Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 1 Part B (6)



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【Episode 1】Death and Immortality: Part B (6)

「Nice to meet you. In terms of names, you can call me Yatono Shiki. I’m in class 1B. Please address me with familiarity from now on as Shiki or Shiki-tan.」

She wants me to address her with familiarity? There is no hint of warmth or friendliness in her tone of voice or her attitude at all.

「Then, Shiki-san …」

「Please address me as Shiki or Shiki-chwan and remember to also use a friendly tone of voice.」

「… Shiki.」

「Very good, Now it’s your turn.」

Seeing I struggle to call Shiki’s name, Shiinamachi-senpai couldn’t help but giggle.

「Shiki, my name is Sakuradamon Jiro, like senpai I am in the same librarian committee and I am also in class 2A.」

「I know that already, Monjiro.」

Well, since she keeps calling me using my nickname, I didn’t think she knows my real name. But let’s not argue with her, and hopefully this makes her acts friendlier towards me.

「I think that both of you already know this, but my name is Shiinamachi Kaguya.」

「Yes, Kaguya. We all know that already. Let’s all become friends from now on.」

The three of us are sitting on seat cushions around the table in senpai’s room, introducing ourselves in turn.

Shiki is wearing a lace-like decoration on her hair. She is wearing a white lab coat that is too big for her, with her hand stuck inside the pockets. From appearance, she is a truly distinctive girl.

「So, Monjiro. Have you had enough lovey-dovey intimate time with Shiinamachi Kaguya already?」

Shiki speaks with a very indifferent attitude, her voice sounds flat and monotonous like an automated machine. In contrast, the content of her words is pretty vulgar.

「W-we weren’t acting lovey-dovey …」
Shiinamachi-senpai face is quickly turning red.

「Well then, I can conclude you two as inseparable?」

「We-re not!」
Shiinamachi-senpai swiftly denies and raises her voice.

This is unusual that senpai raises her voice. I think she notices that, so she quickly covers her face with both hands.

「On the other hand, Minjiro right here was definitely showing a『totally seduced』look on his face.」

「Actually, that’s the truth.」

「Ah, stop that, Jiro-kun.」
Senpai looks at me with a fiery gaze, but it somehow feels pleasantly comfortable.

Teasing Shiinamachi-senpai feels really fun. I must be careful to not turn this into a habit.

「Kaguya is blushing red-faced, confirmed.」

「Shiki-san, y-you’re really so a-annoying …」

「What I mean is that your body condition is normal, and your cheek is flushing a deep red.」

Shiki turns her face towards me. I am not sure if she is staring at me as her fringe are covering her face, but it feels like she wants me to comment on her last pun just now. Very well. [1. TL Note: In kabuki, red-faced (赤面 / sekimen) is used to refer to the villain.]

「That was da bomb.」

I purposely used an outdated slang to praise her and gives her a thumbs up.

Shiki nods back and gives me thumbs up.

I see, perhaps it may be easier than I thought to be friends with her.

But, who the heck is this girl?

There is this indifferent air about her that makes it hard to get along,
but at the same time, she seems like quite the joker. From her appearance down to her action and words, she is still a mystery.

「By the way, brother.」

「Do you mean me?」

「Oh, is our intimacy has not progressed to the level of brother-sister relationship yet? Sorry, then I have misspoken.」

「Ah ー no, that’s not what I meant.」

But then, it’s true that our relationship is nowhere near that level.

「I don’t mind if you want to have a brother-sister relationship with me.」

「Yes, darling.」

「Wow, that’s too much of a jump, can you just call me by my name normally?」

「Very well, Monjiro.」

It seems like she still doesn’t give up and wants to call me by my nickname. Perhaps she really treats my nickname as my real name, but I don’t really care if she wants to call me like that.

「Yes, Shiki, what’s up?」

「How much information did you find out from Kaguya about the current situation?」

Shiki tilted her head, this movement reveals her right eye slightly. You can see her clear blue eye. Although her name sounds Japanese, perhaps she may be a mixed blood.

「Hm… How much, let’s see …」

「Like, you know her three important body measurement?」

「How could I ask her such thing!?」

「Well, from my observation, she probably will answer you if you asked.」

I look at Shiinamachi-senpai in anticipation.

「I-I’m not going to tell you!」

Shiinamachi-senpai looks flustered, but her presence truly is adorable. However, judging from her words … looks like Shiki fully understand about the whole circumstances.

With her fringe covering one eye, it’s difficult to read her expression … Perhaps this is also deliberate on her part.

「… Monjiro, do you have any questions? Have you acknowledge me as your target for lust?」

「Wha? Sorry, it’s not something I think of when I meet someone for the very first time.」

「Is that so? Then I need to learn more from Kaguya to increase my potential as a woman.」

What the heck is she talking about “potential as a woman”?
This term she uses sound very old fashioned. It will be more correct to say that she wants to “hone in on her feminine charms” by learning from senpai.

「So, Shiki, what is your relationship with senpai?」

「It’s a physical relationship.」

I couldn’t help but spurt out some air. That was dangerous; if that happened while I was drinking it would’ve been a mess.

Senpai looks frantic and she almost burst into tears.

「It’s midnight, so I thought it’s the perfect timing for late-night jokes.」

「That’s bad for the heart.」

I couldn’t help it, but now the image of senpai and Shiki doing such things comes into my head.

「Currently, we can safely conclude that there is no problem even if Monjiro’s heart stopped beating. Nevertheless, this fact isn’t actually verified, so I hope you will cooperate with me in this experiment to stop his heart.」

「… I’m sorry. But I don’t permit such experiment.」

「Is that so?」
Shiki seems quite disappointed to hear that.

… Hmm?
Looks like Shiki already knew about me being resurrected thanks to senpai.
And I guess she also knows that I have become immortal?

「Well, Monjiro. Let’s make a deal. If you agree with my experiment, I will provide my body to you as compensation. What do you think?」

「… What …?」

「Shiki-san, stop! I don’t allow such things!」

Shiinamachi-senpai called out in a hurry to stop her, but I am stunned on the spot, unable to grasp the meaning of Shiki’s words.

Seeing senpai panicked, I can only deduct that means … That means Shiki was talking about “that” meaning, right?

「Is this another one of your late night jokes?」

「I don’t deny it. I find this subject relatively interesting.」

「… Oh, really …」

「That’s right.」

「No means no!」

Senpai glared at me, I feel a chill coming up on my spine.

Well, sigh … I just met this girl, how could I possibly accept her body?
Besides, she wants to experiment on my heart as an exchange for her body.
I couldn’t possibly agree to such terms.

「Ahem, so Shiki, why did you come to senpai’s room this late at night?」

「Are you curious about that?」

Indeed, I am rather curious as to why she is here so late at night.

「Well, I was hoping to catch your lovey-dovey moment together, so I purposely wait a while before coming here. But to think that you two would be taking a bath together on the first night, that’s unexpectedly a tremendous progress.」

「Ah, That … That’s, I-it’s not like that at all!」

「Is there any inaccuracy or discrepancy in my assessment?」

「That … … Uh … …」

Seeing Shiinamachi-senpai lost for words makes me want to take her home and comfort her for a good loving.

「Actually, I didn’t do anything to senpai.」

「Noted, Monjiro is a『useless good-for-nothing loser』man.」


Her sharp words directly stabbed my heart, I crouched down holding my chest.

「Oh, Jiro-kun.」

「Ah, I am okay senpai …」

Certainly, nothing actually happened in the bathroom earlier.
So probably I can be considered as a『useless good-for-nothing loser』man after all.
But I didn’t expect I will feel this much hurt from having a girl to point this out to my face.

「Shiki-san is the same as you, Jiro-kun ー ー She is also a Knight who will help and assist in my story. In other words, just like in your situation, I have also passed down one of my special power to her.」

「Correct. I have received a power known as 『Satori』. From here on it is my duty to assist Kaguya for the rest of my life.」

If I remember correctly, this is the name of a mind-reading monster who lives somewhere deep in the mountains.

Since senpai is able to pass down to me the powerful gift of resurrection,
then this Satori gift will be something really powerful too, right?

Well, she seems like she can “read into other people’s minds” directly.
Let me test her by trying to think of something in my head. Ah, that’s right ー I bought some puddings from the convenience store earlier.

Should I give the puddings to them or should I just take them home?
While thinking about this, I stare at Shiki.
Now, let’s see … Can she read my mind or not …?

「I see.」
She looks into my eyes and nodded quietly.

So she really has the power to read minds!?

「I can feel your burning gaze. Looks like you have agreed to my earlier request and wish for me to pay upfront the reward in advance, aren’t you?」

「The hell I am!?」

「Eh, Jiro-kun, is that what you were thinking just now …?」

「Senpai, no! I just thought because her power is called Satori, so I was thinking she could read minds!」

「Oh … I see, so that’s what’s going on. Phew …」
Senpai places her hand on her chest in relief.

「I see. I understand now. My Satori power is not mind reading. So, please relax.」


「Therefore, please feel free to use Kaguya or me for fantasizing.」

「What did you say!?」

「Of course, I am referring to the kind of fantasy you will think about late at night.」

I can’t believe she just said that outrageous thing nonchalantly …


Shiinamachi-senpai doesn’t seem to understand what Shiki just said.
In that case, there should be no problem, right?

However, I need to watch out for this Shiki girl. She will keep spouting things nonchalantly bordering sexual harassment. I must be careful not to fall into her traps.

「So like me, Shiki is a Nightkin’s vassal, right?」

「Yes, as far as I can remember, it’s my understanding that I have only passed my power to Shiki-san before tonight, no one else.」

「As far as you can remember?」

I stared in puzzlement at both senpai and Shiki.

「Kaguya lost her memory.」


I stare intently at senpai.

「Actually … I don’t have any memory for things that happened before three years ago. I know that I am one of the Nightkins. Also, I have general knowledge about life and my ability, but other than that … I don’t have many recollections on what I’ve done in the past …」

「Really …?」

Senpai’s usual attitude towards life is too natural, so I’ve always thought … It’s a behavior of someone who has lived a long life.

「Oh, but don’t worry. I still know how to live, how to spend my days at school and how my story goes … I think I only lost a certain portion of my memory.」

「We can only speculate that this is the result of some type of memory-sealing special ability. Kaguya also can’t seem to remember who else she has passed her power to other than myself.

Nightkin typically possesses five special power, however before she passed『Satori』to me, she only had three power left. One of that power is none other than the one she later passed down to you, the『immortality』power.」

「So, are you saying that right now senpai only has one special power left?」

「That’s right. If I pass my final power to someone, then I will become no different than a normal human being.」

Senpai smiles faintly.




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