Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part B 3



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 3】

「I think Kaguya might have done it because my mother asked her to do it so the two of them could be together again. If that was not the case then they would have just kept Yugao for her power without hiring both sisters as maids for the Yatono family. 」

「But Monjiro-san, why would she do such a thing? 」

Yugao-chan tilted her head to the side.

I was wondering about that as well. Why would she do something so kind for someone she barely knew? And while we are at it, why would she allow for an invitation to the party to be sent to me? She’s not stupid or ignorant, she must have known that would be a perfect opportunity for us to strike.

「Maybe she knew it would all help her son grow up and felt happy about it? 」

Monjiro-kun said that with a wry smile on his face.

「Come on Monjiro-senpai. You of all people should know that is not the case here. Actually, it would be even more disturbing if your mother was like that. 」

Would it now? From what Monjiro-kun told us about her, she turned out to be quite the trickster, even going so far as to impersonating his younger sister, Aika just so she could personally watch over him. Hell, she even appeared before me and Nagi-chan while taking my exact appearance and copying my Gifts! I’m sure she must have had quite a lot of fun when she was doing that.

She really is a mysterious existence, one that you can never know what is she truly thinking.

「Monjiro-kun, do you know anything about your mother that could help us with confronting her? At this point, anything helpful will do. 」

「I’m sorry, but I cannot even begin to comprehend how does the mind of someone like her works. If someone like that truly existed, they he would have to be someone beyond legend. 」

Monjiro-kun shook his head with a bitter expression.

「But even if I don’t understand her, there still has to be 「something 」 we could use against her. Unfortunately she is not the kind of person against whom we could go without any plan and without thinking our every move through. 」

「In other words, we have to think of something that might surprise both Kaguya and your mother… something that they are not going to expect… 」

「Yes. I hope that me becoming Fujisato’s Knight might be exactly such a thing. 」

Yugao-chan was clearly impressed at how confident Monjiro-kun was. He spoke so confidently and with such a manly expression that it was hard not to consider his words as powerful.

「So, let’s discuss the basics of the basics of frontal assaults. Is that all right with you, Monjiro-senpai? 」

I noticed that while Nagi-chan was also getting quite into the subject, she also glanced at the clock on the wall. It was getting really late at night.

「Right. Depending on the tactics we might end up choosing, maybe I’ll have to rethink which Gift I want to lend from Fujisato. 」

「Ehh? But I thought you have already made your decision since you were so forceful about it that night. How cruel of you, Monjiro-kun! 」

I chose those words specifically to tease him in front of everyone.

「Ughhhh…. 」

Monjiro-kun became bright red in an instant, probably due to remembering all of the naughty things we I did to him on that night. Fufu, those easy to predict, comically over the top reactions were one of the things that I absolutely adored about him.

「Since when have you grown so radical with your teasing, master? 」

「I’ve always been like that, you know? Monjiro-kun, you have to get used to this, because I’m not going to hold myself back the way Shiinamachi-senpai did. 」

「Eeeeh?! Is that really how you feel, Fujisato? 」

Then Nagi-chan looked at me in a way that clearly said, 「Cut it out already 」, so I just laughed playfully and covered my mouth with my hand. But Nagi-chan was right. I feel like lately my tendencies to tease my cute Knights have been becoming increasingly more assertive.

「*Cough* *Cough* Anyway, seeing as it has become so late, I think it would be better to call it a day for now and continue this tomorrow when we’ll have some fresh thoughts in our heads. 」

Monjiro’s remark brought the meeting to a close.

Just thinking back on those days always brings a smile to my face. Ever since I’ve began operating as a Lord, I thought that planning and strategy meetings before battling a target were super fun things to do. And with the plan we managed to come up with for Princess Kaguya’s little party, something was telling me that things were going to get even more interesting than they were back in the day when Kaguya was still Shiinamachi-senpai and I have chosen to kill her. Back then, I haven’t factored Monjiro-kun into my plans and it ultimately cost me my loss, but at the same time, it was the most exciting I have ever felt in a long time.

「Monjiro-kun. 」

So now, when we have finally reached the place we wanted to reach, I accept his outstretched hand with a smile.

「Hm? 」

「Be sure to entertain me today. 」

Hearing my words, he just smiled confidently.

「As you wish, my lady. 」

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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