Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 1 Part B (2)



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【Episode 1】Death and Immortality: Part B (2)

When I open my eyes, I see the underside of a large bosom sticking out of a clothing fabric.

「Oh, good morning, Jiro-kun.」

「… Huh?」

I can feel her gentle hand on my head, then I realize she is stroking my hair softly.

Across the voluptuous bosom, I can see senpai’s tender smile directed at me. Am I dreaming? Lost in thoughts, I shift my head slightly to adjust my position. There is no pool of blood on the floor and my body has stopped bleeding.

However, upon looking closely at senpai’s face, I can see traces of blood remain on her face and hands. Maybe because of the moonlight illuminating senpai through the window, I feel like I am floating in a tranceーit’s all seem so surreal.

「Oh, don’t worry about me. This is all your blood, Jiro-kun.」

…No, even after hearing that, how could I not be worried?

So, in other words, I must be stabbed but my wounds turn out not to be as serious as I thought? But how could senpai miraculously survive?
What’s going on? Is this in fact, the afterlife? Are we both in a ghost state right now, with our dead bodies still collapsed on top of each other?

Oh well, I actually don’t mind if this is the case. Especially I can continue to see senpai’s smiling face, isn’t this fact alone make everything just perfect?

Just as I am thinking that way, senpai speaks to me

「It would’ve been an instant death if today is not a safe day.」

I simply cannot comprehend what senpai has just said.

「… Wh-wha?」

I surprised myself as the weird sound came out of my lips. My mind is at a loss, trying to understand senpai’s words and the meaning of 『safe day』. I can’t connect them together.

「Oh, uhm … This is indeed hard to explain …」

Senpai looks troubled, her gaze wonders around the room, looking up, then to the side and towards the back.

She is trying hard to find the right words to say

「Tonight is a very special night, that is why I am still alive at this very moment … And this is very difficult to explain, I am really sorry but I have made you an immortal.」

Yup. I am still at a loss, I totally don’t understand what she just said after all.
However, I need to try my best and analyze the situation before me.

That’s right. In the first place, Shiinamachi-senpai is not an articulate person. She is the kind of person who will happily drink her tea and smile silently while listening to others chat.

Therefore, in this case, I must try harder and put her words in order to properly decipher her message.

So, let’s try againー

Firstly, senpai said it will be an instant death if today is not a 『safe day』.Then, because tonight is special, senpai did not die.
Lastly, I have now become an immortal.

Very good, but I still don’t get it.

「So, am I like a vampire now?」

I muster the best explanation I could come up with.

Senpai thinks of my response for a while before answering

「There is no need to drink blood. But yes, it can be considered similar to the type of monster you mentioned.」

No way! Is senpai actually a monster?!And now I have also become the same type of monster too? I am simply astonished beyond beliefー.
No … No, no. How can I accept such declaration so easily? I don’t think …

「Oh, do you understand what I mean?」

Senpai’s expression looks troubled, I can’t tell her honestly that this 『makes no sense whatsoever 』.
That will be too cruel.

「Anyway, let’s just pretend for now that I already understand what you mean.」
I don’t want senpai to be upset, I need to remain composed, show her that she can trust me and not behave in a strange manner.

I definitely don’t want senpai to feel troubled. The only way is to choose to believe what she said. This is the right thing to do.

「Yes … After all, I am really glad I choose you, Jiro-kun … If I had chosen someone else, surely that person would be in a panic by now.」

Um, no. I am actually panicking inside right now. But I really can’t say that out loud. Otherwise, senpai will surely be …

Men gain strength in time again and again by keeping quiet. And also, senpai just praised me that she has made『the right choice』.
Hearing that words really make me very happy.

「Also, Jiro-kun, the person who killed us earlier is still inside the school vicinity and probably nearby … What do you think we should do?」

Even if senpai is asking me such question, my head is currently resting on her lap, admiring her breast from below. I really couldn’t care less, all I want is to remain like this for a long time.

But I know this is not the time to be thinking such thoughts.

The opponent’s skill is top notch. I was killed effortlessly without being able to make a single sound. There is a high probability that we wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against the enemy even if we are to attempt a search right now. Besides, the last time I found senpai, she was already lying down in a pool of blood. If we are to find the enemy now, I may end up watching senpai getting murdered in front of my eyes.
If that actually happens … I may die from shock.
ーThat masterful and precise technique. Assuming we actually come fully prepared, there is still no guarantee thatーー

「No, I don’t think it will go down well if we try to find that person, senpai may get killed again. So please forget chasing after the murderer and allow me to continue lying on your lap.」

I decided to be honest with senpai and letting her know of my desire.

「Well, that’s true. The next time I were to die, Jiro-kun would also die with me.」


This is another new information.

What did her words mean? What on earth have I become? I feel like I’ve been swept away in the world of the unknown, so many things I am yet to learn or understand. Using my best comprehension ability, I come to this conclusion after giving it some thoughts.

In any given moment especially in a critical one, it’s important to first try to get a grasp on the situation. Even when it’s difficult to accept the circumstances, you must first listen to all the facts before making the final decision. If there is someone you can ask in person to learn more about the situation, then it is a top priority to ask and gain as much knowledge possible.

That piece of wisdom was taught by my mother.

「Senpai, if it’s alright with you, can you please explain to me in more details?」

「Before that, would you like to first go to the bathroom and wash off the blood stains?」

What did she just say?

In what I thought is a critical moment, senpai instead tried to change the subject and asked me to wash off my blood stains first?

「I’ve just finished washing up, sorry if there are still some blood stains left on the bathroom floor.」

So, this means that I will be using the same bathroom that senpai has just used?

「In that case, I will gladly take up your offer.」

「Okay, Then … Let me lower your head slowly to the floor.」

Senpai carefully holds my head with both hands, then gently places my head on the floor.

Apparently, a cushion was already prepared earlier. I can feel my head touches a fluffy soft material. Senpai’s thighs were very comfortable as a pillow, I miss it already … But seeing she cherishes me this much makes me feel very happy.

However, I couldn’t remain in this position forever.

If I stay this way and avert my gaze slightly to the side, I would be able to see something I shouldn’t, like what is inside senpai’s skirt.

I clear my mind.

Dirty thoughts, be gone, dirty thoughts, be gone, dirty thoughts be gone from my head!

To prevent from looking, I keep my gaze steady.

I reach out to adjust my glasses.

ーMy glasses are smeared with blood. Looks like I better hurry and wash them too.


I finally manage to stand up and look around me.

Senpai’s room is similar to a one bedroom studio apartment. Everything looks neat and tidy, and the remnants of blood have disappeared. I couldn’t spot blood anywhere, not even the blood I shed earlier.

Did senpai actually wipe and clean away all the blood stains by herself?

Speaking of which, I lost so much blood earlier, but now I am alive and well. The volume of blood loss was definitely critical ー ー I think this means I am really an immortal now?

Anyway, let’s put all these thoughts aside for now and follow through with senpai’s suggestion. I want to reassure her that everything is alright.

「Well then, senpai, I will clean up first now, afterward, you can explain to me the details of the situation better? For example, why did you ask me to come to see you tonight?」

「Yes, I will explain the reason to you once you finish.」

「Ok, Thank you.」

I replied to senpai and glanced at the door located at the back of the room.

That door seems to be leading to the bathroom.

… Okay.

「I’m off, see you later.」

「Te-he … You mean you are going to the bathroom, right? Yes, go ahead.」

Senpai smiles at me … Seeing her smile makes me feel relieved.
I still have no idea what is going on, but as long as senpai is still smiling, everything is okay.

With that in mind, I open the bathroom door.

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