Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 2 Part A (3)



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【Episode 2】Murder and Gift: Part A (3)

The act of taking off my glasses served as the trigger for a switch between my 「Ordinary High School Boy Mode」 and 「Professional Killer mode」. The first one was too emotional to handle this situation appropriately, but on the other hand, spending too much time in 「Professional Killer Mode」 could potentially result in me losing all those unstable emotions my sister worked so hard to cultivate in me, so I had to hurry and wrap it up as soon as possible.

Slowly getting accustomed to a change in my personality, I began to speak:

「Since the human heart is one of the strongest muscles in human body, a female’s arm strength should not be enough to pierce it in one go, as a certain amount of force would also need to be applied to pull off something like that. Now, if we assume that senpai was positioned in the center of the room and the culprit charged at her at full speed from the entrance, then technically something like that could be possible, supposing that the murderer also knew how to use his or her body’s weight to enhance the force of the stabbing motion.」

「In your opinion, does the culprit possess abilities similar to those that you and your family possess?」

*Sigh* I swear to God, if she’s just using those questions as an excuse to measure the extent of my abilities… which might have just been true, since I faintly sensed one of her eyes emanating some kind of mysterious power when she looked at me just now.

Ahh, I see now. In her eyes, I am also a suspect who could have killed Shiiinamachi-senpai, and that was her way of telling me she thinks of me as a potential suspect.

「The wound on senpai’s chest was a deep one. From that we can deduce that the tool used in the murder was probably a blade or a bladed object, a knife, for example. Even without the skills of a professional, the wound senpai was inflicted with could still be made if the tool was of a certain weight. Unless of course the killer is someone similar to me, then he or she could’ve done it without so much as breaking a sweat.」

「What you want to say is that the murder could have been done by anyone, as long as he or she had a bladed tool of sufficient power in their possession?」

「That is indeed what I’m trying to say. For us killers, learning to use blades, be it knives or swords, is one of the most basic skills. And I think this goes without saying, but to wield them, a certain amount of arm strength is required.」

「Based on that information alone, the culprit could be a short girl possessing strong arms, am I wrong?」

Senpai looked at the floor with her arms crossed in front of her chest. This must’ve been where she was stabbed to death. Just how much pain was she in when it happened? Because from my own experience, it hurt like hell.

She was obviously not human, but from my interactions with her throughout the course of the last three months I could tell that she was no different from us humans. The thought that someone as pure and innocent was stabbed to death made me feel a very complicated version of anger.
This really looked like something that only a professional killer could pull off.

I felt a chill running down my spine as soon as that thought popped into my mind.

Shiki’s questions revealed her suspicions of me, and also the fact that she believed the murderer was indeed someone with similar calibre as me.

Not knowing what she was thinking, all I could do was to stare at her face, but she was still like an image hidden below the water’s surface: uncatchable and difficult to read.

「Another question, Monjiro. Was the clock tower door really locked when you got here?」

She pointed at me with her pen, and at the same thought I could feel her eyes emitting that strange power again.

「Yes, they were. I unlocked them when I got here, and locked them up again when I got inside.」

I clearly remember doing that to prevent any potential intruders from getting in and interrupting my (supposedly) good time with senpai.
Hmm? In other words…?

「In other words, it’s possible that the culprit locked the door again after killing Kaguya, then hid in the committee’s room downstairs.」

If Shiki’s hunch was correct, then it meant that I had to go past the killer on my way up to senpai’s room when I got here. That would also explain why I was stabbed to death from behind as well.

「Let me think now… putting the identity of the killer aside, the only ones capable of entering this place are the ones possessing the key, is that correct?」

「Kaguya, your assumption is correct, and that means that the killer had a very limited range of action. But the real question lies here: if the killer was indeed someone with a key, then why did he or she kill Monjiro as well?」


I tried to put together what exactly had happened.

First, the killer entered the clock tower by using the Librarian Committee’s key. Then he or she locked the door behind himself/herself and killed senpai using a bladed object, most likely a knife or a sword. Next, I came into the clock tower and went up to senpai’s room. That was when I was killed by the killer by being stabbed from behind. Heh, so that’s how a recreation of a crime can be conducted.

Honestly, I was quite impressive by Shiki’s way of thinking. She truly was just like a detective. Since I was trained to be a killer, I never had any chance to better myself at using my brain in such ways. Only after becoming a member of the Librarian Committee did I had the chance to start reading up some detective fiction. And let me tell you, I was probably the best kind of reader an author could ask for, since I always failed to guess the right killer.

「Here, a copy of my notes. One for each of you.」

Shiki handed a sheet of paper torn out of her notebook to each of us.

All the lines on them were drawn to an almost pedantic degree, as if the were made using a ruler or other similar tool. The paper itself had a plan of the entire tower written down on it, notes and comments included. Senpai’s room, the crime scene, was drawn like a big square with two shapes resembling people lying in the center of it. Those were probably the visual representations of Shiinamachi-senpai and myself. And look, she even colored the area around us red! What an amazing attention to detail!

「Since we’re all here, might as well reenact the entire thing.」

「Good thinking.」

After agreeing with Shiki’s suggestion, Shiinamachi-senpai and I stood from our cushions to recreate our murder in hope of understanding what exactly had happened here.

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