Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 3 Part B (5)



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【Episode 3】Life and Mind: Part B (5)

「What do I think of him? Well, I think that he’s a good, reliable guy…」

「Hmm? And? He’s just a good guy and nothing else?」

Wow, Kuhoh was really grilling senpai there. Although I must say, being called just 「reliable」 by senpai was kind of a letdown, but what else could she do in front of so many people? And I was still here in the kitchen, listening in to the conversation. Just saying.

「He’s… very reliable. And also…」

Now senpai’s voice was more like a quiet whisper than anything else. She probably did that so I couldn’t hear her, but that just made me want to hear what she had to say even more.

「E-Enough about me! What do you think of him, Fujisato-san, Kuhoh-san?」

Senpai dodged the bullet there, but in a rather curious direction. I thought about the two of them as my good friends, but were they thinking the same about me? I’m sure that everyone who was in my place would like to know an answer to that kind of question, right?

「I think he’s cute and fun to be around with. Whenever I see him, I just have this sudden urge to tease him!」

I felt a smile forming on my lips. What kind of answer was that, Fujisato? And to call me cute of all things… I knew that the girl’s definition of the word cute was quite broad, but that was probably a compliment meaning that being around me was relaxing.

And by the way, this was a golden opportunity for me. By secretly knowing what those two thought about me, I could use that to my advantage in the future to steer my relationship with the two of them in a particular direction. Psychology was truly a terrifying thing. Just by knowing a few things that I was not supposed to be aware of, my perception could drastically change. For example, my opinion of Fujisato, which was already quite high, skyrocketed even higher thanks to what she said.

「Monjiro, is barley tea really that amusing? Why don’t you let me join in on the fun too?」


Only now did I realized that Shiki was standing behind me. How long was she there?!

「It’s not amusing at all, I’ll have you know. I just can’t seem to find the right moment to leave here, especially with such a touchy subject being discussed right now.」

「That’s fine and all, but your behavior is like super suspicious, you know?」

「Guess I can’t really argue with that.」

「Buuuuuut If you were to start groping me now, then you’ll have a perfect excuse.」

「An excuse that would’ve been a cause for catastrophe later, therefore I have to decline your suggestion. But I appreciate it nonetheless.」

「So you’d be all up for it if there was no problems associated with it?」

「Even then I still would have had to decline.」

「You’re such a perverted leecher, Monjiro.」

Now here’s a word that I haven’t heard in some time.

「But to be honest, I’m also curious to hear what they are chatting about, so move a bit, I need a better position.」

I wanted to know their opinion of me, but I also wanted them to speak honestly and without reservations when they were together, all so that they could deepen the bonds of friendship between them.

「This is a perfect opportunity. If one of them is going to lie now, I’ll be able to detect it immediately from the vibrations in their voices.」

So she came here to observe the situation from the outside. That was a smart thing to do. Right now, she was covering one of her ear’s with her hand, so she was probably adjusting the volume in her ears thanks to her 『Satori』. Not to disturb her, I stood as still as I could.

「Kuhoh-san, what do you think of Jiro-kun?」

I heard Senpai asking Kuhoh.

「Hmm, I actually like him quite a lot. We seem to be connected by a particular fate, judging how we keep bumping into each other recently」

「You really think so?」

「Yes. The two of us have more in common than I initially thought, and that makes me very happy.」

「Eh? Nagi-chan, does that mean that you… in Monjiro…」

「Who knows? But it would’ve been really nice if we could have something romantic develop between us.」

Kuhoh’s honest words were embarrassing to hear, but at the same time, her words…

「…I can sense that her words are filled with loneliness and resignation.」

Hearing Shiki’s comment, I knew my hunch was confirmed.

Loneliness and resignation. I couldn’t see Kuhoh’s face, so I wandered was it really filled with sadness and sorrow right now?

「Oh my, the current topics are quite depressing, don’t you think? Why don’t we talk about something more interesting?」

「Oh? Like what, exactly?.」

「Like yesterday, for example, Monjiro presented us with some interesting food for thought. We were talking about a detective game you were having, the one that involved Gifts and supernatural abilities. But one thing did strike me as odd there. If you were the first victim, senpai, then how was it possible for you to tell the others what was the height of the culprit since you were murdered at the beginning?」

Oh, that was the part that I failed to narrate in a convincing manner. But If I were to say now that senpai was actually immortal, that would make the whole charade collapse.

「That’s because I didn’t actually die, simple as that.」

「Haha, like being immortal? I see, now it makes sense. But in real life, you’re just like everybody else, right? 「People die if they are killed 」 and so forth…?」

「Yes, right now, at this very moments, the same rules also apply to me, since I am no longer immortal…」

The instant Shiinamachi-senpai said that…

All the lights went dark, plunging the whole clock tower into an absolute darkness.

「Ah, a power failure?! Blackout?!」

I heard Fujisato’s yell, but there was no sign of Kuhoh or Shiinamachi-senpai.


I heard Shiki calling me out next to me, and then she pulled on my sleeve.

「Shiki, this is…」

「You still need to ask?!.」

There could be no room for any doubts now. The blackout occurred at the exact moment when senpai told Kuhoh that she was no longer immortal. The decisive battle has already begun.

Thanks to her 『Satori』, Shiki ran towards senpai without a shred of hesitation. As for me, my whole field of vision was pitch black, and the only thing I was able to see was Shiki’s golden eye that looked like a butterfly as she passed me. It was shining like a beacon in the surrounding darkness, as if it wanted to show me the way. And then I heard a sound of footsteps on the floor, exactly the same as the one from that day!


I ripped the glasses of my face and charged towards Shiki’s direction….

… and threw the knife towards where the sound was coming from!


At the other side of the overwhelming darkness, I heard someone sharply gasping for breath, and then *Clang!*, the sound of my knife getting deflected.

「W-W-What is going on here? What’s happening?!」

Confused, Fujisato cried out.

At the same time, someone pulled the curtains open.

There was a splendid full moon outside, and its light illuminated the inside of senpai’s room, shedding light on three figures.

Shiinamachi-senpai was the first one of them. She was the one who opened up the curtains. The second one was Shiki, who was trying to protect her with her own body. As for the third one…


That’s right. The third one was my cute kouhai, Kuhoh Nagi. She was standing in the middle of the room, holding a combat knife in each of her tiny hands.

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