Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 1 Part B (5)



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【Episode 1】Death and Immortality: Part B (5)

A simple fracture on my leg will take one to three months to recover, let alone getting stabbed through the heart. After suffering that type of wound, logically speaking, it should be impossible to revive me.

「The reason that you are alive now, Jiro-kun … Is because I gave one of my 『special power』 to you.」

「Senpai’s … special power?」

「That’s right, with the special power, now you have become『immortal … So even if your heart gets stabbed with a knife, or half of your body is damaged in an explosion, or if you are forced to drink poison, you can still recover and return to life in your original form. This is the special power that I have given you … Apart from that, there was no other way for me to revive you.」

This is truly an absurd story. To be able to resurrect someone from the dead, and then turn him into an immortal? Whether in the past or present, there shouldn’t be a life form capable of such power.

Even the gods in myths can’t easily return to their world after arriving at another world. However, once again … I personally experienced the process of dying and resurrection, so this is something I couldn’t refute.

「We can pass such special ability to humans, this is the power of the Nightkin. We can transfer our power to humans who can assist in our story.
Once we pass it along, the power no longer exist with us, and the human who receives this power becomes the Nightkin’s vassal.」

Shiinamachi-senpai looks apologetic as she explains this to me.
Vassal, most people would associate this word with subordinate or follower.

「Vassals are usually called『Knight』. As a result, Nightkin can continue building their story with their knights. A vassal can be Nightkin’s co-worker, friend, knight, relative, and sometimes even as a lover or husband. Through this process, the Nightkin will eventually complete their life’s story.」

Since it’s the Nightkin’s vassal, in terms of the word “night”, maybe that’s where the word 『Knight』comes from? Or, perhaps, it’s more like taking a role of the protector, therefore being called 『Knight』.

It’s interesting how the name Knight has two alternative meanings.

Firstly, the Nightkin are like the sovereign in stories, hence they are addressed as 『Lord』, and the Nightkin must travel along their predetermined path, which can be called『Road』. These two words sound similar. [1. TL Note: Both 『Road』and 『Lord』in Japanese are written as ロード in katakana.]

In addition, to senpai the『Knight』acts like a companion to the Nightkin, someone by her side who will spend the dark nights together. So that’s the meaning.

Hearing senpai said that 『Knight』can very well become the Nightkin’s lover or spouse … this fact makes my heart pound excitedly.
I feel like a naive girl who loves to daydream, but if there is hope I want to work hard and make this dream a reality.

「… What I told you must be hard to believe, right?」
Senpai nervously moves her hand away from my back.

ーIndeed, what senpai told me sounds unbelievable. Even now, I still have some doubts deep within my heart.

On the other hand, my current situation proves to me that indeed, everything senpai said is simply the truth. Remembering that senpai had a deep stabbing wound to her heart, and how she is still alive now. Also, the large amount of blood loss further supports her claim.

Next, the fact that I am also still alive now also proves that she is telling the truth. I didn’t witness by my own eyes to see the actual cause of the impact on my back. So, I can’t say for sure if it was a blade, but at the same time, I saw a blade tip pierced out of my chest. This is definitely true.

Blood started flowing from my chest and I certainly saw a blade tip.
In other words, putting aside whether I am dead or alive … It’s a fact that a long blade pierced my heart from the back.

Then shortly I lost consciousness, so even if the attack was not a fatal one, sooner or later I would’ve died from excessive blood loss.

ーI am very sure of this part.

So to sum it all up, both senpai and I were murdered.
This part is certain.
… Also, it’s true that now we are both alive.

ーIn conclusion, Shiinamachi-senpai must be telling the truth. Based on the current situation, it should be fine to treat this as reality.

Even if the theory of the Nightkin and the story of the special powers or the Knight are all lies, for me right now they don’t matter at all.

After all, it’s impossible to explain the whole thing using a common sense logic, so there is no point to doubt senpai. Therefore, I believe Shiinamachi-senpai.

That’s my conclusion.

「I believe it. I believe you, Shiinamachi-senpai.」

「Oh … Jiro-kun?」

「Of course, I am surprised and also find some parts really hard to understand. For example, how senpai is actually not a human, how you have certain special powers. Also somehow, senpai gave me one of your power, this part is just really hard to understand.」

「Yes … You have a point …」

「However, I do believe you … How should I put this … Senpai, you are trying your best to explain things to me, and even coming to the bathroom. You put your best effort, doing all this even though you are feeling embarrassed, explaining things to me. Knowing the risk that I may end up not believing you. That’s why, I do believe you, senpai.」

「… Jiro-kun …」
Senpai voice is shaking.

「So senpai, please be rest assured, I don’t want you to worry anymore.」

That’s right, no matter the situation, or what the truth actually is, the most important thing to me is that senpai feels reassured. All I care about is that Shiinamachi-senpai will be able to smile and be her usual self.

Truly, that is all.

「… Jiro-kun, you are truly a kind person.」
Saying that senpai hugs me from behind … Hugs me, pressing tightly against my back. I can feel the bulge of her bosom pressing and changing their shape.

「Uh … S-s-s-s-senpai!?」

「The reason why I invited you … Was because I thought that you are a kind person, Jiro-kun.」

Hearing her words, my heartbeat slowly calms down.
ーMy kindness is actually all an act.
Even in this kind of situation, calm thoughts still existed in a certain part of my mind.

I am quickly grasping the situation and choosing the right words to say to her. However, as long as it helps Shiinamachi-senpai to feel reassured, then this is fine.

「The reason I invited you here tonight, was to kindly ask you to accept this special power for my sake … And to ask you to assist in my story. Although, the sequence of the story got changed a little now.」

… I see.

It sounds like senpai was supposed to explain the situation to me when I arrived in her room. Then … Asked me to make a decision.

『I want you to become an immortal and help me in my story』, was something she wanted to ask me before such incident occurred. In reality, things didn’t happen that way and senpai had to bring me back to life without asking for my permission.

This must make senpai feels really guilty.

That’s why maybe senpai decided to enter the bathroom to explain things to me now and endures her feelings of embarrassment.

「Senpai, even if this incident didn’t happen, I would still accept your request.」

I want senpai to feel secure so I tell her my honest feeling. In the first place, I came here with the purpose of accepting anything Shiinamachi-senpai asked me to do.

Of course, it is regrettable that her request is completely different to what I originally imagined. However, in the end, I am proud that senpai decided to choose me.

「Thank you, Jiro-kun …」
Senpai murmurs and breaths a huge sigh of relief as if a great big load is lifted off her shoulders.

Hot breath reaches the back of my shoulder, I tremble spontaneously.
「… Somehow, I always have a feeling that you probably will accept …
I wondered if you would say yes … Sorry, I can’t believe I was having such selfish thoughts.」

… Looks like my feelings of admiration for senpai has been exposed.

Well, in that case, the conversation should wrap up soon.

「Oh, that’s right. After receiving my power, you should have some sort of pattern resembling an emblem appears somewhere on your body.」

「Oh, yes. A pattern appears on my chest.」
In reflex, I straighten my spine to puff out my chest.

Senpai lets out a panic sound.
At the same time, the bath towel originally covering senpai fell down on the floor!

Immediately, I close my eyes shut.

Actually, I want to peek.
I really, really want to look, desperately want to look.
But if I do that, senpai will feel very troubled.
That’s why I must ー endure this!

「Ohh … Te-hee … It’s okay, Jiro-kun.」

ーー It’s Okay?

「But, senpai … That …」

「… Just in case, I am wearing a swimsuit underneath.」

I open my eyes a little … Through the mirror, I can see senpai’s blushing face, her hands desperately clutching the bath towel. And under her white pale skin, I can see a red strapless swimsuit.

「Everyone at the committee wants to go to the pool, so I bought this swimsuit.」

「Yeah … Um, I see.」

Seeing senpai standing there, clutching the bath towel shyly, in her swimsuit … This sight is too stimulating for me after all. So, I am just frozen in place unsure what to do from this point forwardー

「Kaguya, have you two progresses the relationship that far to take bath together?」
I heard an unfamiliar voice, a flat and monotonous voice.
I almost jump up in surprise.

I frantically turn around and see a girl peeking into the bathroom. She has a long hair, she wears a white lab coat on top of her uniform.

「Oh, Eh… Um.」

『Got it ー Situation clarified. You both are about to proceed to the H scene. Please go ahead.』

「Eh? W-what H scene. What do you mean “please go ahead”!?」

「Please don’t mind me, I will keep on observing.」

「Sorry, I’m sorry, of course I mind! I will take my leave first, Jiro-kun.」
Shiinamachi-senpai nervously apologizes then quickly left the bathroom like a gust of wind.

While running away, I distinctively thought that Shiinamachi-senpai’s swimsuit-clad butt looks adorable.

But, who is that person?

「Kaguya successfully escaped. ー Oh, by the way, Monjiro-kun.」

「Uh, me?」
I am startled to hear a stranger girl calls me by my nickname.

「Are you OK, looking like that?」


The girl suddenly pointed at me.
She pointed at my exposed ー naked lower body.

I frantically try to hide and turn my back.

「No problem.」

「Wha, N-no problem?」

「No problem at all.」

No problem at all …

The girl, who has one eye covered by her bangs, looks uninterested.
But for some reason, why is she continued staring at me until I finish putting on my clothes?




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