Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part B 7



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part B, 7】

「Look out, Nagi-chan. Looks like the show is about to start.」

I think it’s safe to assume that we don’t have to worry ourselves with the Lords and their Knights who just stand in the distance and observe us. They are going to act only when they themselves will be targeted by the 「Lord Killer」.

But that did not change the fact that some of them began to move closer to us, as if they wanted to make sure that there will be no way for us to escape. Luckily enough none of them seem to be stupid enough to make the first move on us… at least not yet.

When it comes to my Lord’s, Fujisato Yuika’s reputation, pretty much everyone knows that the focus of her story is 「To kill other Lords」, but actually, that is only half of the whole picture. Her story’s true focus was 「To slay the old Lords who gave up on living and fell into decadence」. That may look awful to those who just watch from the sidelines, but at the very least it sets her apart from those who came here not because they wanted to truly celebrate the rebirth of the 「Queen of the Night」 but because they were simply looking for an opportunity to add some excitement to their stagnating existences. Those are the kind of people I personally detest the most: the ones who would attack someone with outright hostility and full-blown killing intent just because it would make things more 「interesting」. Or maybe they want to gain fame for themselves by killing the 「Lord Killer」?

Usually Lords don’t interfere in other Lord’s endeavors, but that does not mean that all of them keep to themselves all the time. There are those who have met with others once or twice throughout the span of their long lives.

But such a situation is still considered to be extremely rare, which is why some Lords used those occasional meetings as a chance to put the strength of their groups to the test against others in something that I guess could be called a mock combat exercise. Normally there was no killing intent involved and the losing side didn’t hold the loss against the ones who bested them, but judging by how many of the Lords and Knights gathered here glare daggers at us, I can bet on the fact that if we were to have such a sparring right now, a 「fatal accident」 would surely occur and no one would even bat an eye. Now the real question here is, do I need to pick a fight with such people or should I look for a peaceful way to resolve this?

The simplest, most effective solution would be to just use my 『Divine Gift Chronos’』 ability to stop time and kill everyone who would try to approach us before they’d even have a chance to react. Now let’s see here: one… two… currently I can sense killing intent radiating off of three Knights, even though they were quite skilled at hiding it. If that’s the case, then I should have no problem with getting rid of them as long as I’ll stick to the pattern 「Wait for the Target to Approach」 => 「Stop Time」 => 「Kill」 => 「Repeat」. However, there is one thing that has me slightly worried: the fact that those three dared to harbor any kind of killing intent towards Master. That means that they are not cautious of her and are quite confident in themselves, most likely because they must possess Gifts that allow them to be so overly confident.

Oh, while we’re on the subject of Gifts, Kaguya’s… no, Monjiro-senpai’s 『Divine Gift Thanatos』, a Gift that grants immortality, is considered to be extremely rare and exceptional even among us Gifts users, so you can probably imagine how surprised I was when I learned that the one who possessed it was my admirable Library Committee senpai. Ever since I first met him, he didn’t strike as someone who might end up getting himself involved in supernatural matters, but here he is now. Then I remembered the night when I supposedly killed him together with Shiinamachi-senpai and my mood immediately worsened. Granted, we didn’t knew each other for that long, but I have to admit that I’ve grown sympathetic towards them relatively fast. After all, they were my precious senpai’s who always helped me when I was troubled, praised me when I did a good job and scolded me whenever I screwed up. They were the ones who liked me for who I, 「Kuhoh Nagi」 was, not because I was a sentient weapon. When I killed them, I remembered feeling so bad about it that I wanted to throw up. Up until then I have killed many people without remorse, but when I was forced to take the lives of someone close to me, it felt like my heart has been shattered into a million pieces.

That is why, just a little.

I was envious of Monjiro-senpai and his assassin upbringing which turned him into an emotionless puppet. I don’t know what his mother did to him exactly, but by doing so she apparently managed to kill his heart completely, which I understood as him being able to kill his target without fail, no matter who said target was. In t5hat regard, he is vastly superior to me, because I can still recall the sensations I’ve felt when I stabbed both him and Shiinamachi-senpai to death and the guilt and remorse of doing so still haunt me even now. And the most laughable part? When it turned out that they actually didn’t die when they were killed, not only were they not bothered by it at all, but they’ve also forgave me like it was the most obvious thing to do!

That is why I want to help him take back Shiinamachi-senpai now. To repay a debt I owe him even a little.

For some reason I couldn’t stop myself from sighing when that thought crossed my mind. After all, what we’re about to do here goes beyond your typical 「absolute madman」 levels of insanity and goes straight into the 「there was a point in time where we need to stop and we’ve clearly passed it but let’s keep going and see what happens」 territory. Our end goal is to make Kaguya confront Monjiro-senpai so that he could mind-break her back to how she was before. But in order for that to happen we have to get rid of the two biggest obstacles in our path, Monjiro-senpai’s mother, Sakuradamon Yuuto and Yatono Shiki. Regrettably I am no match for any of them the way I am now. Shiki defeated me once already and she knew everything about how my 『Chronos』 worked and what its weaknesses are and as for Yuuto-san… yeah, I think we all remember all the nothing I was able to do against her the last time we fought. If we can even call that a fight. Even if she wasn’t using her Gift, I think she is still on a level where people like me would never be able to reach the same heights she resides in. That is what it means to be a living legend. The only one who has a chance against her is Monjiro-senpai.

What should I do now? I feel so useless, not being able to help when it matters the most!

「Have you finished eating, Nagi-chan?」

Master asks me while she herself licks her lips and then wipes them with a velvet napkin.

「Yes, I’ve had my fill.」

I’ve eaten quite a lot, but still at a level where I was sure I’ll be able to move around without any problems.

「All right then. Can I ask you to come with me, Kuhoh?」

Monjiro-senpai asked me to follow him as we made our way towards the stage where the former Shiinamachi-senpai was.

Ah, so we’re really doing the 「Full Frontal Assault strat」?

「You know you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to? If you want to bail out, I won’t stop you.」

「Thank you for your concern, but that won’t be necessary. I will follow you wherever you go, Monjiro-senpai.」

「Wow, what a classic example of a pre-fight love confession. And a possible death flag.」

Of course Master was right next to us with her snarky comments, but right now I didn’t mind them all that much. After all, that feeling which has now became love started from guilt after I took his life away from him. As for Master, I can’t tell if she really likes him or not, but at the very least she seems interested in what he is going to do to bring this chapter of Shiinamachi-senpai’s story to a close. That’s my Master for you. She might look like she only thinks of her own wellbeing, but even she cares deeply for those she considers important to her.
「Pssst, hey Nagi-chan, if I told you to kill Monjiro-kun right now, would you do it?」

All right, I take back all I said about her just now. She is the absolute worst scum this world has to offer.

「As long as it would be an order then I’d give it my best, but I don’t think the results would be much to your liking.」

「Fufu~~ so you’ve really fallen for him quite hard, hmm, Nagi-chan?」

I won’t confirm it, but I have no intention of denying it either. It will be more fun that way.

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