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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part C, 2】

One of the remaining Knights tried to attack master, so I slashed him cleanly in half with a single strike. The fountain of blood that erupted from his cleaved body made a mess out of my dress, but now was not the time to worry about something as petty as that.

[Nagi-chan, thank you for your continued hard work!]

Even though Master praised me, I felt nothing in my heart. Because her words won’t change the fact that it was still my duty to obey her commands.

All I have to do is to defeat every enemy in front of me. That is what the [Lord Killer] requires of Kuhoh Nagi. I also have to protect Monjiro-san and Yuuto-san, who were laying on the ground, alive, but motionless. And there was also Yahata Yorugao, who was also unconscious to allow Yuuto-san to talk with Yahata Asagao and Monjiro by using her as a proxy.

I wonder is Kaguya aware of all that?

[You’re mine!]

A spear of light approached me when I was took my eyes of the battlefield for that split second. Whoever thrown that at me must’ve thought that a clever maneuver, but unfortunately, projectile weapon meant nothing to me and my Gift.

I stopped time as soon as I heard the words [You’re mine], moved out of the spear’s way and got behind the back of the female Knight who has thrown it at me. Then I resumed the flow of time, and as soon as the world around me got its colors back, I stabbed her in the neck.

This was my fifth victim in the past 3 minutes.

As if the whole venue wasn’t chaotic enough, Master continued to shout things like [No Nightkin shall be spared!] or [Kill before you’re killed!], turning the entire courtyard into a stage of the twisted battle royale.

[No, stop! Don’t you dare!] [Oh God, of fuck, fuckfuckfuckfuck!] [Don’t kill me!]

Voices like that filled the air as Lords and Knights were being killed by other Lords and Knights, and those who managed to survive were being picked off by me.

[Stop! I beg you, don’t do it!]

One of the Lords pleaded with me. Although she was wounded and bleeding, her injuries could probably still be treated with ease. And that just won’t do.

To be honest, as an assassin fighting out in the open like that wasn’t exactly my forte, but for now I was holding my ground without any difficulties.

All this time, Kaguya just continued to sit in her chair, watching the carnage around her as if it was a most amusing stage play.

[Why?! Why are you doing this?!]

The Lord in front of me asked.

[Because those were my orders.] [And you will just blindly follow them?! Don’t you see that what you’re doing here is wrong?!] [It does not matter to me. As long as you’re a Lord, my mission is to kill you.]

And then I felt someone’s gaze on me from the side.


In a flash, my body became as stiff as if it became a stone statue.

[Take that, you bitch! My Gift, {Demonic Gift Medusa}!]

{Medusa}, huh? From the name alone one would have to think that this Gift would be similar to Master’s {Gorgon}, but that does not seem to be the case. This feels like the ability to petrify your opponent rather than commanding him to stay still. Using it to stop me from attacking… smart move.

[Haha… hahahahahahahaha! How about that, you filthy wench?! Try killing us now, will…]


Confirming that I was still able to move my tongue inside my mouth, I moved a needle I had hidden under my tongue between my lips and spat it out… right between the girl’s eyes.


When she collapsed onto the ground, my body regained its freedom of movement. Apparently her Gift was not [To petrify with her eyes] but rather [To petrify everything withing her sight]. As for that move I did just now…

Having your hands, legs or the entire body bound is one of the most common threats to assassins, so the facility I was raised in taught me how to fight and kill without using my limbs. In this particular case it was a poisoned needle blown out of my mouth like a dart. The poison is not strong enough to kill, but it should paralyze her for long enough.



After this short break I shot down the knife that was flying my way by throwing my own knife at it. And then I spun around and kicked the person who suddenly tried to appear behind me.


This must’ve been that Lord’s second Knight who was trying to lock me in a pincer attack. Form the looks of it, this Knight was using something akin to the metastasis. Using that, he threw the knife from one side and aimed at attacking me from the other by capitalizing on me focusing on avoiding the incoming weapon. If I didn’t dispose of it by throwing my own weapon, I would have been in quite the danger. Thankfully my experience from countless battles allowed me to avoid that particular pitfall.

Even if my enemy uses metastasis or any other means of instant movement to attack, all I have to do is to stop time before said attack hits me. With {Divine Gift Chronos} time is like my own personal playground. My very own world where I can do anything as long as I stop it quickly enough.

Of course, there are exceptions to that rule, Like Monjiro-senpai or Yatono Shiki.

Keeping my head cool and maintaining awareness at all times, I continued to pile up mountains of the enemy corpses. Some of them try to run, by no worries, I’ll get to them soon enough.

There is, however, one thing that I regret. With all that blood and guts spilling out from so many people, the stage and the entire courtyard have become so drenched in them that I feel like it will stay like that forever. I feel truly sorry for the maid who will have to try and clean all of that up tomorrow.

Am I weird for thinking that?

[Fufu… what a great performance. Thank you.]

Not moving an inch from her seat, Kaguya was smiling quietly. She looked like she was bewitched by the sight and smell of all the blood I filled this place with. Right now, she looked more like a crimson demon than the Princess of the Moon.

[It’s still a little early, but I think we can start the ceremony now.] [So it really was like that, huh?]

Another one of our expectations came true.

A ritual for Kaguya to regain her powers as the [Queen of the Night].
We assumed that in order to carry it out she needed a right time and the right place.
And also the offerings befitting [The Lord above All Lords].

Why did she went out of her way to call literally every living Lord and their Knights here?
The answer, we thought, was painfully obvious. She didn’t want them to witness her full revival. She needed them for something more… sinister.

[What I need from them is not their lives… but their blood. You have my deepest gratitude for getting it for me, Suzuka… no, Fujisato Yuika.] [I thought something like that might happen, so I thought it might be wise to cooperate with you in that regard, Lady Kaguya. After all, my [Story] is about killing Lords and you gathered them all in one place so nicely… I just couldn’t resist the temptation.]

That’s right. It was never our aim to try and stop the ritual for real. If we did that, then Kaguya would try to eliminate us for real. That way there is a possibility that she might spare us if we just continue to play nice.

[Fujisato-san, I knew you were a whimsical, greedy girl… do you really crave immortality that badly?]

Kaguya muttered as she looked at the fallen Lords and their Knights and then at the fallen Monjiro and his mother. Is it just me, or did she have a rather complicated expression on her face for a second there?

[I guess even you must fear them deep down inside? The [Dangerous Days], I mean?] [You could say that. But living the eternal life means woving an eternal, never-ending [Story].] [I wasn’t expecting you of all people to say that you dislike immortality, Lady Kaguya.]

Observing the conversation of two beings who lived unimaginably long lives, I felt something tightening in my chest. Maybe I finally realized that Kaguya-sama and Master are really similar in that regard. It’s just hat they took different approaches to coping with the loneliness of longevity.

Kaguya tried to cope with it by erasing her own memories, essentially resetting her own personality while my Master, Suzuka chose to live an honest, upfront, carefree life by mingling together with the rest of us mortals. Also, since they both took interest in Sakuradamon Jiro-senpai, I can’t help but to wonder what exactly have they saw in him? Liberation? Or maybe finality?

Either way, that is none of my concern. All I have to do is to continue following my Master on the road she has chosen to walk and face whatever awaits us at its end.

[Well then, I think that’s enough blood.]

Kaguya said so and got up from her chair. She reached out with her hand as if she was welcoming something… or someone, and when she did, particles of light began to emerge from the pools of blood around us, forming a sphere in her palm.

I had a feeling that this was the crystallization of all her Gifts. Her [Power] given physical form.

[If I may ask, what does the ritual do anyway? Will it resurrect you just like the first on that awakened your sealed memories?] [No. Its purpose is to summon {The God’s Gate}.]

Kaguya holds her hand up, and when she does, the ball of light soars high up into the sky. Shortly after, a few of them rose from the mountains near the mansion and joined the main one. Those probably belong the few Lords who managed to escape our massacre.

[It’s useless to try to escape from it?] [Yes. This is the land belonging to the Yatono family, my loyal subjects. In other words, it is entirely under my control. As long as they remain on this mountain, they won’t be able to hide from me no matter where they will try to hide, just like no living being can hide itself from the radiance of the moon in the night sky.]

That’s actually a pretty scary thought. Well, if they lost their Gifts then even if they are still alive they are no longer of any interest to me. Without their supernatural powers, those Giftless [Lords] and [Knights] were as good as dead.

I glanced at my own chest, but there was no sphere of light emerging from it. It was the same for Nagi-chan, Monjiro-kun and Yuuto-san.
[All of us are good in your eyes?] [As long as you won’t try to do anything reckless, then yes.]

And she laughed somewhat bitterly at me. Since Yuuto-san and Shiki-chan are her personal Knights, then it made sense that she allowed them to keep their powers. It was probably the same for Yugao-chan, because much to my relief Yorugao’s body did not seem to disappear. It also made me glad that I was allowed to keep my Gifts, because honestly, they were with me for so long that I would have felt pretty much empty inside without them.

[What is this {God’s Gate} anyway?]

It’s a good thing that our decision to help her with her ritual paid off. I don’t even want to think what would have happened to us if we tried to get in her way.

[Have you ever wondered who we, the Nightkin are and where do our Gifts, powers that should not exist in this world, come from? {God’s Gate} holds the answers to all those questions within itself.]

Kaguya spreads her arms as the giant sphere of light continues to ascend into the sky. And then, when it reached a certain height, a pillar of light has descended upon it from the surface of the moon itself.

It was such a mystical sight that it was impossible to look away from it.

[Lady Kaguya, could it be…?]

Master asks her quietly.

In reply, Kaguya smiles softly at her.

[Yes. I am the [One True Lord], as well as the person who brought the Gifts to this transient world. And now I will take them all back to where they truly belong.]

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