Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 2 Part A (5)



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【Episode 2】Murder and Gift: Part A (5)

「The culprit actually used this long and thick thing to penetrate Kaguya’s body. Then, using the force of the resulting impact, she was pushed all the way to the center of the room, where she ultimately died of blood loss.」

Holding the pen like a blade in both her hands, Shiki rushed at senpai to illustrate what she was talking about, but just before she could actually stab it into her body, her motion was stopped by senpai’s breasts, between which she was now sandwiched.

Had we not been in the middle of a recreation of a murder, I would’ve surely cracked a smile on my face, as this whole scene looked very much like one of those yuri drawings that were floating around the internet. A surprising sight, but not an unwelcome one in the slightest.

Add to it that innuendo about a long and thick thing… I’ll just pretend that I didn’t understand what it referenced, it’ll be better that way, both for the girls and for myself.

「Yes, that’s it! The murderer rushed at me exactly like that! I remember that part quite vividly, as it gave me a serious scare!」

Still holding Shiki between her chest, senpai walked back a couple of steps.

「And then I collapsed here, in the middle of the room.」

「And it matches the place where I’d found senpai’s body when I arrived.」

When I came into this room, senpai was already lying on the floor in the pool of her own blood. Then I was killed and subsequently revived by her after she received some of my blood and bestowed her Gift of immortality upon me, and she must’ve cleaned the place up before I awakened.

Speaking of immortality… I’ve yet to grasp what kind of power it is exactly and how does it work, but at the very least I think I won’t have to worry about any kind of blood loss from now on.

「Kaguya, what about the time of your death? Can you remember what hour was it?」

「Around 11:00 pm… I think.」

「When I arrived here it was around 11:55 pm, so that sounds about right.」

「Then quite a while has passed between the murder of Kaguya and her resurrection.」

「Actually, my resurrection was only possible because some of Jiro-kun’s blood happened to splash on me, so…」

If what Shiinamachi senpai said just now was true, then this immortality power was even less convenient then I’ve initially thought. Conditions for activation were always quite a limiter for any kind of power, after all.

「Then I guess that even if the culprit took his/hers sweet time doing the deed, there was no way for Monjiro to witness it at all. In that case, can you switch back with me, Monjiro?」

「So, where were we? Ah yes, the Big Bad Monjiro extending his lusty claws towards the lovely and vulnerable Kaguya as she was completely defenseless…」

「Nonono, I didn’t do it! Objection! I’m innocent!」

「That’s what every sexual predator is saying, ufufufu~~.」

I vehemently objected to Shiki’s vicious mockery and senpai… she just watched us with a bright smile on her face. She obviously had no idea what this dirty joker was talking about. I felt a little sorry for her. Then again, as long as I could gaze upon this angelic face of hers, I’d say enduring this 100% calculated, malicious teasing was well worth it!

「Well, if you insist, then I guess I can play around with the wording for a bit. How about….. [The Demon Lord used his meaty spear to pop Kaguya’s cherry…]」

「I’m sorry Shiki-sama I’m begging you! Please stop using such vulgar and improper words in front of someone as pure and untainted by this world’s filth to describe the events that took place here… please, please please pretty please!」

「Very well, I’ll do as you ask, Monjiro. Since you asked so nicely. I am a benevolent Goddess after all.」


Judging from her curious, innocent reactions, senpai had no idea what we were talking about, which only highlighted that she was this world’s most precious existence that needed to be protected, not lewd in any way. Oh Shiinamachi-senpai, sweet angel, please never change!

「Switching the subject a little, yours was the first naked male body that I saw in my life. So in a sense, you took my first time, you know?」

Hoo boy, unpleasant memories started flowing back into my head.

「Was it worth it? Did you have a good look?」

「There wasn’t anything interesting about it, if I can be frank. I was more focused on examining the mark on your chest.」

「You mean the proof of me being senpai’s Vassal?」

The pattern Shiki was talking about appeared on my chest when I was brought back to life by senpai. It was like a proof of belonging, a testament to me now being a part of her, to put it in a slightly suggestive, poetic manner.

「Yup, also, while I was doing that, I noticed a rather curious scar on your shoulder.」

I didn’t reply to her, covering my right shoulder with my left hand instead.

「If I remember correctly, you said it was a remnant of an old wound, am I correct?」

Was she eavesdropping on my conversation with senpai? I looked at her in an unpleasant manner. But I wasn’t able to read any of her expressions because of that damned bangs covering her eyes.

「……It is a memento of a promise that I’ve made with my mother.」

I said reluctantly as I kept squeezing my shoulder with my hand.

「A promise?」

「Yes, and it’s the only link with my past relating to her that I currently possess.」

For reasons unknown to me or the rest of the family, mother just disappeared one day, leaving behind a sum of money large enough for us to enjoy a proper standard of life.

Other than that, the only thing she left me was this scar, which was supposedly very important to her. It was a seal that held the essence of our family at bay. Right before she left, she warned me to never forget about it. And she said that with words that still made me shiver every time I thought about them.

「I understand. So that means that Monjiro’s body remains a mystery to me.」

「And I’d like it to stay that way.」
Otherwise, you know what they say about cats and curiosity, right?

「But really, even after staring at it for so long, I still can’t grasp the meaning behind it.」

「You’ve been staring at it all this time?」

Now that I think about it, she was ogling me pretty intensely when I was putting my clothes back on.

「Call it a maiden’s curiosity if you would.」

So basically she was scanning me from the very beginning. That’s fine I guess, but if that was the case, then she should have no objections to me staring at her rather lackluster chest. I mean, when compared to senpai, every other chest was lackluster, but…. Ah, you know what I mean!

「I can sense someone staring at my chest. Kyaaa.」

「I’m not going to apologize.」

Sorry, but not sorry. And while we’re at it, put some emotion in your screams!

「You don’t have to. If you ever get tired of Kaguya’s enormous assets, thou canst rest thy head upon my bosom, weary traveller.」

「I’ll think about it.」
This suggestion was rather nice, but I think there will never come a time when I’ll get bored of senpai’s chest.

「Shiki-san, Jiro-kun, t-this is so shameless!」

Hearing senpai’s flustered voice, my lips curled in a smirk.

「Let’s put the jokes aside and continue from where we left off, with the assumption that Kaguya’s and Monjiro’s murderer is the same person and that he/she escaped the room after killing Kaguya.」
Shiki’s pen holding hand was moving across the paper with an astounding speed. Shiinamachi-senpai looked at her, and then back at the note in her hands.

「If we were killed by the same person, then there’s a question of what was the perpetrator doing during the time gap between killing me and Jiro-kun.」

「That is an excellent question. Maybe there was some detail we missed or are just unable to see clearly that might point us towards the answer. What are your thoughts as our stand-in killer, Monjiro?」


As I’ve never done something like that in my life before, conducting the procedure like that was something I was totally unfamiliar with. But even without this trial by fire, it was evident that the killer was a professional, no doubts about that.

But since I am a killer myself, having me do that might really be the fastest option to bring results. I took my glasses off and switched to [Professional Killer Mode] completely to retain the clarity of mind at all times.

To start with, cleaning up the crime scene was a waste of time, as the most obvious course of action after a successful assassination was simply to flee from the scene to avoid detection. Every other action, was just unnecessary risk that might’ve resulted in leaving potential clues behind. That’s why, if I was the culprit, I wouldn’t have done anything else besides fleeing.

In novels, the crime scene is literally littered with evidence pointing to the identity of the culprit, but the real life was not so nice, and the chances of failure of deduction were significantly higher. My conclusion to this problem was: there was nothing surprising about it, since most of the killers both in the novels and in real life were not professionals.

If it were me, I would’ve swiftly made my leave without concerning myself with the conclusion of the murder. I would have remained undetected as long as there’d be no one who could’ve heard me running down the stairs, and from there, it was a smooth sailing through the Librarian Committee’s office and the school grounds that wouldn’t even take me a minute, and another five minutes to leave school completely. But then there was the issue of killing Sakuradamon Jiro, in which case…

「There was quite a time difference between the murder and my arrival, but since the murderer chose to kill me in the end, then it must mean they’ve discovered my presence when they were making their escape. Nevertheless, this was still an unexpectedly risky move.」

It was around 11:35 pm when I ran into Kuhoh at the school. It was probably then that the culprit discovered my presence. It meant that he/she stayed near the crime scene for almost half an hour, which was quite weird if you thought about it logically, but maybe weird was the keyword here, since I did get stabbed by him/her for no apparent reason.




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