Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 1 Part A (1)



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【Episode 1】Death and Immortality Part A (1)


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My name is Sakuradamon Jiro. Height 178cm. Weight 68kg.

Good vision in both eyes.

I’m currently studying at Oukayama Prefectural High School, Year 2 Class A, volunteering as one of the school librarian committees. Since April, due to family circumstances, my sister and I have moved to this town, and I have transferred to this school.

Our father does not live together with us, and our mother has gone missing. Though, since she left us with a huge sum of money, we never have to worry about our living expenses.

Our paternal grandfather is our guardian. He has taken care of us and currently lives together with grandmother in the neighborhood.

Today will be the day I become an adult.

My little sister looked a little concerned when she noticed I was taking a longer time in the bathroom than usual. Although later I convinced her that I am simply taking a longer bath to improve my mental concentration.

At times like this, I am grateful that I have such an understanding family member. Even when I told her I will have to go out later at midnight, she simply trusted me and asked me to「Please be careful.」


「Should I drop by a convenience store?」

I feel hesitant, but I know it’s the right thing to do.

That’s right. As a man with etiquette, I should buy that thing.

However, doesn’t this make my desire seem too obvious? No, no. I can’t expect a woman to prepare and buy something like this. I really don’t have any clue on how to handle this type of situation. And this is also not something I can rely on my sister for help.

『Your elder brother is about to have his first experience of a lifetime, could you lend him a hand on what is the proper etiquette and steps to take in this type of situation?』

I wouldn’t dare to ask my own little sister such questions as it would feel almost like I am forcing her to participate in the entire process. It will be totally inappropriate to ask her for help with things that you would normally ask your own girlfriend. It will be extremely bad. I can’t just take my sister’s affection for granted and assume that everything will be fine just because she loves me.

I am aware that my train of thoughts is in total chaos, so I took a deep breath to calm myself down.

The summer air is scorching hot; this does not help when you are trying to cool your head.

Either way, it seems necessary to drop in at a convenience store with powerful air-conditioning.

I decided to go to a convenience store located far away from home and school as much as possible, so I pick up my pace.

「Oh, fancy meeting you here, Monjiro-kun!」

At times like this, when you least expect it and want to avoid meeting anyone you know, the more likely you seem to run into them. Is this some kind of law of nature? The moment I step inside the convenience store, I hear a familiar voice greeting me. Surprised, I turn around and see my good friend, Fujisato Yuika. On instinct, I immediately turn away to leave the store.

「Eh, where are you going?!」

「Ah.. no, I was just surprised to meet you here, Fujisato. 」

「Is it that bad to see me that you instantly turn away to leave? Aren’t you being mean?」

While saying this, Fujisato has a big grin on her face so I can guess she was only joking.
As I already mentioned, she is Fujisato Yuika, the class representative of class 2A. She is a kind girl who looked after me when I just got transferred here. She really helped me out back then, and I feel really indebted to her.

「Oh, by the way, has everyone been calling me by this nickname ‘Monjiro’? My name is pronounced ‘Jiro’, not ‘Monjiro’」[1. TL Note: His Japanese name can be pronounced as both ‘Jiro’ or ‘Monjiro’, but our MC prefers to be called by ‘Jiro’.]

「Is that so? Yes, all the girls in the class have been calling you that. We all think it’s cute! 」

「Well, I guess if you all think it’s a good name … ?」

「Absolutely! Monjiro suits you.」

To be honest, I am not a fan of the name ‘Monjiro’. But since everyone likes this nickname, I feel like I have no choice but to go along with it.

「Fu Fu… I can give you some discount, so take your time and feel free to buy anything you like!」

「Thank you, I appreciate it. But is it really all right for you to work part-time jobs so late at night?」

I am looking at the watch, it’s past 11pm. I feel that a high school student, especially a girl shouldn’t be working such a late night shift.

「Well, this is my uncle’s shop, so it’s totally fine!」

Fujisato gave me such a brilliant smile that you could almost hear the 『sparkle ☆』sound effect coming out.

She is exuding an aura that makes her looks sweet and adorable at the same time. She is so lovable that I think even the adults or even policemen would overlook the situation and instead say 『What an admirable girl, she willingly helps out in her uncle’s shop so late at night.』

「Oh, welcome! Sorry for making you wait.」

Seeing customers lining up, Fujisato quickly hurried back to the cash register.

It’s a pleasure to observe her from the back, her silky hair smoothly flowing and sits gently at her nape.

On a side note, the boys at school came up with their own school beauties ranking and Fujisato is ranked at the very top. Without a doubt, Fujisato is a beautiful girl, but the fact that she is only average in everything else including academics, sports and cookingーmakes her even more relatable. Comparing her to another beauty who seems to be able to do everything flawlessly without effort, Fujisato’s down to earth nature appears to be the secret to her popularity.

Now, when you combine the fact that she is not just the person who I feel indebted to, but also a friend plus the most popular girl in school, wouldn’t buying that thing here just be like digging my own grave?

Well, personally I would love to see Fujisato’s blushing pink when I told her that I am here to buy that thing. However, I know it will come with a dire consequence of being labeled as『Sakuradamon Pervert』
Not only that, but I am certain the boys at school will also be giving me piercing hostile gaze.

Ok, let’s abort the mission and not buy that thing here.

Knowing when to give up in life is a valuable skill. As it will be impossible to survive in this modern age if you don’t think quick on your feet. Therefore, I hastily come up with another plan. I decided to instead purchase a souvenir for Shiinamachi-senpai.

「Should I buy her chocolate?」Or perhaps sweetbreads instead? I don’t know what girls like to eat or what kind of snacks they prefer.

「Are you buying something for your sister?」

Just as I hear a voice, I suddenly realize Fujisato is already next to me. She is standing nearby, and her body is leaning forward facing my direction. Her white soft cheek is so close and I am holding back an urge to lean forward and plant her a kiss.

「Oh, y-yeah that’s right」

I nodded and stammered a little as I am trying to calm my heartbeat down.

「Really? You actually come all the way here, so far from home just to buy her something? You are quite a shy person aren’t you, Monjiro? 」

Fujisato smiles at me and lets out a slight giggle, a sweet scent drifts from her body. I feel like I am losing my ability to think. No, no, wait, get a grip Sakuradamon Jiro! How can you be seduced by a friend’s beauty and forget the greater task at hand? I need to regain my composure and focus on my initial goal.

「Um, I don’t really know which snacks girls love to eat.」

Since it has come to this, I thought it’s best to ask Fujisato for advice. She is a caring and thoughtful girl, and I know I can rely on her. And if I buy something for my sister too, then this wouldn’t be counted as lying right? In a way, I am partly hiding the truth. I can feel the guilt slowly creeping in for taking advantage of Fujisato’s kind nature.

「Most girls love sweet things … Let’s see. We have this high-class pudding that’s only available at this convenience store, how about it?」

I see … high-class pudding seems appropriate for a souvenir.

「Ok, I will take two of them.」

「Ok great! This pudding is super yummy, that’s why I highly recommend it.」

I wonder, does she recommend it only after she tried it herself? Regardless, that’s a good sales technique. As expected of Fujisato, even her selling skill is quite something.

「Do you want to buy anything else?」

「No, that will be all, thank you.」

「You’re welcome.」

I can’t spend too much time here or I will be running late.

「Well then, please come to the cashier.」

This unexpected meeting has slightly messed up my schedule, but I still think that this has been a nice encounter.

By the way, I managed to purchase that thing successfully from another convenience store soon after.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■




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