Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 1 Part B (7)



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【Episode 1】Death and Immortality: Part B (7)

How should I say this?
I feel like senpai has gone through hardship in her life.
Even so, she is still able to smile so gently. She is really a strong person.

Yes, I have decided. I swear to work hard and fulfill my duty properly as senpai’s vassal.

「Senpai, I will do my best.」

「Oh, Jiro-kun …」

Senpai’s face is blushing and I can see her eyes are a little teary. I feel really happy that senpai feels touched.

Since senpai has chosen me to be her Knight, I must assist her to complete her story properly. I sincerely hope that.

「I see. Now both of you are about to enter the sex scene.」

「… That’s not happening, okay!?」

However, Shiki, a vassal like me, remains unfazed. Her speech is still full of the same sexual manner. It’s really unusual for a young maiden like her to be so interested in this kind of thing.

「So … Shiki, on a more serious note, why did you actually come here tonight?」

「I usually borrow Kaguya’s bathroom at a fixed time at night.」

「Hm…? So you live near the school?」

「I live inside the school. The computer lab management room is my private room. It’s exclusive for my personal use.」

Students are only allowed inside the computer lab during IT class.
I don’t even know such management room existed.

… I try to recall, there is a door behind the teacher’s desk, somewhere at the front area of the lab.

However, she is saying that she lives in such a place … After all, Shiinamachi-senpai also lives in this kind of place, so I guess it kinda makes sense … I wonder if there is any special reason?

「Um, Shiinamachi-senpai. May I ask you something …」

While trying to think of how I should pose the question, I look at senpai.
Only now I realize that senpai is looking at Shiki and me back and forth, showing an “oh, right! I just remembered” kind of expression.

「Jiro-kun, it was Shiki-san who suggested for me to choose you.」


「I assume you will be in shock, but Kaguya is telling the truth. I have been interested in you since you joined this school, Monjiro. As a result, I am also familiar with『all sort of things』about you.」

Shiki particularly emphasizes those words. In reflect, I raise my vanity glasses.

『All sort of things』. I have a bad feeling with these words.

「For example, your nickname is Monjiro, and so on.」

「Eh, oh, right. I see. I feel it was a little weird when you addressed me by that name on our first meeting.」

「This “moniker” is reportedly quite popular amongst the students.」[2. TL Note: “popular”(好評) and “moniker”(呼称) sound similar in Japanese.]

Her neck is slightly tilted, her blue eyes are staring at me.

I find it difficult to argue with her. Her example just now is perhaps another one of her conclusion, obtained by combining the words “popular with the students” and “moniker”. I think no point to refute her, I decide to respond to her calmly.

「It’s okay if you want to call me by that name.」

After all, both Fujisato and Kuhoh are already calling me by that name. One more person won’t make much difference.

Thinking that I begin to relax and let my guard down.

「In addition, I have also acquired full information on your past and family bloodline.」

She speaks casually, but upon hearing that my view immediately goes dark.

ーSoon after, I place my hand on my vanity glasses, trying to flick the switch in my consciousness back on.

My vanity glasses act as a tool to control my consciousness. Whenever I feel upset, I will instinctively push my glasses. Then when I do that, I can feel my consciousness becomes sharper, everything will get back in focus. If I want to accelerate that even further, I will remove my glasses.

Just now, Shiki, this person said that she knows about my past and my bloodline.

Then, she already knew what kind of environment I grew up in, what kind of training I’ve undergone, and she knew that I’ve walked through a path of living without human emotions.

In that case ー.
I move my left hand instinctively.

「Faint killing intent confirmed. Please relax. Investigating such matter and collecting『the facts』is part of my job as a vessel for Kaguya’s sake.」

She clearly sensed my killing intent, yet she still keeps her hands inside the pocket. I am concerned about this new development.

… But since she is one of Shiinamachi-senpai’s vassal, she must be doing it as part of her duty. But even then … She mentioned that she had taken interest in me since the first day of school.

Shiki has been observing my every move since day one, and yet I know nothing about her at all.

In other words, she is such a person who is capable of lurking in the shadows to investigate all sorts of information.

「Starting from your skills, temperament, actions … As well as your current behavior, I have concluded that you are the safest person for Kaguya.」

Her tone of voice remains robotic and monotonous, it makes me hesitate to trust her.

「Um, Jiro-kun … How should I say this … To tell you the truth, I’ve always felt that you are very reliable, you know? Also … Shiki-san has been taking care of me for a long time. She has helped me with many things …」

Senpai is slightly incoherent, but I can see that she is trying to smooth things over between Shiki and me.

Senpai is probably trying to clarify, that if I have to choose between a friend or foe, Shiki is a friend.

Nonetheless, I can’t just believe Shiki that easily. Even if senpai considers Shiki as an ally, she has been going behind my back to investigate my private life in secret. So it’s natural to feel wary towards her.

If she knows about my family background, there is a possibility that my family may run into danger.

「I know that you are feeling cautious. So, currently, I am thinking of ways to lower your guard.」

Shiki looks down, she seems to be in deep thought. The movement causes her entire face to be covered with her fringe.

「I got it, Monjiro-kun, please do me.」

「What wha-what!?」

I couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

「Please violate my body, inject infinite pleasure, discipline me and make me your slave, that way you will be able to trust me.」

「I-I won’t do such a thing!?」

「J-Jiro-kun …?」

「I will not, I absolutely won’t! In front of Shiinamachi-senpai, whom I admire, there is no way I will do such a thing! How could you do that kind of thing to a girl you just met the first time?!」

I guess I am a『useless good-for-nothing loser』after all.
No, at least allow me to call myself a『gentleman』or a『man who respects women』.

「So, by all means, you should be able to make your move on me the “second time” we meet.」

「Make my move!? My move of what!?」
I instinctively raise my voice in retort.

Shiki tilts her head and stared right back at me with her blue eyes.
「In other words, I have prepared and made my resolution to be violated by you at any time.」

「Sigh … To that extent. Very well, I understand. I believe you for now.」

「Then, as a proof of my trust in you …」
Shiki begins to remove her lab coat.

「W-wait, stop, please don’t remove your clothes.」

「Is that so …」

Why did she look so disappointed?
In any case, let’s leave it at that.

To begin with, given the current circumstances, taking any reckless action will be too dangerous.

Especially when facing Shiki, it seems like I am already a few steps behind her since the beginning.

Also, added the fact that I was just recently being resurrected from the dead. It will be best to not take a rash action.

In order to calm myself, I swiftly push my vanity glasses up.

First of all, let’s accept the current situation, then think about countermeasure.『If you start off in a disadvantaged position, pull back to reset it to zero, then slowly try to gain the upper hand.』

I recall the advice from my mother who left me.

「Monjiro is changing his thought pattern. Confirmed. Monjiro possesses quite an excellent innate disposition.」

「Ho … But, it’s because Jiro-kun is like this … That’s why I want to request for your help.」

Hearing senpai says that gives me a complicated feeling.
Actually, I’ve been working hard to hide this part of myself.
That’s why to erase my past, I try my best to live an ordinary school life ー trying to enjoy myself in my daily life.

However, since my secret is already exposed, there is nothing I can do about it now.

Shiinamachi-senpai is not a human, but a Nightkin.
Shiki is a lab coat-wearing vassal who lives inside school ground.
And I have a secret family background that I can’t tell anyone.
For such bizarre trio combination gathering together, I guess it’s not surprising if anything strange to happen.

「Well then, um … Since you have calmed down … Let’s get down to business, shall we?」

Shiinamachi-senpai claps once, in response I nod my head.

It’s finally time to talk about the main subject.
Why did Shiinamachi-senpai get murdered?
And why did I also get killed?
Who is the culprit behind all this … And what is the motive?

「First of all … Since Jiro-kun has now become my partner, well, uh … could you tell me about your love life in the past?」


「Also, I wish to confirm something, what went through your mind when you heard Kaguya told you that today is her『safe day』? Just to be sure, may I confirm the contents of your bag?」

「No, that will really bother me!!」

「Based on the information I gathered, according to the thought process of Monjiro, a high school boy, with a delusional imagination, inside the bag should be …」

「S-stop …!」

I never expected “that thing” will now backfire and put me in such predicament. No, no way!

「Ah! Why don’t we talk about why Shiinamachi-senpai and I were murdered instead, or talk about the criminal!」

「Hmm, true that story is quite an important one. However, let’s postpone that for a moment, okay? Now, Jiro-kun …」

「I also agree to discuss those issues later.」

What, we are discussing the real stuff later?!

「No no, both of you, umm …」

「Eh, um … Jiro-kun, that … Are you unwilling to talk about this …?」

Shiinamachi-senpai’s face has curiosity written all over it.

What on earth is going on? I wonder … Could Nightkin have a different value from a human being?

But, let’s think about this positively.
Senpai has chosen me to be her vassal, which means that she wants to understand me better to a certain degree.

「Well, my love story is not interesting at all …」

「No way. Jiro-kun is a very interesting person.」

Should I feel happy that senpai has that kind of impression about me?
Well, she is surely saying that to me out of kindness, so I really ought to be happy.

「Yes. Since I recommended you to become Kaguya’s vassal, that means you possess the ordinary characteristics of regular high school boys.」

Once again, I feel that Shiki words have no kindness or emotion behind it. Am I imagining things?

… When are we going to ever talk about the main topic?

The night is getting late. Now I am stuck, having to tell a story about my shameful past.

I have no experience going out with a girl and never been popular with the opposite sex for that matter.





  1. 「Please violate my body, inject infinite pleasure, discipline me and make me your slave, that way you will be able to trust me.」

    Shiki tilts her head and stared right back at me with her blue eyes.
    「In other words, I have prepared and made my resolution to be violated by you at any time.」

    >>ME: Damn girl, calm your tits, too straightforward, if this was Aegir, he wont ask why, and just grab her and fuck her brains out.

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