Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 4 Last Episode Part C 5



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【Last Episode: Curtain Call and the end Part C, 5】

Mother should have met with Asagao.

As per Yugao’s request, we arranged everything so that she could fight Shiki by herself.

And now Kaguya has finally announced the true purpose of the entire ritual.

With all those conditions met, it was high time for me to finally get up.

「Ghh, even though you just barely avoided any vital organs like we agreed to, that was still too much of a close call, Fujisato.」

Why is it that I can never have a fight where I won’t get seriously hurt? Or stabbed through the back for that matter. And it all started since Kuhoh stabbed me to death when she killed senpai on that day a few months back. could it be that I have subconsciously developed a fetish for it?

「But I stopped myself from throwing it too hard at the last possible minute as well, you know?」

She was right. Besides, if it was not for the help of others I would never have been able to fight with mother and defeat her. Although if I am to be honest, a part of me still expects her to jump back on her feet while shouting something outrageous like 「Witness the power of my hidden trump card! Super Healing Factor!」. That would be so very much like her. But thankfully it does not look like this is going to be the case here.

Knowing that alone I won’t be able to do a thing, we came with a plan in which Fujisato used her 『Demonic Gift Gorgon』 on me, ordering me to behave exactly the same as I usually do, but to fight as if I was under the influence of 『Code: Calvariae』. That was our way to not make me lose my soul and emotions while ensuring that I will be at my best condition to fight against mother. It was a huge gambit on our side, but it was the only way I could attack Shiki to use her as a distraction. If I was mu usual self, I would rather chop my own hand off instead of raising it against her, but I’m afraid that this time we really had no other choice. My only hope is that she will understand that, but nevertheless, I still have to apologize to her properly the next time we will see one another. The way I hurt her was horrible, so I will accept any kind of punishment she will inflict on me.

Anyway, we are finally in the endgame phase. There is only one enemy remaining, and I have to be the one who will finish her off.

「Finally we can meet face to face, Kaguya.」

I can feel the blood filling my mouth and dripping from its side, but I was finally able to reach this point.


The eyes that looked at me as she spoke my name may not have the same warm kindness in them, but those are still Shiinamachi Kaguya’s eyes.

「So you really are prepared to do everything to bring me… to bring Shiinamachi Kaguya back with you?」

Yes, that is the reason why I’ve come this far. To achieve a happy ending where I, Shiki, Shiinamachi-senpai, Fujisato, Kuhoh, Yugao, Asagao and Yorugao can all laugh and continue to live our lives happily just like we did before.

We are all putting our lives on the line here, and we won’t accept anything other than the grand prize here!

「I… Shiinamachi Kaguya would surely think that would be lovely, but I’m afraid that it simply cannot be. You should know this as well as I do now, Jiro. No matter what happens tonight, one way or the other… this is the end of my story.」

Kaguya gazed up into the heavens, where the brilliant moon was shining.

When the Princess of the Moon opens the God’s Gate again, all the gifts shall return to whence they came, bringing an end to their stories.

Lord’s stories. Now it all makes sense. Kaguya and the Gifts came to our world from the moon through the God’s Gate and now she wants to cross it again to go back to where she rightfully belongs. But if we let that happen, if we just let her disappear like that, then what was the purpose of her living among us? Does the times we spend together, both good and the bad don’t mean nothing to her?!

Well, that’s fine. If she wants to be so selfish, then so be it.

「Over my dead body, Shiinamachi-senpai.」

That just means that I have to stop her from doing that and the problem will solve itself out. For that purpose, I grabbed a knife in my and again and directed it towards Kaguya.

「That’s my Jiro; I expected nothing less of you. Fine then, if you want it so badly, I will graciously allow you to be my partner in my last dance in this world.」

And she also stepped towards me.


Then she snapped her fingers, and in the next moment, a ball of dancing flames appeared in her palm. Even from a distance, the heat it was emitting was strong enough to cause the skin on my face to dry up and crack. I’m guessing that getting hit by it directly will spell an instant game over for me.

「Kuhoh, Yorugao, take those who are still alive as far away from here as possible!」

「Roger that, senpai!」



Just by being present, that fireball drastically increased the temperature of the entire courtyard. Even if Kuhoh had slaughtered most of the Lords and their Knights in here, at least some of them were bound to still be alive and if that’s the case then we need to at least help them get to safety. I know that they tried to kill us, but I don’t want to have any more blood on my hands than absolutely necessary. Thankfully Kuhoh uses her time-stopping Gift to evacuate as many of them as possible.

「Monjiro-kun, I will look after Yuuto-san’s body, so feel free to go all out with your lovers quarrel.」

Fujisato grabbed mother’s body and left the stage. As for how far she would have to get away to be completely safe, it’s really hard to say. For the sake of this operation, she distributed all of her Gifts among the rest us, making herself unable to fight. But as long as she has Kuhoh by her side, I have no doubt she would still defend her with her life.

As for me… I don’t think I’m going to have the luxury of worrying about others anymore. All of my instincts were screaming that the fire in Kaguya’s hand was bad news in every meaning of the word. I absolutely cannot allow it to hit me even once if I don’t want to be turned to ashes in seconds.

「How do you like it Jiro? This is 『Divine Gift Kaguzuchi』, a flame that is capable of burning even the Gods themselves.」

The name itself was enough for me to know how powerful and frightening it was. Also, this is only my hypothesis, but is Kaguya capable of using every Gift in existence? That would mean that she has an unlimited amount of weapons at her disposal while I have none.


「Monjiro-kun, do your best not to die, okay?」

I heard Fujisato’s worried voice behind me.

「Oh trust me Fujisato, if I won’t do my absolute best here, I will die for sure.」

Next, I close my eyes to clear my mind from any distractions, and Fujisato’s voice and presence slowly disappear from my consciousness, leaving only a blank, empty space.

The Gift I received from Fujisato was 『Demonic Gift Gorgon』. She told everyone that she was the one who used it on me before we arrived here, but that was not entirely true.

I used 『Gorgon’s』 ability on myself.

With my mind’s eye I saw the knife I held in my hand and my own eyes glowing red, after which I sink deeper into the depths of my body and soul. I need to use the same method I uses when I was fighting mother, but to an even stronger degree. Unfortunately, the effect got cancelled when I lost consciousness, so I have no choice but to apply it to myself again. That is the strategy we came up with, a method that would allow me to fight like a merciless killing machine while simultaneously allowing me to keep my emotions.

Essentially, I have to become both the puppet master and the puppet at the same time.

Naturally, the risk was still unbelievably high.

If my consciousness gets disrupted for even a second, the spell will be broken and I’d be forced to apply it again, which would still take time. Moreover, all this time my brain deed to be doing an awful lot of precise calculations to keep my self-consciousness from drowning in the sea of information that is flooding it from every direction, so as you can see this tactic is a double edged sword that is going to make me disappear if I make even the smallest of mistakes. That is what 『Demonic Gift Gorgon’s』 self-hypnosis really is.

「Fufufu, even though me controlling you through my 『Gorgon』 was a lie, it was great to see how everyone got scared of me when I announced that. Monjiro-kun, let me thank you once again for becoming my Knight. Thanks to you, I am riding on an all-time high right now! This is the best power trip in my entire life!」

「I would say that I’m glad to hear it, but I’m afraid I have other things that require my undivided attention now.」

『Gorgon’s』 ability was activated by establishing eye contact with the target, just like Fujisato tried to do with me back when we were forced to fight with her. That is why I tried to do the same to myself by looking at my reflection in the mirror. It took some tries and a lot of Fujisato’s guidance, but after a while I was finally able to grasp how to do it properly, which allowed us to fool both mother and Kaguya into thinking that it was Fujisato who was controlling me this whole time.

But this time, I was not a machine void of its own free will who blindly followed the orders of others.

「That’s it, Jiro. Show me the power that bested Yuuto-san, my strongest, undefeatable 「Legendary Knight」!」

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