Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 1 Part B (1)



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【Episode 1】Death and Immortality: Part B (1)

Search Results for 『Immortality』:
● Eternal life. A body that is immune to any illness, pain, injury or attack.
● Can also refer to someone with relentless perseverance no matter the setbacks.
● A person who cannot be killed upon receiving blow or trauma. Immune to pain, getting hurt or death.
● A person who obtains an immortal body.

Vaguely, I dream that I am floating in darkness. Whenever I fall asleep in an exhausted state, I often see this dream. In other words, I must be in the middle of deep sleep state right now.

UnexpectedlyーI feel like I hear my mother’s voice coming from somewhere. In my consciousness, I tune in to search for that familiar voice.

「Jiro, you must live on.」

These wordsーthese were the last words she said to me before she disappeared.

「Your future path will be a difficult one. As your mother, I have already prepared and taught you all the skills and knowledge you need. From here onwards, no matter what you must do, even if you have to dirty your hands with blood, or make others or even yourself shed blood and tears, you must live on properly. 『this is your destiny.』」

Mother had told me that as matter-of-fact. The next morning, she disappeared without a trace, as if she never even existed. All she left was only a personal seal with a bank account book containing a huge sum of money.

At that time I did not yet understand the meaning of loneliness.

But now I finally understand that it was a painful farewell. As I am now, it may be possible for me to stop her and tell her not to go.

Ultimately … I have learned skills that no ordinary mother would’ve taught her child. Undoubtedly, I am thankful to my mother.
Even when my chest feel so empty as if a large void exists. Even ifーmy heart feels painful.

『Slowly, you will understand what is a heartache. Once you understand this feeling, never let it go. This will be an invaluable experience, the most important thing above all else. You must embrace this emotion, live and suffer with it and hold it close to your heart. Do you understand? No matter how much suffering your body and soul experienced, you absolutely must continue to live on.』

I can bear the physical pain.However, I have never experienced a heartache. No, perhaps I have already experienced such pain when my mother left.

I wonder, is that why my heart aches so much…?

ーNo, it’s not the case.

This is a different kind of pain.

At this moment, as I am drifting in and out of my consciousness, I begin to see a large number of red blood droplets.

This isーfresh blood.

A massive amount of blood surging out of my chest.

At this rate, I am going to die. Despite my mother’s last request for me to live on, my life is about to end. However, as it is. I am quite satisfied with this end.

If only my mother knows I harbor such thoughts, she will surely scold me.
… Mother, I am sorry. But, I really think this is fine.

Because even though I am about to die … This human sentiment and feelings I have. I really am grateful to be able to die together with her. Soー

『That kind of thing doesn’t matter, you need to live on. Hurry up and open your eyes. 』

Somehow, I could hear a reminiscence of when mother spoke to me in her usual gruff tone.

Oh, that’s right. Mother’s personality is like that.

『In the future, your destiny may be filled with despair, but also remember that happiness is waiting for you.』
As I listen to mother’s voice, my consciousness gradually awaken.

In other words, I am still…

In an instant, the dark space wraps in silver brightness like the moonlight.

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