Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 2 Part B (4)



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【Episode 2】Murder and Gift: Part B (4)

As a result of my conversation with Fujisato and Kuhoh, I found myself heading towards the computer laboratory caretaker’s room after my supplementary lessons had finished for the day. If Shiinamachi-senpai’s words were correct, I should be able to find Shiki there.

The caretaker’s room was a curious place. The students could enter it only from the actual laboratory itself, but normally only the teachers were allowed to go inside. What can we guess from that fact alone? That Shiki must have quite an authority on her hands if she was able to have the entire place all to herself.

「Pardon the intrusion.」

I said as I knocked on the laboratory’s door. The members of the IT Club who were originally glued to their screens immediately turned away to look at me, like I was a specimen of some rare animal. As I thought, being at the center of attention was really not my thing at all. But I had to do this, so I just fixed my glasses and enter the room, trying to make as little noise as possible.

「Is Shiki-san here? Could I ask someone to fetch her for me?」

The door at the far side of the room opened as soon as I stated my reason for coming here.

「I’ve been waiting for you, Monjiro. You sure took your sweet time. Please, come in.」

Shiki waved at me nonchalantly.

「I can’t wait for us to do lewd things together.」

*Shuffle Shuffle*

As if they were given an order, all of the IT Club members stood up and glared at me as if they wanted to strangle me right where I was standing.

「Can you please cut the crap out Shiki? Can’t you see you’re causing another misunderstanding?」

「I was merely putting a most effective method of seduction to the test, with poor results, just as I anticipated. Don’t just stand there, come on in.」

Shiki retreated back to her room, so I had no choice but to enter the proverbial spider’s web of my own volition. On my way there, I could clearly feel the murderous gazes of the club members, who weren’t even trying to hide their bloodlust anymore.

「By the way, this is my first time inviting a guy to my room, so I’m feeling a little nervous. Please be gentle with me.」


As a trained professional killer, I understood it immediately. Those people were dead serious about protecting their personal idol. Shiki’s fans were so devoted to her that they were ready to murder everyone who they deemed a threat to her. Shiki was indeed really scary, and I’ve only started to realize that now.

In a way, I could understand where they were all coming from, I too had someone who I admired with my whole heart.

「Easy there guys, Shiki and I don’t have that kind of relationship.」

I tried to calm the situation down a bit, but that only made Shiki pout her cheeks in displeasure, and I’m sure I’ve also heard the sound of her clicking her tongue. I’m sorry Shiki, but getting out of that mess is more important to me right now.

「Monjiro, hurry up so we can finally have some good time together. I’ve waited long enough.」

See? Leaving her alone would only result in her spouting more aggravating things.

「I’m going your honor, I’m going. Please, may the jury have mercy on me.」

Saying that, I entered the caretaker’s room as fast as I could.

The inside was very cold and dark. A large base unit was placed near the entrance, emitting fan noises that resonated throughout the entire room. There were also piles of documents, a lot of bookshelves which were filled to the brim and a small desk. Yep, looks like everything someone like Shiki could ever need was present here. But unlike Shiinamachi-senpai’s room, this one didn’t give off the impression of being Shiki’s personal bedroom.

「Here, have a seat.」

A part of the room was divided from the rest by a white curtain. Shiki walked behind it and beckoned me over to her side. This must be her own private space here.

「According to my research, boys would always try to snoop around the girl’s room looking for her underwear. Should it strike your fancy, feel free to do just that.」

「Sorry to disappoint you, but fresh-out-of-cleaning underwear is not my fetish. I only get excited by the ones that have already been worn.」

After all, I’m someone who lives together with his younger sister, so it was a given that our clothes and underwear would end up mixed during washing. This made my sister a little embarrassed of course, but since I didn’t react to it in any particular way, she raised no further complaints.

「Duly noted.」

「Oh, and since your’s is not senpai’s underwear, then there is no chance for me to get worked up over it, even if it was worn by you. Sorry.」

「Note updated: Monjiro gets excited by Kaguya’s worn underwear only.」


「Thank you for showing me the error of my ways, Monjiro.」

「You’re welcome.」

I crossed the curtain, thinking that I’m slowly developing a kind of immunity towards her antics.

I don’t know what I expected, but this room was an advanced data centre.

A large number of computers that were placed together next to one another were executing some kind of program that I’ve never seen before while they were making a lot of fan noises. In front of them were three keyboards, each having a different shape than the other, and each of the three mouses had an astoundingly large amount of buttons. Tucked away in the corner was a simple bed, and the hanging rack on one of the walls had one set of our school uniform and four lab coats placed on it. From the looks of it, everything in this small space was arranged so that it could be done without the need for any excessive movements.


「By all that hacking equipment? You bet I am.」

「Truth to be told, I only need this baby here to do all the work.」

Shiki took out a large smartphone from the front pocket of her uniform.

「So all of this sends the data to your smartphone, and you just process it?」

「Nope, not even close.」

「Huh? What do you mean?」

「All this junk is to keep up appearances.」

Junk?! This expensive equipment that looked like every hacker’s wet dream come true?! For appearances only?!

「At first I tried to use all of it, but after a short while I discovered that I don’t need all of it to do my job properly.」

「You don’t say…」

Then why did you bring all of that here in the first place? Oh well, if she’s able to perform her duties diligently, then I guess there’s no sense in thinking about it too much.

「So, Monjiro, could you sit on the bed? Or do you intend to stand the entire time?」

The bed itself consisted of a memory foam mattress, a simple pillow and a blanket, all of which were blue. I’ve always imagined that a girl’s bed should have something with more bright colors; this one just gave off a chilling impression.

「Excuse me then.」

But even so, I couldn’t help it but to get a little worked up when I remembered that this was the bed that Shiki actually slept in.

「I know this bed is not suited for doing all kinds of indecent things you’re probably imagining right now, but don’t let that stop you, let your imagination run wild.」

「I’d prefer not to hear that from a girl, you know?」

「True enough. Then I’ll just let you do as you please from now on.」

Is it just me, or does she like teasing people way too much? Then again, I could’ve sworn that I saw a slight tinge of pink blooming on her face. Maybe, just maybe, she actually was getting a little embarrassed.



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