Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 1 Part A (2)



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【Episode 1】Death and Immortality Part A (2)


Bad timing really does occur when you least expect it.

On a night like this, we seem to encounter people we don’t usually cross paths with.

「Oh, it’s you, Monjiro-senpai」

Coming outside from the school building, a familiar figure is walking towards me. She has a petite slender figure and is carrying a long package.


「Yes, that’s right. Good evening, I didn’t expect to meet you at this hour, senpai.」

We are both standing on a slope towards the school building. She must have some sort of purpose to visit the school at night. In other words, everyone who enters or leaves school needs to cross this path.

Kuhoh is a junior librarian committee. In addition, she is also a promising newcomer of the Kendo club. The club sets a high expectations of her.

I couldn’t help but push my glasses up as I did another double take at her appearance in school uniform. Her name is Kuhoh Nagi. Her figure is more petite than Shiinamachi-senpai, but it matches her height well.

Her firmly straight spine and piercing gaze exude a maiden-warrior-like aura. There is a special air about her, a master-like quality, showing absolutely no『openings』. Even in the middle of our conversation, I feel like she will be able to react instantly in an emergency situation.

「What’s wrong senpai? Why are you staring at me all this time? 」

「I was just wondering why are you still at school so late at night?」

I confirmed the time with my smartphone, it was past 11.30pm. It’s really too late for a girl to be at school no matter what the reason is.

「That’s true. But in that case, Isn’t it also quite strange that senpai is coming to school at this late hour?」

We are thinking the same thing. It would be normal for us to meet at school during the morning or even afternoon, but meeting at such late hour sure conjures up questions.

In this situation, I decided to tell her the truth.

「Actually, I am here because Shiinamachi-senpai wanted to see me.」

「Well, I see, that’s understandable.」

She nodded and agreed very quickly and I instantly felt relieved. I guess this explanation does sound somewhat reasonable for her to accept it.

「By the way, I just finished my training and am about to go home. I didn’t have time to practice during the day by myself. 」

I hear that Kuhoh’s Kendo skill is exceptional. Her skill surpasses the Kendo teacher and hence she spends a lot of time helping other students. Because of this, she couldn’t get her practice done during the daytime.

「Everyday, I just practice after school and afterward take my time to shower. By the time I finish, it always ends up around this time. I guess it’s pretty dangerous if I didn’t know martial arts.」She laughs cheerfully while poking fun at herself.

I can smell a faint sweet fragrance coming from her body after a bath. Oh dear, a woman’s sweet body scent, on top of that she is an underclassman. I better hold back and not try to smell for too long or I will start imagining perverted things.

「Well, I don’t think it will be possible for ordinary bad guys to beat you when you are carrying a bamboo sword.」

「Oh please, no bad guys will target a skinny underage-looking girl like me in the first place.」

「That’s not true. Kuhoh, you are a dignified and beautiful lady.」

「Thank you. I feel a little embarrassed to hear something like this face-to-face from you, senpai. It does make me happy though so I will take it as a compliment.」

Her reply is very mature and I can’t help but feel impressed. A strong aura is emanating from her small and petite stature. She really does have an aura of a true martial arts master.

「Oops. I shouldn’t keep senpai here any longer, I feel sorry for Shiinamachi-senpai. Please send her my regards.」

「Ok, I will. Please take care and be careful on your way home, Kuhoh. I know you are very skillful, but don’t let your guard down. 」

「Thank you for worrying so much about me, senpai. It makes me feel happy to know that you care.」
Kuhoh waves goodbye and walks down the slope.

Somehow I can’t help but feel a little envious seeing her steady confident stride. I wish I can emulate a little bit of Kuhoh’s confidence. I feel like I have used up all my courage when I purchased that thing that’s currently inside my bag.

With that thought in mind, I begin walking towards the big clock tower school building.

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