Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part B 2



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 2】

「Our goal for this time is not defeating everyone in sight, but to bring Shiinamachi-sama back to us. If we manage to achieve that, there will be no reason for you to fight anymore, meaning that Monjiro-san, Shiinamachi-sama and Shiki-sama will be able to return to their normal high-school lives! Of course, the biggest variable in this plan will be how Monjiro-kun’s mother will react to Shiinamachi-sama returning to how she was before, but once it will be said and done, then after that… after that… 」

Yugao-chan looked at Monjiro-kun and blinked a few times, hesitating to speak further.

「And then? What are we supposed to do after that? 」

「Maybe…just maybe, if all three of you place your lives on the line… or if Monjiro-san will bet his own life more than once… then maybe she will… accept it and step down? I think that even if the possibility of that happening will be only one percent, it would still be worth a try. After all, one will always be better than zero, right? 」

「Yugao-chan… 」

「That assumption is nothing but impossible wishful thinking. 」

「Ugh! 」

That’s right. As he is now, Monjiro-kun does not have the luxury of allowing himself to die. If he dies now, it’s game over for him and there will be no option to continue and retry, so he cannot use his life as some kinda betting chip. Besides, something tells me that for his mother even one hundred of his lives would not be enough to change her mind.


「So you’re telling me to bet my life on that one percent of winning chances, Yugao-chan? 」

Monjiro-kun asked while raising his glasses.

「Un. I know that your mother is considered to be the most powerful Knight who ever lived, but even someone as amazing as she is cannot be completely invincible. So I’m sure that as long as you continue to stand up despite her killing you, you will eventually get your chance to defeat her. 」
To tell you the truth, I still feel skeptical about this idea. After all, the 「Legendary 」 part in 「Legendary Knight 」 wasn’t granted to her on a whim or as a result of a stroke of luck. Not to mention that she is the one who gave birth to Monjiro-kun and raised him to be as good of an assassin as she is. By all accounts there should be no way for him to defeat someone who essentially shaped him up to be who he is now and yet he clearly seems to be having on his mind when it comes to her.

That is exactly why I think he is so interesting.

When he first transferred into my class, I have to admit that I saw him as nothing more than another ordinary guy, too plain and boring to differentiate himself from the crowd. That is why I was very surprised when Nagi-chan told me that apparently he was from the same 「Industry 」 as her. At first I thought that it had to be some kind of mistake or overcalculation on her part, or that she’s simply pulling a prank on me. Nothing about him indicated that he was an assassin: not his movements, mannerisms, way of speaking, the air about him, everything was so mediocre that his picture could be used in a dictionary under the term 「Average 」. He was always circulation at the edge of my mind and after a while it started to irritate me to such a degree that I decided to reach out to him and confirm foe myself what exactly was his deal.

It was then that I learned that he was acting the way he did because he had lost his emotions and reclaimed them only recently, so he was studying the ways of the 「heart 」 to relearn how to be a proper human being. And that was the moment when I became interested in a boy whom I once thought bland.

His heart was like a freshly printed blank sheet of paper, pure and exposed to the external influences, so a whimsical thought took root in my head. I wondered just what might happen if I decided to tease him a little. It was nothing malicious or ill-intended. I just wanted to see for myself how cute and over the top his reactions could be, that’s all there was to it. At least in the beginning.

Everything changed when he made contact with Shiinamachi Kaguya and immediately got along with her without doing anything noteworthy in particular. Maybe it was that purity of his that instinctively drawn her to him? After all, certain things can only be seen for what they truly are when they are being viewed from such a perspective. Yeah, I think that just might be the case, but if it really was like that, I guess I will never know.

「Okay, so for now, let’s go with the frontal breakthrough strategy. 」

Out of all of us, Yugao-chan was the one who was still worried when we moved on to discuss the riskier strategies.

「Uhm, I still don’t think such an approach is going to work well. 」

It’s understandable for her to be worried. She is the most 「normal 」 one out of all of us after all, so if she’s not confident enough then maybe we should count her out of the operation entirely for her own safety? That’s usually how it goes, but Monjiro-kun seemed to have a different opinion about it.

「It’s all right, Yugao-chan. You don’t have to force yourself to be confident. 」

「Eh? 」

She looked at him and blinked a few times as if she was unable to properly register what Monjiro-kun just said to her.

「Shiinamachi-senpai… no, Kaguya is only wary of me, Kuhoh and Fujisato. Or rather I should say that Shiki should be wary of us, because mother will probably look forward to our arrival. So the real question here is how are we going to formulate a plan that’s going to utilize me, Fujisato, Kuhoh and Yorugao in a way to catch her off guard? 」

「T-That’s right, come to think of it, you need Yorugao-neechan for your plan. I’m just an extra who tagged along… 」

「That’s right, that’s exactly it. 」

「Fue? 」

Monjiro-kun raised one of his fingers against Yugao-chan’s face.

「Out of all of us here you’re the only one whom Shiki, mother and Kaguya don’t have to be wary of, because you still possess the Gift he bestowed upon you. 」

「Yes, that… that is indeed the case. 」

Yugao-chan glanced at Yorugao-chan.

There was a time in the past when Yugao-chan lost her sister, Asagao, in a fire. That was when Kaguya appeared before her and granted her the power to 「save 」 her.

Her Gift, 『Angelic Gift Azrael』. The power to manipulate life and death. A heretical power which can revive the dead in the form of mud dolls. With it, she created the perfect doll that was supposed to act as Asagao’s body and plotted to truly bring her back to life by stealing Monjiro-kun’s 『Divine Gift Thanatos』 and giving it to her sister by gouging out his heart and transplanting it. As it turned out, that also was one of Kaguya’s plans.

「But if I were to lose my Gift, it would mean I will no longer be able to sustain any of the dolls I’ve created. And that would mean… that would mean death for Yorugao-neechan. 」

「As much as I would like to deny it, she’s speaking the truth. 」

She then tried to laugh it off and hugged her worried sister.

「In other words, what we learned from her is that Kaguya allowed her to create the perfect doll. But why would she do that? How is that action going to be of use to her? Could it be that she’s going to use her against us when we least expect it? 」

No matter how much I thought about it, no plausible explanation came to my mind.

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