Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part B 15



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 15】


「Whoa there!」

He just stepped to the side, making me miss completely and fall to the ground in such a way that I hit my nose on the tatami mats spread on the entire floor.

I knew it. Killing someone without an element of surprise on my side like I did with Monjiro-san during the summer was nearly impossible for me. But I had to try it either way.

「Hey, what was that all about, little lady?」

The elderly man casually asked me, as if he was not surprised at all.

What should I do? What should I do?! Oh, I know, how about pretending to be one of the servants of the Yatono family!?

「What’s wrong, cat got your tongue? I know I look a little bit intimidating, but I promise you I’m not a bad guy. So come on, care to share what you’re doing here with gramps over here?」

「G-Gladly, b-b-but what are you doing here, mister? I thought all the guests should be at the courtyard since the hour of the ritual is approaching?」

「That’s true, but I was send to check up on the 「Mystic Hall」 precisely because of that. How about you, girlie? Care to finally tell me what a maid like you was doing in a place like this?」

That’s right, he doesn’t know this, but I’m not just dressed like a maid, I am a genuine maid to boot! In that case I might just be able to pull this bluff off! I still think that Yorugao-neechan would have been better for this kind of mission, since she’s a much better actress than I am and when push comes to shove she can pull her own weight in a fight… but this will be my chance to prove how much I’ve changed. To everyone else, but mostly to myself. A chance to show that I am no longer the same old scaredy cat clutching at her sister’s skirt all the time!

「I, I was also on my way to the 「Mystic Hall」, but I’m quite new here and I’m not used to the mansion’s layout yet, so I got lost on the way and wound up in here…」
「In this room of all places, huh?」

The man listened to my words, nodded his head a few times and then looked around the room. Now that I actually had the chance, I decided to do the same.

The room we are currently in was about average in size, with three futons laid on the ground and filled with a typical male luggage….

… Somehow I feel like I might have made a huge mistake by coming here.

「You know, this is one of the mansion guards sleeping quarters, lassie.」


This is quickly shaping up to be the worst possible scenario. If that’s the case, then maybe I should stop playing the full and just try to negotiate with him?

「I’m sorry, I lied to you.」

「Well, I kinda thought that was the case. But you know, I don’t really care what you’re doing here as long as you’re not causing any trouble, missy maid.」

For a moment I thought that everything will be fine now, but then I noticed that the man’s face was really flushed and he was beginning to breathe unusually hard.

「But you know… it’s just that… I can’t stand it anymore. I am by no means a lolicon, but… but when I’m looking at you, young lady… for some reason, my body gets really, really hot.」

「Uhm, well….」

So it was that after all. That man was currently under the effect of my blood, which attracted male Knights towards me like moths to the flame. In fact, I used that quality to my advantage when I killed Monjiro-san and took his heart from him. Essentially, the longer a male Knight stays near me, the stronger my blood’s aphrodisiac-like effect is going to get.
「I’m sorry girlie, but I think I’m going to eat you up just a wee bit.」

「That would be problematic in all sorts of ways, so could I ask you not to do that?」

I tried reasoning with him while it was not too late, but it looks like he was already being swallowed up by his carnal instincts.

「If the circumstances were any different I might have agreed to that, but today you’re just out of luck so just give up!」

「I won’t! I can’t give up now!」

But despite my protests, the man came closer to me, cutting of any way for me to escape.

Why did it come to this? I don’t want to be assaulted while he’s nothing more but a beast reduced to following his basic desires… no, I don’t want to be attacked at all! I don’t like violence and I don’t like fighting. Honestly, if I could, I just wanted to have a normal, peaceful, uneventful life.

「Now come to daddy!」

He reached with his hands to grab me. His grasp was like that of a steel claw, so he must have been pretty strong despite his old age.


In order to resist, I tried pushing him away with my right hand, which was currently still free. Normally such an action would have been meaningless due to the sheer difference in our strength.

But today’s circumstances were not like the usual at all.


All I did to him was pushing my hand into his stomach, which should push him away. But right now, that one motion send him flying across the room and back into the hallway, breaking the door with his back.

「Ah! I ended up using it without thinking! Ababababababa!」

I panicked, glancing at the small ring resting on my finger. It was one of Fujisato-san’s Gifts that she lend to me just for this mission in case I would be forced to defend myself, 『Heroic Gift Perseus』.

Since it tremendously amplifies the wearer’s physical strength, the man whom I pushed away lost consciousness in an instant. His bones and internal organs might also be messed up. I felt kinda sorry for him, but to be honest, he’s lucky he isn’t dead.

「Listen up, Yugao! If there will ever be a time that some creep will try to take advantage of you, you either hit him in the balls or the stomach, you hear me?! That way the bastard won’t be able to breathe and will become stunned for a while, giving you a chance to run for your life! Then again, it would be ideal if you never allowed any creep to come near you, so let’s just think of that as a last resort, okay?」

I honestly didn’t think that Yorugao-neechan’s advice will come in handy at such a time.

「Uhm, well… I’m really sorry!」

I just grabbed him and hastily threw him back into the room….


…forgetting that I now possessed superhuman strength.


Crap baskets.

Judging by the series of sounds, the unconscious body of that Knight must have hit and destroy the room’s wall… which then somehow led to the destruction of the pillars supporting the ceiling… and quite possibly the collapse of said ceiling as a whole…


I didn’t really mean to do that! And I certainly didn’t know that the walls and the pillars in this mansion were so fragile that they would not withstand an impact like that! Causing such damage wasn’t my intention…!

But, now that I think about it…

「I wasn’t expecting the walls in this room to be so weak as well. But I guess it will all work out in the end.」

Fujisato-san gave me the ring with her 『Perseus』 in it so that I could use it in a certain way. So that I could be of use to Monjiro-san’s plan instead of just staying at the celebration venue.

As an active member of the Shiinamachi-senpai rescue team my role was to be the 「diversion」.

According to the original plan, I was supposed to go to the 「Mystic Hall」 and destroy it in order to draw the Yatono family’s security away from the courtyard where everyone else were fighting their own battles. All for the sake of making as much burden as possible from their shoulders.

However, there might be more guards than just this man around. If that is the case, then I’ll just have to treat this happening like an unplanned detour and proceed with the plan as originally intended. But since this place is already damaged, might as well go all the way instead of putting myself in unnecessary danger again.

「But first…」

The man who attacked me was out cold and it doesn’t look like he’ll be waking up anytime soon, but just in case I rolled him up in all of the three futons and stashed him away in the deepest, darkest corner of the room so that no one would find him if anybody came here alerted by the ruckus the broken walls and pillars made.

「Okay, that should do it. Now then…」

I grabbed one of the fallen pillars with my right hand. Originally they were all unbelievably heavy, but with my increased strength lifting it was no harder for me than lifting a pair of chopsticks during breakfast.

All that is left to do now is….

「Shiki-sama, everyone from the Yatono family, please forgive me for what I am about to do…!」

I held the pillar with both my hands like a baseball bat….

「But it is necessary for the greater good!」

…and then swung it with all my might!


The rest of the pillars broke with the sound that resembled an explosion, and then everything around me began to collapse!


Realizing that staying here any longer was dangerous I made a run for it, all the while comically pressing the broken piece of the pillar that remained in my hands into my chest.

It took an unexpected turn, but overall I can say that my mission has been successfully completed!

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