Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 3 Part B (10)



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist      Editor: Weasalopes


【Episode 3】Life and Mind: Part B (10)

「Now I’m actually getting just a tad bit scared here… so I’ll take that broken body of yours for myself!」

Including 『Chronos』, Fujisato had mentioned that she currently held four gifts and now she was using one of them.
That was a chance to confirm another one of the abilities at her disposal. Pretending to be under her spell, this body slowly loosened its grip over her.

「Yes, although this position is kind of exciting in its own right, just like this… Get off of me.」

Fujisato gave me an order and wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but this body used that opening to strike.


It pinned her to the ground with ease by twisting one of her arms and pressing it strongly against her back.

「Gah… Eh…? Why? I thought 『Demonic Gift Gorgon』 had you under its effect…?」

Fujisato’s eyes, which were now wide opened in shock, were shining with a bloody, crimson light. Speculation: that was probably a trigger for a mind-controlling ability, which in turn allowed her to control her target’s entire body. But that was not going to work against this body.

「Nnngh, ooh!」

Fujisato was writhing and throwing herself about, trying to escape from this body which was now straddling her. But she was firmly pinned to the ground, and had lost her freedom of movement. Aside from their supernatural powers, Nightkin were basically indistinguishable from normal humans, meaning that their bones and joints were as prone to breaking.

As long as this body continued to hold her in this position, there was nothing she could do to turn the tide of battle back in her favor. She could only move her right hand in a very limited manner, meaning that even if she were to use the 『Divine Gift Chronos』, it would amount to nothing, since even with stopped time she was unable to break herself free. Her electricity was neutralized, as was the ability to control minds. The only Gift she had left needed no explanation at this point, this body could figure it out well enough on its own.

「Monjiro, don’t get too cocky now…!」

With her golden ring glowing brightly, she made a straight punch that was targeting this body’s chest, intending to crush its heart with one strike. And since she possessed an arm strength sufficient to twist arms and break legs with the slightest touch, she might be able to pull a stunt like that off. But arm strength alone was not enough to be classified as a Gift. In other words, that golden ring on her hand must’ve been a Heroic Gift that took form of an armament granting her that herculean strength. And if that was the case, then simple techniques utilized in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) should be enough of a countermeasure against it. Right now, the enemy was targeting this body’s chest, taking it for an obvious weak point. But in truth, this was just a bait.

The strike made by Fujisato was approaching me at an amazing speed. Just as it was about to connect, this body pulled her hand towards itself and moved slightly to the left in an evasive maneuver.

「What, how could you have dodged it…!?」

This was already who knows how many times Fujisato stared at this body with an expression of pure disbelief. Taking advantage of that, this body pinned her down to the ground and held a knife against her.


This body had no idea how potent Fujisato’s strength enhancement was, but when it came to the structure, her arm was apparently exactly the same as that of a normal person, therefore holding her down in one place proved to be an effective method of sealing her movements.

「Khhh… to think that you’ll also work your way around my 『Heroic Gift Perseus』…!」

Fujisato had no way of breaking free, so she could only stare daggers at this body.

If she could use multiple Gifts at once, then she would have probably used various combinations of them to secure the victory for herself, but since that wasn’t the case, then she must only be able to use one Gift at any given moment. And since she did not possess a substantial combat ability like Kuhoh, neutralizing her after countering her Gifts was not that big of a problem. All I had to do now was to put a knife against her throat. Even if she was a Nightkin, if her throat were to be sliced open, only one result awaited her: death. This was already proven by Shiinamachi-senpai’s earlier words: 「If today wasn’t a safe day, I might’ve died for real.」

「*Huff* *Huff* I see now. Even though you said you were a professional killer in the past, you’re far stronger than I anticipated. I’ve underestimated you, and that was a grave mistake on my part.」

Utterly defeated, Fujisato stopped resisting and relaxed her body under my steel grip.

「So this the end of my story, huh? Man, I knew that today is my risky day, but there was nothing about it being the day of my death.」

She had a look of relief even when she was saying those things. This was the proof of another thing: for the Nightkin, their stories were like chains that bound them to perform certain actions on certain days. Maybe that is why Fujisato had a satisfied look on her face even though she probably had many regrets.

「Ahh, okay, fine. Monjiro, do whatever you want with me. I admit defeat…」

She then looked at this body’s face, only to have her eyes widen in shock.

「Eh… Monjiro? …N-No way, you… !」

Fujisato kept talking to this body, but it was currently unable of giving her any kind of reply.

「You’re wasting your breath, Fujisato Yuika.」

Awakening from the earlier electrical attack, Yatono Shiki offered her an explanation in a weak, feeble voice drained of its earlier strength.

「His mind is dead. 『Code Calvariæ』… I don’t know exactly what it is, but those words are like a curse that has the ability to revert Monjiro back to his professional killer state, obliterating everything that made him 「him」 in the process. Right now, he’s just an emotionless doll only capable of following orders.」

「S-So you’re saying that right now he is…」

Despite her constant staring, this body made no attempts to respond. There was no need for it to do so, now that the order to restrain her movements had been successfully completed.

「Currently he is no different from a machine, even if he was to sacrifice his life in the process.」

The only thing left for this body to do was to await for further orders in standby mode. However, taking the amount of wounds sustained by this body during the process of completing its previous assignment, the possibility of finishing the next assigned task seemed highly unlikely.

「It wasn’t our intention to push him this far either. But even so, knowing how terrifying Nightkin can be, knowing that you have betrayed his trust, he was still hoping that you and Kuhoh Nagi would still remain his friends even if he’d be forced to fight you. He knew all that, and still he chose a path that lead him down the path of his mind’s destruction.」

「M-Monjiro… How could you… you big, big dummy!」

Fujisato Yuika’s admission of defeat and loss of any further will to fight confirmed. In that case, keeping this body alive is no longer necessary, as there is no need for it to continue to function since its orders have been carried out.

「Jiro-kun… you can release 『Code Calvariae』 now… there’s no need for you… To fight anymore.」

I have received another order from my master, Shiinamachi Kaguya, who seemed to be on the verge of tears for reasons beyond this body’s comprehension.

Immediately, this body fell on top of Fujisato Yuika’s, like a puppet that has lost its strings. At the same time, some fleeting part of this body’s consciousness was overjoyed to know that she was alive and well, and that it managed to create a path towards a happy end for her.



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