Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part C 1



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part C, 1】

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「Welcome. I have been waiting for you.」

The girl in front of me talked in a lively, but somewhat quiet voice.

She looked exactly like the twin maids related to Shiki.

I was currently in the middle of a dark space, floating in midair without my feet touching the ground, which was very scary, but also somewhat exciting.

「I’m sure you must be pretty confused, but don’t be afraid. I’m here to explain everything to you. First thing first: my name is Yahata Asagao, Yugao and Yorugao’s older sister. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. 」

She smiled in a way that would melt the heart of even the most stubborn of souls. She said her name was Yahata Asagao? I’m not really sure how that would be possible, but I’m pretty sure that the girl who bore that name was supposed to be dead.

So does that mean that I’m currently in the afterlife?

「No. Luckily for you, you’re not in the afterlife. At least not yet. 」

She shook her head as if she was able to read my thoughts. I see, so that would have to mean…

「You guessed it. Remember how Monjiro told you that he always ended up in a strange world placed between life and death whenever he died? This is the place. The dreamworld between worlds that may or may not be nothing but a lucid dream… the one that Shiinamachi Kaguya’s power created. 」

When Monjiro used his hidden technique to fight against Fujisato Yuika his current 「self 」 died and he ended up in here, but 「Shiinamachi-senpai 」 was able to bring him back because she subconsciously used 「Soul Control 」, the ability of the last one of her Gifts, 『Fallen Angelic Gift Sariel』 on him and it interfered with 『Angelic Gift Sariel’s』 power belonging to Kaguya. Could it be that this Asagao girl was one of the other souls governed by the other 『Sariel』?

「That is most likely the case. My body may have died, but at the very least my soul was saved by it. 」

I see. The death of this girl was probably what served as a trigger for Kaguya to seal her memories from when she was 「The Lord Above All Lords 」, the 「Queen of the Night 」, but I guess deep down inside she must have felt sorry for her… and that led her to saving her soul by taking control of it.

That being said, maintaining such a spiritual body for such a long time couldn’t have been an easy task. No matter how hard you tried, you’d eventually disappear if you didn’t have strong emotions that would act like an anchor keeping you from fading into the void. The fact that she was able to keep not only her apparition, but also her memories and personality from disappearing was nothing short of praiseworthy. Looks like Yahata Asagao is really a person worthy of respect.

To be honest, knowing that made me feel somewhat relieved.

「Well personally I don’t think it’s all that amazing, but if you really mean it then I will gladly accept your complement. I’m not hearing many of those nowadays so gotta make each and every single one count. 」

That’s right. If she turned out to be a bad person with a rotten character, I would have probably not listened to a single word of she was saying. Even if we are inside of a dream, it is still important to mind your manners at all times.

「Should have expected as much from Monjiro-san’s mom. 」

By the way. This dreamworld of mine is nice and all, but it would be even nicer if I could pour myself a nice cup of tea. Can we have that?

「I’d be very surprised if it actually appeared, but you can go ahead and give it a try if you want. 」

This is my world here. So technically, I should be able to pull that off if I just concentrate enough…


「Whoa there, all right, you can stop that like, right now! It’s fine to give it your best and all but such a menacing sounds are absolutely a no-go if you want to conserve your mental power! 」

Oh really? So if I use enough of this mental power thing I could even turn this dark, empty space into a fancy-ass mansion or a castle fit for a queen, right?

「Nonononono, if you do that you’ll most definitely disappear completely! 」

Like I care! Just who the hell do you think I am?!


「Like I said, cut it out! We still have a lot to talk about, so I can’t have you disappearing now! 」

Why do I feel like it’s going to be a major pain in the backside? Also, aren’t you reading my mind a little bit too easily, young lady?

「Well, this place kinda does that to you once you spend enough time in here. Also, this is inside your heart so it makes it that much easier for me. 」

Oh yeah? Then how about that? Let’s think of something really perverted and see how’re you going to react.

「Wha….?! What are you doing, thinking something like that next to someone you’ve just met!? You do that with every girl you meet on the street?! 」

Only to the cute ones. Hardcore yuri for the win. Either go all the way or you go home.
「Ugh, I see that you’re one of those 「my pace 」 type of people. You guys are the worst to deal with. 」

Sorry kid, that is just who I am. That is how, uhm… Sakuradamon Yuuto rolls!

「Yeah, it would seem so. You must’ve been a real handful for your family and loved ones with a twisted personality like that. 」

Oh, so she was able to see that far back? This world really is one helluva convenient place.

Tell me this then, if it’s not too much trouble. How does it feel to die, exactly? You should know that since you died once already, right?

「If only it was that simple to describe. In my case, just before I truly died my body was turned into that of a doll and my mind just wound up here after that.」

When you put it this way, I think I vaguely remember Kaguya talking about it once. Something about fixing how she wronged you or something along those lines.

「Are you serious? Could it be that Kaguya is actually a nice person?! 」

She is, even if she herself does not remember it anymore.

「I kinda suspected it as well, but had no proof to back it up. But yeah, it makes sense. It would be totally weird if both sides of her personality didn’t have even one thing in common. 」

That would be strange indeed.

Now then, what did you want to talk to me about in a place like this? Correct me if I’m wrong, but me ending up in here is not a coincidence, right? 」

「Essentially, yes. So you’ve already noticed that? 」

That last stab that done us both in was a particularly nasty one, it was clearly done in a way that avoided damaging any crucial vital points. Of course, such a small details could only be understood by someone who mastered wielding knives.

If I ended up here, then there must be some hidden meaning in me being here. And if that is the case, then I might as well hear what that meaning is. 」

「Thank you. Your cooperation will make things a lot easier. Actually the one who wants to talk with you is not me, but Monjiro-san, but because of the state he’s in it was impossible for the two of you to meet directly and that’s why you ended up here with me instead. 」

…. No way.

No, now I understand.

So the 『Demonic Gift Gorgon』 can be used in such a way?

It’s not that Monjiro was being controlled by Fujisato Yuika…

「It’s really impressive that you were able to figure this out right away. 」

That is why I am a 「Legendary Knight 」. Everything about me is legendary, even my intuition.

「That saves us a lot of time for needless exposition. If it’s okay with you then I will send your consciousness forward so you and Monjiro can have a talk. 」

After all we’ve been through I don’t think we’re going to have anything to talk about anymore. But if I don’t at least try to talk to him, it will really be my complete and utter loss.

「You really think so? 」

Yeah, because unlike him, I was never able to place somebody’ else’s life above my own to the point where I was willing to throw it away for my comrades… my friend’s sake. And up until now my idiot son has done nothing but exactly that without thinking of his own well-being even once, repeatedly getting himself injured over and over again. To me, that is extremely illogical. All this time he was doing everything he could to sever himself from the way of life I have imprinted upon him, and by extension from myself, but now that he wants to play a 「I want to talk with you one last time 」 card on me, I have no choice but to accept his challenge and ride along with it.

「Oh? I have to admit, when I heard that you raised Monjiro-san to be an emotionless killing machine, I honestly thought you’re going to be more of a ruthless, scary person. 」

Can’t really say I blame you for it. I was never a material for the mother of the year award because of the reputation I had to keep up all those years I’ve lived my overly long life.

「Umu umu… 」

But even so, his idiocy really rubs me the wrong way for some reason. If he wants to be soft and reckless then that’s fine with me, because that is how humans are. But if his decision is to live with his personality like a normal human, then he should stick with it! If he finally obtained a personality he can call his own, he should treasure it and treat it with care. Right now he will die when he is killed and that will be it. No more retries, no more second chances! Why won’t he get that into that thick skull of yours! Even his idiot-of-a-father was smarter than that!

「Ah, now I get it! You want to tell him 「Don’t you dare dying on me before we both make it out of this 」? How very motherly-like of you. 」

Close enough. Also, shut your trap.

「That’s fine and all, but there’s still one thing that bothers me. You said that you lived an 「overly long life 」. So does that men that you’re like, not human? 」

Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. What difference does it really make?

「Ugh, I can’t find any memory relating to that even if I try to go deeper into your heart… now I really wanna know! 」

The mysterious mother vibe suits me quite well, don’t you think?

「Yeah, it goes well with your stoic personality and stunning looks! On that note, I think you should be on your way! 」
About that… wait a minute, okay?

「Hm? Why? What’s wrong? 」

This is a spirit world. And when talking about spirit worlds, shouldn’t spirits appear totally naked?

「R-Really? I, I didn’t know that, ahaha… 」

Yes, that is how it usually is. Well, you seem to be wearing those white clothes typical for the usual description of the Japanese ghosts, but they are kinda, how should I put it without sounding offensive… indecent… or slutty…

「In what way is this getup slutty?! 」

Kinda see-through, to be honest, especially around the chest area. So I was thinking I don’t want to see my stupid son seeing my flawless, sexy body like that, so I think I’ll use some of my mental power to create myself a normal set of clothes. Any objections to that?

「W-Well, it should be fine as long as it won’t be anything too extravagant… I guess. 」


「H-Hey, I said nothing too extravagant! 」

Tch, and here I thought I’ll get myself something nice. Well, I guess my usual 「Aika-style getup 」 should suffice.

All right, I think I’m as ready as I can be.

「Jeez, even for Monjiro-san’s mother, you really are a hopeless person, Yuuto-san. Everyone will surely have a hard time dealing with you when this will all be over. 」

Everyone, huh? While we are on the subject, you know you will be having a fierce competition for Monjiro’s you-know-what when you get back to life, right, Asagao?
「Eh?! Ah! I… I’ll worry about it when it happens! And I’ll be sure to do my best to come out on top! 」

That bright smile of hers looks so different than that of her younger sisters, Yugao and Yorugao. It was reminding me of the sun raising in the morning.

If possible, I’d like for all three of them to be reunited again, just so they could also see that charming smile of hers for themselves.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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