Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 2 Part A (2)



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【Episode 2】Murder and Gift: Part A (2)

Now before we continue further, let’s rewind the time back to last night for a bit.

I have revealed to Shiinamachi-senpai and Shiki that I had no previous romantic or sexual experiences with women, and that today was my first time sharing a bath and receiving a lap pillow from someone. Even after I finished that embarrassing confession, Shiki was still insistent on rummaging through the contents of my bag, so I had no choice but to allow her to conduct an inspection.

「Tch, I hoped you’d have something other than just food in there. What a disappointment.」

Shiki looked very disappointed. I, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief as I managed to maintain the deception successfully. Fujisato, thank you so much for offering that pudding to me, you’re truly a lifesaver!

「All right, now that we got that story out of the way, we can finally proceed to analyzing what actually happened here.」

In times like these, Shiki’s voice was really more akin to a weapon that could inflict serious damage with just the slightest wound. In this case, the tragedy that was my lack of romantic life was nothing more than a prologue for the main attraction, something to get the audience prepared or a side dish if you may.

「In other words, there was no need to discuss my romantic impairment with the opposite sex whatsoever…」

「No need to worry about that, Jiro-kun, we’re in the same boat when it comes to that. My interactions with males were also severely limited up to this point. When it come to experiences such as giving a lap pillow, washing someone’s back or having our bodies on top of one another…. I-I mean dying for one another…. mouuuuu… W-What I’m trying to say is that you’re the first boy I’ve done any of those things with!」

「I’m happy to hear that, despite the roundabout way you took to say it.」

Shiinamachi-senpai was essentially this school’s very own idol. Beautiful looks, cute mannerisms and her overall charm made her the object of affections of pretty much every boy who ever laid his eyes on her. She was a Nightkin, so she was surely way older than any of us, but even despite that, she was still acting in such a diabetes-inducing manner. And, as badly as I wanted to deny it, even if she was saying that she had no experience with males, she must’ve had at least some of them due to her longevity, so my selfish desire to monopolize her could be very well thrown out the window.

「Kaguya, Monjiro seems to be greatly bothered by your past experiences with males.」

「Shiki, can you please not expose me so quickly?」

Shiki really was a scary girl, reading me like an open book despite having her eyes concealed from view.

「Umm, I… well… a-about that…」

Shiinamachi-senpai had a small panic attack. Ahh, that troubled face of hers coupled with that crimson blush was just the best! Judging from that, she must’ve really had little to no interaction with the members of the opposite sex. But there was still the issue of her apparent amnesia. She says she had no interactions with men in her past life, but what if the reality hidden by the memory loss was altogether different? She even might’ve had someone she considered her significant other. When I thought about such a possibility, I felt my heart being crushed by a dull, stinging sensation.
「Um, Jiro-kun, look… I don’t know if you’ll believe me or not, but I’ve truly… never experienced being with a man before in my life, really.」

Senpai said that last part firmly and with confidence, making my heart feel reinvigorated. But nevertheless, the seeds of jealousy had already taken root within my heart, and I bet removing them won’t be an easy task.

「Senpai, how can you be so sure of that if you’ve lost your memory?」

「I think… it’s because that… if I had experienced things like that before, then I think I wouldn’t have been so nervous as I was at that time. E-even now when I think about it, I get so, so embarrassed that I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest…」

「W-well, I guess that explanation is feasible enough. And you did all of that for my sake, so…」

With her face still flushed, senpai looked up at me and nodded happily.

「After a thorough analysis of all evidence presented, I hereby conclude that Shiinamachi Kaguya is a pure maiden untainted by any contacts with the vile species known as men.」

「Was that last bit really necessary?」

「No, but it was a nice dramatic touch. Also…」

Shiki walked up to senpai and placed her hands on her shoulders.

「You see Monjiro, this adorable creature known as Kaguya here is rather androphobic. If she’s able to have normal interactions with you, than that means that you’re a rare exception to the rule. We living beings are very curious in one regard: even without our memories, we still continue to act out our old habits subconsciously. That leads me to believe that Kaguya had no previous contact with any guy before in her life.」

「Thanks for the overly-scientific explanation, Shiki.」


Shiki gave me an emotionless nod. I think I can see now why senpai thought she was so dependable. She was really observant, and her analytical mind and the ability to reach conclusions swiftly were all great qualities for a Vassal to have.

「Even though it makes me happy to know that, isn’t that a little bit strange? I mean, senpai should have at least some contact with the other Nightkin, and some of them were surely males, right?」

Look at the pathetic old me, still clinging onto that subject. Sakuradamon Jiro, how shameless and possessive can you get before you’ll have enough? But I just couldn’t help it. The thought that I was just a replacement for some other guy was… like the dread of playing an RPG game using someone else’s save file, from the lack of a better comparison.

「Sheesh, that’s what’s bothering you. Then fear not, my jealous friend, for all Nightkin are females. No exceptions. Unless you’re worried about the yuri route, but that’s another subject entirely.」

Just how amazing were the Nightkin, really?! I mean females only?! But wait, if there are no males among them, then how do they leave descendants? Another question that I was dying to get an answer to, but asking about that directly might be considered sexual harassment, even by Nightkin standards, and I’m not pulling the pin on that grenade.

「FYI, the majority of Nightkin procreate by having sexy times with their Knights, and nine months later BAM!, They get a visit from a magical stork.」


Shiki just casually dropped a piece of information that was vital for my plans for the future.

「She’s not pulling my leg here, is she?」

But senpai just looked away, even more embarrassed, with her face blushing up to the tips of her ears! Too cute! She was so cute it was criminal!

Steady, me. Control yourself, me. Remember your training and suppress that swelling surge of emotions in your heart before any of them show on your face! I-I see. Right. Yes. Soooo, the 「safe day」 senpai mentioned really meant that kind of「safe day」? No, in that case, it should rather be called a「risky day」right…?

「Umm, can we please stop discussing this topic now… Let’s hurry and cut to the chase!」

Senpai insisted we moved on while she frantically waved her hands in front of her face to cover her embarrassment, with a rather poor results. This cute motion of hers immediately lifted mine and Shiki’s spirits, and we smiled at each other while nodding in agreement.

Of course, that meant that I had lost the chance to ask about the true connotation behind the words「safe day」 but whatever, you win some you lose some. Bottom line is, senpai apparently had no men she considered special in her life before, and I was lucky enough to become one of her vassals. For now, that knowledge was enough to keep me satisfied.

「Okay, roger that. Let’s get to the juicy part of the meeting then.」

Shiki said as she procured a pen and a notebook from one of the many pockets of her lab coat, spinning the pen around in her hand.

「Juicy part of the meeting… although it’s a bit of a shame, I understand.」

「You two… you’re both such bullies to me…」

Suddenly I had an urge to tease senpai even further. But, tempting as that idea was, she was my senpai, both at school and in life, so the proper thing to do as her junior is to respect her wishes. I’ll surely get another chance to tease her soon enough.

「Kaguya, can you remember what the culprit looked like? Anything at all?」

And without warning, Shiki began the barrage of her questions.

「Um, no. I’m afraid nothing comes to my mind.」

Senpai said, looking quite dejected.

「I was waiting for Jiro-kun to arrive, and then I heard someone knocking on my door, so I hurried to open them, assuming it was him, and then I was stabbed in the chest.」

Senpai pointed at the door. That was quite the distance from where I’ve found her.

「So you were pushed away from the door?」

「I think so, yes.」

Judging from the place where the puddle of blood was formed, it was apparent that life fled from senpai’s body as she was lying in the center of the room, with her heart pierced all the way through by an unknown bladed object. Most probably she stumbled all the way there, and fell when all strength finally left her.

「So we can also assume that you didn’t saw the perpetrator’s face or any distinguishing features?」

「Hmm… No, I really can’t remember anything at all. Everything happened so fast that I barely had time to react, let alone take a closer look at the culprit.」

「And what about the height? For example, was it someone as tall as me? Or someone more like Shiki?」

「He or she wasn’t as tall as you, Jiro-kun. As for Shiki-san… I think it was someone the same height as her, maybe slightly taller…」

That left us with the possibility of the perpetrator being a short boy or a young girl. However, I was really skeptical if a girl could muster enough strength to pierce someone through the heart, and with such accuracy at that. Essentially, heart was a giant mass of muscle tissue responsible of pumping blood throughout the entire body, and piercing it required a certain amount of force to be done right, even for a fully grown man.

「I see, I see.」

Shiki was taking notes with such speed that I couldn’t help it but think that she was unusually accustomed to this kind of work.

「Monjiro, confirmation. In order to pierce the heart in one strike, how much strength should be used?」

Then Shiki tossed that question at me with utmost precision. She must’ve asked me that because she knows that I’m a descendant of a long line of professional killers, so the conjecture that I’d know the answer to that question was spot on. However, ordinary 「Sakuradamon Jiro」 was of no use here. What she needed was a killing machine born and trained to take the lives of others by using everything he was taught, a Vassal capable of protecting her. So in order to do just that, to protect Shiinamachi-senpai, who was now my 「master」, I took a deep breath and took my glasses off.

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