Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 1 Part B (3)



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【Episode 1】Death and Immortality: Part B (3)

Shower …

The bathroom is spacious and I can still smell a waif scent of body wash and shampoo evaporating amongst the warm steam.

First of all, let’s start with cleaning the blood stains from my body.

The red blood slowly drips as I wash myself with hot water. Seeing the blood flowing down the drain, the reality hits that I was stabbed to death moments ago.

Assuming that the blood in the room was cleaned by senpai, she still wouldn’t be able to wipe away all the blood on me.

When I was on her lap, I noticed senpai had blood stains on her hands.
Remembering this makes me feel sorry.

Senpai let me lie on her lap, not afraid of getting herself dirty, my heart feels really thankful for her kindness.


This feeling that I feel now, being『thankful』and 『grateful』is definitely something I wish to remember and cherish.

Let’s strive to keep working hard from now on and never to forget these emotions.

Due to this incident, I am now able to learn about these 『emotions』, thus I must treasure this feeling even more.

I try to reach and touch my back.
I did not feel any pain from the part where I should have been stabbed by a knife, but that feeling of an object being embedded into my body and the memory of the pain is still fresh in my mind.

I know that wasn’t just a dream or simply my imagination.

「I really was stabbed, killed … Then brought back to life.」
Senpai did mention that she has made me an 『immortal』, is this true?

But, wait a minute, what does immortal even mean?
「Does it means I won’t be able to die?」
If you think only of the meaning of the word, it really seems quite amazing.

Shiinamachi-senpai has made me an immortal, thus I am saved.

Even if this is actually the truth, this is not a simple matter that can be easily accepted.

Suddenly being told that 「from this moment, you won’t be able to die」, is just something very difficult to believe without experiencing it for real.
「But … Well, let’s just believe that for now.」

Shiinamachi-senpai sometimes gives off a feeling like she is detached from the mundane world, and she has the tendency to occasionally say the strangest things.

However, she wouldn’t lie.

That’s why, if I have to actually test the theory whether I have become an immortal or not by dying, I definitely don’t want to try and test this theory.

Anyway, I better hurry and finish washing up.
If there are any changes, I may even discover it as I am cleaning my body.
While thinking that, I turn to the mirror.


I see something. At my chest ー ー on the skin just above the heart, I see a red pattern.

It looks like a tattoo … Actually, more like a birthmark.
It resembles some sort of a bird talisman …
It looks almost like a painted peacock, a magnificent bird.
Although, currently the image is not very clear.

「What could this be?」
I try scratching it with my finger, but nothing seems to be stuck to my fingertip.

The pattern seems to be surfacing from the skin.
I then try to pull and pinch it, but the shape retains itself.

Currently, I just have to accept that a pattern of some sort has 『appeared on my skin.』

「Ok, let’s ask Shiinamachi-senpai later.」

That’s my conclusion.

In the end, I still don’t understand anything.
With anything that changes in my body, I won’t be able to decipher them unless I receive an explanation from senpai.
I won’t be able to imagine or come up with the answer on my own.
I will just have to leave things as they are for now.

With that in mind, I start to wash my hair.
First I use warm water to wet the hair, then pour some of the shampoos on my palm …
Staring at the shampoo, it occurred to me that this was the same shampoo senpai had just used, then I apply it to my hair.

As I am lathering up my hair, I find patches that are stuck together.
Blood must’ve also splashed onto my hair.
If the blood splashes to my head, this means the blood also splashes to the murderer.
That person must be covered in blood.

As senpai said, if we actually go to search the school or any nearby vicinity right now, it will be easy to spot the culprit.

But as we already established the matter of the fact is that the murderer is someone who is capable to deal an accurate strike with just one blow.

So the conclusion still remains that it will be very dangerous to do a search.
Imagine if the murderer finds out that both me and senpai are actually still alive …

ー Oh, I know.

The murderer will rush back to finish the job.

Thinking that makes me worried about senpai, so I speed up to finish washing my hair.

I make my resolution.
This can’t keep going like this.
I need to ask senpai as soon as possible about the whole story and think of a solution.

I quickly rinse the remains of shampoo from my hair, close the tap then turn towards the door.

Then unexpectedly.

「Excuse me … Jiro-kun.」
I hear Shiinamachi-senpai’s voice through the frosted glass door.

「Oh, yes … I’ve just finished washing my hair and I am about to get out.」

Senpai is probably preparing a bath towel for me.

I just casually think that, butー

「Um … May I come in?」

ーWhat did she say? I don’t quite understand what senpai mean.
May I come in?

I went over the words several times in my head ーー

「Eeeehhh!? What!?」
I can’t help but cry out.

「Well … I want to explain the changes that are happening to Jiro-kun’s body.」

「Um, I see …」

I certainly will need senpai to explain things to me.
But, now!?
I thought she will explain it once I finish my shower.

「I would like to apologize to you … Also, I think it’s important to deepen our relationship … So, I am thinking if you will let me help you scrub your back …」

I cried out again a second time.
No, hold on.
Calm down.

Sakuradamon Jiro, calm yourself down right now!
Is this really happening right now?
Could I be dreaming?

Or, after all, maybe I am already dead and now in heaven. Which explains why everything is developing towards the direction I am hoping for.

Otherwise, that innocent and adorable senpai, who has absolutely no male experience, the pure-hearted and untainted Shiinamachi-senpai wouldn’t be making such an adult proposal?

「Um … Is it no good …?」

If both male and female are healthy and normal in a sexual way, then it’s decided and obvious they shouldn’t be doing that kind of thing in this situation.
How to explain this?
Well, to put it simply, we both haven’t even progressed to that kind of relationship yet.

But if senpai is actually suggesting such things, it must mean she really likes me, right?

But earlier senpai told me that『today is a safe day, so please come to my room.』
That made me really excited.

However, then I found out that senpai really had just casually used the term and did not mean it that way.
So this is precisely why I feel even more strongly that the innocent and adorable senpai … (further description omitted) , the senpai in my heart is most likely isn’t thinking such perverted thoughts right now.

… Okay, I decided to reject senpai’s proposal for now, let’s calm down, talk and listen to her explanation first. This is my stance. Yup, definitely the right thing to do.

「Please, come in.」
However, the words that came out my mouth was the complete opposite.

I wonder if this is a perfect example of 『the heart being more honest than the mind?』

Or perhaps, as a man how could I miss this opportunity of a lifetime and refuse her request?

After all, this is Shiinamachi-senpai we are talking about.
This is my chance to have a bath together with her.
I don’t think I would ever have another chance like this for a second time.

Rather than unlikely, it will be almost impossible for this opportunity to happen again. In a lifetime, some opportunities only come up once.
And this is one of them.

So, Sakuradamon Jiro, this is perfectly fine.
Let’s embrace this opportunity and appreciate senpai’s naked body.

Yes, let’s do this!

While trying hard to justify myself, I stare at the frosted glass door.

「Well then, pardon my intrusion.」

With that, Shiinamachi-senpai enters the bathroom, a bath towel is wrapped around her body.

Pearly white skin, her collarbone, arms.
Then there is her thighs, calves, ankles.
Not to mention her glorious bust bulging under the fabric.

Senpai’s half-naked body is displayed right before my eyes, it’s such a dazzling sight that I almost couldn’t stare directly.

I know I have just died once, but right now I feel like I will have no regrets if I were to die again tonight.

「Um, can you please stop staring at me so much … I feel embarrassed …」

So senpai is feeling embarrassed. That makes sense, that thought crossed my mind as I as I look at her face … Surprisingly, her face is blushing bright red to her ears.

In other words, senpai is coming to the bathroom as an innocent girl, not thinking of 『te-hee, my dear, let me scrub your back』, but instead 『this is so embarrassing, but I will do my best!』

I don’t understand what motivation could drive senpai to go this far.
But for me, the fact that 『blushing Shiinamachi-senpai is willing to scrub my back』makes me feel like I have just accomplished my life goal.

I have no life regrets now.
I desperately hold back my urge to raise my fist and cheer.

I find myself struggling to find words … to have a conversation with senpai
「Uh … senpai, you look so pretty」

Right at this moment, I feel like I can be honest and express my true feeling. Ever since I come to this school, I have decided to be honest with myself, to say what is truly on my mind.

「Uh … … Oh, thank you.」
Senpai averts her gaze and touches her lip with her hand.

… What an awesome gesture.

Due to the movement, her massive bust becomes even more accentuated.
That critical spot … the spot that every man desires to see is literally only separated by a thin layer of fabric.

Of course, as a man, I also want to see it. This can’t be helped, but Shiinamachi-senpai will surely feel really awkward if I keep on staring.

I am at loss at what to do, I just stand there, unable to sit down.
ーーIf you clear your mind of all mundane thoughts, the impulsiveness will subside. I must remain composed.

I am honestly at a brink of losing my cool, overwhelmed by my emotion, I am so close to pushing down Shiinamachi-senpai on the spot. Now that I think about it, the crazy thing is that I may be actually forgiven even if I do such a thing seeing the kind of conditions we are in.




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