing a fine job of reading my maneuvers and adapting to them, but it looks like he didn’t anticipated that I could be using his dear friend’s weapon against him. A simple, yet fatal mistake. And now…


… you can kiss that arm of yours goodbye.

Initially I only wanted to crush that hand of his a little, but I guess slicing it off completely will serve as a better reminder not to underestimate me.

Right about now that right arm of yours will be sent flying. However…

Behind his fake glasses, Monjiro’s eyes narrowed like those of a snake which was ready to devour its prey whole in one bite.

And following that.



My eyes were filled with the sight of spraying fresh blood.

I instinctively glanced at my own right hand… but it was unharmed.

So if it wasn’t mine, then whose blood is it?


Yatono Shiki’s threads are not artificially made weapons. They are actually made from her own hair, reaching all the way to the base of her head. He must’ve learned about it, but how long ago was that? Well, that is not important right now.

The important thing is that the one who was bleeding was Yatono Shiki. By grabbing hold of her threads and pulling them towards him at the last possible minute he managed to avoid having his arm torn off and as a result of that Shiki herself was bleeding from her head and neck with an expression that was a mixture of pain and unspoken disbelief on her face.

Yet despite all that, Jiro’s face remained stone-cold, like a ruthless mask.

At that time, I have finally understood.

I understood what was the source of the uncomfortable feeling that was weighting down on me ever since our battle started.

Am I really fighting against Jiro here?

Back when I was living with him in disguise he was always going on how his friends are all important to him and how he would never hurt them no matter what. That should hold especially true for Yatono Shiki here, since he might actually have romantic feelings towards her… would he really be able to cut himself away from her just to win a single battle?


He took hold of the threads he ripped from Shiki’s head and swung them towards me at lightning speed.

It was for but a moment, just a single second, but because my mind was clouded with doubts, I failed to respond to that attack in time.


By the time I noticed it, it was already too late.

*SPLASH!* *DripDrip!* *SPLASH!*

The stream of blood was already bursting out of my neck.

Many years have passed since the Nightkin first started calling me 「The Legendary Knight」.

After all those years, he was the first one who managed to inflict such a severe wound upon my body.

「I should have expected as much of you, mother. If not for that moment of doubt just now, I would have probably never defeat you.」

He fixed his fake glasses on his nose and looked at me as if I was a piece of trash beneath his feet.

The difference in our abilities was still like that between the earth and the moon. But that line of thinking was the reason I’ve ended losing to him. Because I was too narrow minded to even consider the possibility that Jiro could attack one of his precious friends in order to get me.

Until I know why he did that, I refuse to slip into the embrace of the darkness that was slowly creeping over me.

「Are you… really Monjiro?」

When he heard those words, the corners of his mouth curved up in an evil grin…


… and in the next moment a thunderous explosion could be heard from the back of the mansion.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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