Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part B 16



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 16】


I really wanted that to be the case, but just one destroyed room might not be enough to cause a big enough disturbance, so I need to smash the mansion up some more! However, there is a slight problem with it.

The corridor is narrower than the pillar I was holding in my hands, so in order to run with it effectively and avoid damaging literally every wall on my way I had to hold it vertically, but even when I held it vertically it was so big that parts of the ceiling were being destroyed as well! I was now stuck in a situation where I would cause major destruction no matter what I did, and while it might seem like a good thing diversion-wise, my goal was to rough up a part of the mansion, not to bring the entire complex crumbling down!


Everything around me was falling apart even when I didn’t want to rampage! I thought that the strength amplification effect would only be applied to my own limbs, but it looks like it can expand to whatever I was holding as well!

『Heroic Gift Perseus』…. What a terrifying power that is!

「Geez, why do I have to be so absurdly strong?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」

Thinking back on it, when Fujisato-san gave me 『Perseus’』 ring she’s done so with a big whimsical smile on her face and Kuhoh-san was looking at me as if she was feeling sorry for me. Maybe they both knew that that’s how it was going to end?

Be that as it may, but the end result was that the corridor leading to the 「Mystic Hall」 now looked like an aftermath of the bombardment in the middle of a warzone.


「W-What’s going on here?!」

「Somebody help me, please!」
And to top it off, the other guards who were apparently stationed around the 「Mystic Hall」 were now running around like a bunch of headless chickens as if they just encountered some kind of extremely dangerous monster. If they saw me running around with a pillar in tow they would probably realized that I was the culprit behind the whole commotion, so I had to toss it aside before any of them managed to spot me.

The gate to the 「Mystic Hall」 was right in front of me, so there was only one thing left to do.

Without hesitating, I yeeted the pillar at the door. As it turns out, it was the correct thing to do.


The gate was blasted open by the impact of the pillar crushing into them and the guards who were running past them at the moment were struck down, but it also looked like the area immediately around it was about ready to collapse at any moment now, with all the other roads except the one I was running on being completely blocked off by the debris.

All right, so far everything seemed to be going more or less according to plan, but still…

「I, I definitely overdid it!」

If that is how the area around it looked like, then I don’t even want to imagine how big of a mess the inside of the 「Mystic Hall」 has turned to. But the full extent of the damage was even bigger than I initially thought. The ceiling was completely gone, revealing the full moon that shone beautifully in the night sky. And that thunderous roar when it all came crumbling down? Yes, now I can definitely say that my role has been fulfilled to a fault.


At that moment. A shiver ran down my spine as I felt a foreboding sensation, as if the air have been cut in half with an extremely sharp sword that was coming straight for my head. When this feeling reached my throat, I instinctively thrown myself on the floor to avoid it. But then, countless rocks and floorboards around me scattered into dust.

I knew that attack would be coming, but it didn’t change the fact that I wasn’t able to notice it and react to it in time. What attacked me were countless wires, and there was only one person who could have commanded them with such expertise. I knew I had to stand up and face her… but I was afraid to do so after all.

「I don’t think a confirmation is necessary, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Is that you, Yugao?」

The way she said that implied that she didn’t believe that someone as meek as me could have been responsible for causing so much destruction in such a short time. The side of her head and neck were all covered with dried red stains, as if she just stopped the bleeding after suffering some grievous wound. She probably tried to hide it, but her slightly glassy eyes and trembling lips I could see that she was still in pain. Seeing her like that broke my heart and made me want to hug her.

「Y-Yes, it’s Yugao. Uhm… sorry about the mansion. I think I overdid it a little…」

「You did. I saw that on my way here.」

I expected her to be angry or irritated, but Shiki-sama’s voice sounded very soft and kind. Could… could it be that she was worried about me?

「*Ekhem!* Now then, Yugao. Care to explain what is this all about? I more or less understand your motives, but I want to hear you say it.」

She tried to sound intimidating, but she was not doing great about it. So I decided to be upfront and honest with her without hiding anything!

「Shiki-sama… I’m going to betray the Yatonos for Monjiro-san’s sake!」

… Wow, I really ended up saying it! And I didn’t even stutter!

「So it was betrayal after all, huh? And? What exactly do you plan to achieve by doing it?」

「A future where I can create more fun memories with Monjiro-san, Shiinamachi-san and you, Shiki-sama!」

My bold words made Shiki-sama’s eyes widen in surprise. But at the same time she moved her fingertips, making her threads converge around us like a cage.
It was a terrifying sight, but I’ve come too far simply allow myself to be beaten by fear!

I will face my ultimate opponent head on, just like Monjiro-san did for me back then!

We all knew that in order to save Shiinamachi-senpai, some sacrifices will have to be made. For Monjiro-san, it was the possibility of hurting Shiki-sama even if he still liked her and wanted to believe in her. Her current injuries are probably the result of that.

So, in order to protect her from further harm, we devised a plan in which I was to act like a diversion that would lure her out of the main battlefield between a mother and her son.

I knew that is was going to be risky and that I might end up getting hurt myself. But as long as it means that Shiki-sama will be held out of the harm’s way, I wouldn’t mind going through hell and back numerous times.

That’s right. In order to protect my beloved Shiki-sama, I have to deal with her right here, right now!

「I don’t understand it… why are you willing to so far for him?!」

Shiki-sama was visibly upset. It was the first time when I saw her displaying her emotions so openly like that. But I guess that was to be expected. After all, she should harbor the same feelings towards Monjiro-san that I do. But her guilt form her involvement in this entire matter must have made her unable to honest with her own desires.

I understand that better than anyone else, because it was the same with me. Because I’ve also committed a grave sin against him, an offense that cannot be forgotten or forgiven.

That is why I am here today.

「Because I like Monjiro-san!」

That one powerful sentence made Shiki-sama’s eyes snap open in shock, only for her to squint them and bite on her lips until blood came out.

I did it. My words reached her!

And from the looks of it, they scored a critical hit.

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