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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 5】

When that realization hit me I just stood there with my mouth agape for a good few seconds before I brought myself back to reality with a good shake of my head.

「W, would you like something to drink?」

「Hmm, let’s see… if it’s not a problem me and Nagi-chan would like some green tea. Is that all right?」

「Y-Yes, of course! I’ll have it ready in a minute!」

I hastily bow down to Fujisato-sama and Kuhoh-san.

「Then I’ll just have some mineral water.」

「Of course! We even have flavored ones!」

Monjiro-san placed his order to Yorugao-neechan., and we left the table to bring them what they wanted.

「Fujisato-san is such an amazing person. To think she’d be able to craft such a provocation that would make even you lose your temper.」

Yorugao-neechan told that to me while we were making our way towards the kitchen. Yes, that is something I have to agree with her wholeheartedly. If all the Lords here trusted one another enough to share the information between themselves she wouldn’t have achieved such a great result with such a risky gambit. But because they were all so blindly focused on themselves the risk has paid off magnificently. Even when they finally saw the infamous 「Lord Killer」 in person, there was no one who tried to openly attack her, because they are all still afraid of getting involved with her.

「But, to be perfectly honest with you, I was also very skeptical about this whole idea when I heard it for the first time.」

I can totally see why.

「Shocking as it was, I think the plan wouldn’t be able to succeed otherwise. However, now all we can do is pray that Monjiro-san’s mom won’t make any attempts to rally everyone under her to do something about the threat that has found its way into their midst.」

「Yes, that is true enough.」

I have heard many times that Monjiro-san’s mother will be our biggest obstacle on the road to success. From what Monjiro-san said, she is the kind of person who would stop at nothing to achieve her goal, even if she had to do the most despicable things to do so.

With her position and charisma, it was easy to see her sending all of the other Lords and their Knights against the dreaded 「Lord Killer」. Dealing with just her will be problematic enough, but if it is really going to turn into a Everyone vs 「Lord Killer」 battle then things could get pretty bleak pretty fast.

「But you know what? I think that if she planned on doing so then she would have done it long ago. But that doesn’t mean we can rest easy just yet. We have to keep our wits about us at all times until this night reaches its conclusion, whatever that conclusion might be.」

「Okay, I understand.」

I whispered that in a barely audible voice just in case someone was listening in on us. It was the way of having a conversation that was possible only for me and the dolls I have created. That way on one, not even Shiki-sama with her 『Demonic Gift Satori’s』 sense enhancement could hear us.

We made our way to the kitchen where all the other maids were gathering and prepared the drinks which Monjiro-san’s group ordered. Some of the servants were the ones serving in the Yatono family from quite some time now, but there were also some new faces whom I have never seen before. However, those two groups had one thing in common.

No one among them was smiling. They were all so incredibly tense, as if they were afraid that just by going to the hall where the 「Lord Killer」 was.

「Don’t worry girls, us sisters will take care of the 「Lord Killer’s」 group’s table, so relax and cough up those broomsticks you seem to have swallowed!」

When Yorugao-neechan told them that, they were all relieved in an instant, as if the spell that was cast on them was broken.
「Lord Killer」, Fujisato Yuika… it’s actually kinda scary that a simple nickname like was able to revoke such strong emotions in people’s hearts. If I didn’t already knew that under her façade she was actually a kind and caring person, I probably would have been just as scared as everyone else here. Some of them still looked at us with worried eyes and were telling us to look out and be on our guard, but Yorugao-neechan just bowed to them politely and thanked them for worrying about us so much even if they didn’t have to.

Outside of Monjiro-san and the others, only Shiki-sama and I knew that she was not a human, but a human-like doll. And Fujisato-san was able to become friends with someone like her and a coward like myself and walk with her chest puffed proudly and her head held high in the place filled with people who wished nothing but the worst for her. So maybe… maybe I should do just that and be a little more assertive as well?

Oh wow, I said it! Such a bold idea… yeah, right. As if I was eve able of doing so daring. Nevertheless, thinking of one day being just like her was pretty entertaining in its own right.

「Thank you and sorry for the wait. For Fujisato-sama and Kuhoh-san, a tea made from the freshly picked leaves from the trees of the surroundings forests, and for Monjiro-san, a cup of delicious, ice-cold water from the mountain springs!」

We handed the three drinks with our best professional smiles.

「Good evening everyone. I hope you find our food and beverages to your liking.」

And then we heard a voice as tranquil as a ripple on the surface of water coming from the stage. Kaguya-sama stood there right in the center, with her calm expression and dazzling kimono. Her voice was perfectly audible to everyone even though she was not using any microphone. But the tone of her voice… it was not the usual, cheerful tone of Shiinamachi Kaguya. Somehow, this one sounded unusually lonely.

「I am sure all of you know it already, but we have gathered here today to celebrate the moment when my true power returns to me, 「The Queen of the Night」. I thank you for choosing to answer my call and I would like us to have a toast now. A toast for the prospective future of every Nightkin Lord.」

And she raised the glass she was handed, to which everyone gathered here answered…

「For the future of every Lord! Toast!」

「Cheers, Master. I believe I don’t have to tell you this, but please make sure not to drink or eat too much. After what happened last time, I don’t want to experience nursing you out of food poisoning ever again.」

「Same here, Nagi-chan. That one time sure was a nightmare, huh? I sure wouldn’t want the poor toilets in here to go through that, that’s for sure.」

The only ones who didn’t make the same toast as the others and talked about some rather gross stuff instead were the Lord Killer and her female Knight. Also, they didn’t seem to care about the scornful gazes of those around them. Instead, they just started eating without a care in the world, leaving poor Monjiro-san with a 「This is my life now」 expression on his face.

「Pfft… puahahahahahahahahaha!!!!」

Watching this outrageous situation from a safe distance away, Yorugao-neechan couldn’t contain her laughter any longer. As for me, I just smiled wryly and looked away. But now I finally understood one thing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of Lords with their stories gathered here today and what kind of terrifying Gifts their Knights possess. No one here will be able to stop them. I am sure of that now.

So I have to make sure not to let them all down.


A petite, blond girl in a dark dress who was beside Kaguya-sama for so long watched all of what was happening with a solemn look on her face.


Just like her master, she is an existence whom I never have thought to go against up until now. And yet here I am.

I know that there is no way for me to win against her. But even so, I have to do something about her, because tonight, that is my duty I have been entrusted with.

Shiki-sama noticed my gaze and looked back at me. When I felt her golden eye on me, all I could do was to cast my face down.

I don’t know exactly what it was, but there was something in her expression just now that made me feel as if my heart has been pierced through.

「You look troubled, Shiki-sama. Did something happen?」

「….You could say so.」

「Yugao-chan, do your bestest!」

Remembering both Yorugao-neechan’s and Asagao-oneechan’s words, I have made my decision.


I’m sorry, but tonight I will be the one to take you on!

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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