Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part C 11



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part C, 11】

『Tsukuyomi』 is not am offensive Gift. It is a Gift whose ability is to transfer the matter touched by its light beams. We assumed that it was attack oriented because the parts of the stage’s floor touched by it disappeared without a trace, but that was only a misconception on our part. After all, Kaguya announced that she was going to open the gate at the very beginning. And by 「the gate」, she meant 『Tsukuyomi』. That was the power she intended to use to come back to the moon.

And her army of the dead was probably summoned by her to ensure that we would find our way there as well.

Looking at the bottom of the stage, both Fujisato and Kuhoh were not swallowed up by the shadows. It’s as if they knew that no harm would come to them as long as they would not show any malicious intentions towards them.

That must be exactly it.

Denizens of the underworld summoned by the 『Underworld Gift Izanami』. Their purpose is not dragging the living to the realm of the dead with them… but to detect the worthy living. If the heart of the person they touched was tied up by negative emotions such as fear or despair, eventually said person would become just like them. But that didn’t happen, even when Kuhoh was touched by one of them or they inhaled some of the miasma the shadows were emitting.

Not because 「They didn’t want to die」, but because they were different. Because we are different.

Kuhoh, Fujisato, Yorugao and also Shiki and I, we all believe that everything is going to be okay, and that we will succeed. That’s why we don’t need despair or negative emotions. Thanks to being synchronized with mother’s and Asagao’s spiritual powers, I was able to understand so many possibilities at once.

This is 『Code: Calvariae’s』 true power.

This world does not need any God, no matter how amazing or powerful he would be.

People should live their own lives how they see fit, succeed with their own hard work and fail due to their own shortcomings. To be able to believe in that… that is the greatest Gift of them all.

「『Code: Calvarie’s』 power… so the secret technique of the assassin’s clan could also be used like that, and now you’re taking full advantage of that, Jiro.」
Kaguya seemed to have realized that after hearing the two voices in her head and witnessing my movements.

「This power is not just for killing anymore.」

I leave the control of the flow of spiritual power to mother and Asagao.

Right now, my heart has a different role to play. The last one.

「To see the person that is truly important to you. To help you save their ideal. It is the power to reach out with your hand and grasp everything that is dear to you in it.」

That is why I look straight into Kaguya’s eyes while holding her tightly.

I will bet everything on what I’m about to say now.

Maybe those words will succeed, or maybe all hope will die with them.

This is Sakuradamon Jiro’s last gamble, in which he pours all of his hopes, dreams, emotions and his heart into a single wish.

「That’s why… you don’t have to act like Kaguya anymore, senpai.」

At that moment, Kaguya could not hide her astonishment. She could only stare at me with widely opened mouth and eyes.

「What, are, you….?」

Her voice sounds as if she desperately tried not to cry, but maybe that’s just my interpretation. Thinking about it normally, however, the answer should be obvious.

「When… when did you…?」

Which is why…

「I should have figured that out immediately after Shiki killed me and I got resurrected, but thanks to me being a total idiot I’ve only figured that out recently. That you started acting like you weren’t yourself anymore on purpose.」

Yes, at that time, due to that whole situation with Shiki and my mother appearing out of the blue, saying that Shiinamachi-senpai was gone and that she has reverted to her old self, becoming Kaguya… I failed to notice that this change was too abrupt.

「By pretending that you are no longer yourself, by not being 「My beloved Shiinamachi-senpai」, you wanted to set me free, didn’t you?」

「Yes, because I thought that would be best for you.」

Her reverting back to how she was before she lost her memory was nothing but an act.

When she regained her lost memories, she must’ve realized who she really was, and what kind of roe she had to play in the Nightkin world, and that’s why she chose to cut me away from her, because she didn’t want to get me involved in what was to come any further. She knew that with how vulnerable I was due to my incomplete heart and immature emotions hearing that she was gone forever would devastate me, and she was right about that. I was freshly revived, my head was in the state of utter chaos and I was in no capacity for calm, logical thinking, which is why her deception had such an impact on me that I failed to notice the obvious signs. Why did she wait with taking my immortality from me until after she has given me my last 「reward」? Why did she explicitly announced to me that she’s no longer herself? If she was truly gone, she wouldn’t need to do any of those things at all, because Princess Kaguya had no emotional connection to me whatsoever, so she shouldn’t care about me at all. She already had 『Divine Gift Thanatos』 a Gift that granted immortality, an ability that every Lord wanted to possess. Ideally, she should have just take it back from me when I was still dead so she could get her power back while cutting the lose end that I was away at the same time.


Big, warm tears began to fall from her widely opened eyes.

「You did recover your old memories as Kaguya, that much is true. But those old memories didn’t overwrite your current ones. You remembered everything about yourself as 「The One True Lord」 while also remaining 「Shiinamachi-senpai」. That is why you offered me a lap pillow as our final memory before you deliberately started acting like your old self.」

「….Jiro… kun….」

Her voice was shaking, as were the hands that were holding me.

「I am Kaguya, and she is me. Because of that duality , there might come a day when I will truly become her, so…. So I wanted to spare you the agony you’re bound to go through when that inevitably happens!」

She confessed with a tearful voice, putting her face against my chest.

「Have you already forgotten the movie we saw during our date, senpai? I thought I told you then that I would always chase after you, even if you were gone.」


Man, it feels like that was ages ago. I lift senpai’s face and wipe her tears away.

「Let’s go back home, senpai. Let’s leave all those things: Gifts, Lords, Knights at the moon. Then let’s go back to the clock tower and watch it together.」

「You think… it’s okay for me to do it… after all the terrible things I made you go through?」

Senpai still looks uncertain. Looks like I’ll have to employ some forceful persuasion here. I think it’s high time for me to whip out the big guns and finally seal the deal.

I grab senpai’s shoulders.


「Eh? Ah….!」

My face gets closer to hers, and all she can do is stare at me with moist eyes. She tried to look away from me, but when she realized that this was not an option, she closed them and accepted that which was about to come.

Her cherry-colored lips are so close to me, so I move closer….


… and I kissed Shiinamachi-senpai on the forehead.

After all was said and done, we were both so red on our faces that we could feel the heat radiation off of them.

「I’m sorry… I don’t have much experience with that kissing stuff, and when I saw your beautiful lips from up close…. I just couldn’t bring myself to defile them.」

I confessed honestly.

Senpai’s eyes blink a few times.

「Fufu, hahaha… that is exactly what makes you, you, Jiro-kun!」

And senpai smiled, expression of happiness filling her entire face.
At that time, the light that surrounded us began to glow even stronger. For a moment I thought I was going to go to the lunar world together with senpai, it looks like this is not the case.

Lights of every color imaginable emerge from both my and senpai’s bodies, disappearing into the space around us. The same was happening all around the courtyard, and in the sky above us as well.

And among all those lights was a pale one which took the shape of a girl clad in white clothes, and it went into into the body belonging to a doll, replacing the red on which left her.

A miracle was playing itself before our very eyes.

「Senpai, this is…?」

「All of the Gifts are going to return to where they rightfully belong, just like I planned. Although I had to cheat a little to do this.」
And she showed me her tongue as she smacked herself lightly to the back of the head with her knuckles with a 「teehee!」 like a certain type of high school girl. That gesture made me hug her with all my might.



Just like a child that thinks that its going to stop its parent from going away, I continue to hug her anyway, thinking that if I do that, I might be able to stop her and bring her back home with me.

Senpai gently strokes my hair.

「Jiro-kun… thank you.」

Those were the last words she spoke to me before I was completely enveloped by the golden light and my eyes could not see anything anymore.

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