Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Volume 1 Epilogue



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You, the one who is walking beyond the beaten path, and who has obtained a genuine heart: The time has come for you to return from the midst of darkness…


After deciding on skipping the supplementary lessons and our club activities planned for today, all of us set out on a four hour journey to the private beach owned exclusively by the Yatono family.

「Hey, Monjiro~~!」

Now, clad in a fashionable, eye-catching bikini, Fujisato was having a blast with a beach ball. Truly, her pure and innocent smile was a national treasure that needs to be protected at all costs.

Now that she was exposing so much of her beautiful skin, I realized that she was hiding quite an amazing body under her school uniform. In fact, her figure was so amazing that I wanted to just stand there with my mouth agape and praise her beauty while clapping my hands loudly. God, even if that body gets some tan, it will still look as beautiful. But wait, are Nightkin even able to get their skin tanned? Now there was a million dollar question I was dying to get an answer to.

As one might’ve expect, Kuhoh was playing the beach ball together with Fujisato. She was wearing a cute black one-piece swimsuit that had something resembling a miniskirt at the waist area. To be honest, this getup suited her very well, and the frilly decorations only enhanced her cuteness further, complementing her petite, kendo-trained figure. This version of Kuhoh was the best in my honest opinion. If there would ever come a day where she would end up with a figure that could rival even that of Shiinamachi-senpai, I might have a problem with having normal conversations with her, not knowing where to look and all that.

「Visually raping others as always I see.」

「Do my eyes really look that lewd to you?」

「Yup, they sure do, which is why I’m giving you permission to stare at my swimsuit form, especially the area between my legs. Go ahead and feast thine eyes to your heart’s content, mah boiiii.」

Shiki was wearing a tomboyish blue swimsuit, and of course she still had her lab coat on, even in this heat. All in all, this getup was not very different from her usual style. On top of that, her lab coat was unbuttoned, making every part of her clear to see.

「Uhm, Shiki? Could you please be more mindful of your surroundings? I don’t want to be a party pooper, but your current attire makes you look like some perverted exhibitionist. Could you please show a little bit more modesty?」

「Oh, but I am. See, my chest is very modest, see? So modest that there’s barely any of it at all.」

Was that self-deprecation I just heard in her voice? I thought so, but no matter how long or how intently I stared at her face, it remained as expressionless as ever.

「Ufufu, I see everyone is getting along quite nicely.」

I was ready for my heart to explode at the sight of Shiinamachi-senpai in her swimsuit, but regrettably, her upper body was concealed from view by a light jacket. I mean, seeing her sensual thighs was already enough for me to have an intense nosebleed, but… since we were already at the beach, and she was already in her swimsuit, then of course the thing that I wanted to see the most were her magnificent breasts, freed from the shackles of any excess clothing.

Fujisato must have been aware of it this whole time, because she was constantly yelling things like: 「Monjiro, I know my legs are pretty and you like them, but it’s embarrassing, so stop staring, okay?!」, and desperately tried to cover her legs, causing her ample chest to jiggle and bounce in every direction. Hers were not as big as senpai’s, but they were still nice nonetheless. Anyway, why is it that in situations like these the girls seem to be oddly self-conscious about their looks, I wonder?

Nonononono, the important thing to do right now was not to get dragged into this bottom half flashing, banged joker’s shenanigans. I really wanted to tell her, as well as all the other girls gathered here, that most guys would stare at breasts rather than legs, so there was really no need to concern themselves with them, but alas, I never got the chance to voice my opinion.

「Would you like to play with us, senpai?」

「I was going to ask you the same thing, Jiro-kun. You should be back in top condition, right?」

Shiinamachi-senpai was right. After being resurrected, my physical body has been restored to full health, so my condition was as good as it could be. The real issue here was my 『Soul』.

Right now, my consciousness was the same as that of 『Sakuradamon Jiro』 from that time, but right now, I had no way of confirming if I was actually being『Myself』. When I wear my glasses, I can clearly feel the feelings of unwavering love towards Shiinamachi-senpai, as well as the feelings of fondness towards my friends. But I can also very clearly feel those emotions fading away every time I take my glasses off.

Upon activation, 『Code Cavalriae』 had erased my current existence for sure. Hence, the current 『Me』 might not actually be the same as the original 『Me』 at all, but someone else entirely.

For example, the current 『Me』 could as well be nothing more than an emotionless doll focused solely on killing that only followed it’s master’s, Shiinamachi Kaguya’s orders to impersonate the individual known as Sakuradamon Jiro.

Such a thing was definitely possible. And as a result, my current fear of such a possibility might have been just an act. Right now, no one could prove that the current 『Me』 was the real 『Me』.

This was the matter that continued to gnaw away at my heart and mind ever since I’ve woken up. But, at least for now, there was one thing that I was absolutely sure of.

When I woke up and saw Shiinamachi-senpai crying and speechless, I felt like my heart has been torn from my chest. And when I felt that, I couldn’t help it but to breathe a sigh of relief. The other thing that I could clearly feel was the stinging pain emanating from my cheek, probably because my mother slapped me in my dream. Like, really, reaaaally hard, but I didn’t even mind it all that much, I mean, she did kinda save my life with it. I wonder if me thinking that way is a sign that I have an Oedipus complex?

「Jiro-kun, do you really feel alright?」

「My body is as fine as it can be. My soul… it should also be fine.」

「Yes. I think this is thanks to The Angelic Gift Sariel taking its effect on you.」

Apparently senpai used her gift on me subconsciously, but she had no idea what kind of effect exactly would it have on me.

Maybe my mother appeared before me due to its 『Soul Control』 aspect. If I were to take a wild guess, then I would say that 『Sariel』 was able to project the images of what was the most important to whoever it was used on. Of course, this was purely my personal speculation, and the exact details were still shrouded in mystery. For all I know, it might have as well caused a miracle that allowed my consciousness to return safely.

「There shouldn’t be anything wrong with you, at least not mind-wise. Fujisato-san helped me confirm that also.」

Nevertheless senpai still seemed concerned about the current state of my soul.

After regaining consciousness, I asked Fujisato to use her 『Gorgon』 Gift on me to check whether or not I was really okay. The result? Obviously, I was unable to control my own body and its actions. That was what 『Gorgon』 was supposed to be doing. It robbed its target of any and all free will, allowing Fujisato to freely control it in a manner she saw fit.
For the sake of defeating her, I was forced to use the technique that completely separated my body and soul, rendering Fujisato’s technique useless. That was essentially the only way for me to go against her, and now I have lost it.

「So I take it you were fully aware of your actions when you hugged her and confessed your undying love for her?」

「That one was totally beyond me! Fujisato was controlling me just now. It wasn’t my conscious choice, I’m innocent!」

Indeed, Fujisato was overjoyed when it turned out that my soul was intact. So overjoyed in fact, that she made me sing and dance, and finished it off by making me confess to her while hugging her tightly. This must have been her way of getting back at me for opposing and defeating her, now that I think about it carefully enough.

That must have been exactly it, because after that, Shiinamachi-senpai refused to speak even a word to me until morning the next day. And to add to that, the rest of the girls were hell-bent on not letting me see them in their pajamas, going so far as to force me to sleep on the landing in the corner of the grand staircase outside of senpai’s room. If my memory serves me correctly, and it always serves me correctly, I wasn’t treated with such cruelty the last time we were having a slumber party, so why the sudden change now of all times?

「Even though you didn’t confess to me, I won’t mind if you wanted to hug me. So if you want to do it, then please, enjoy yourself.」

「Shiki, can you please refrain from making such problematic statements so casually and out of the blue?」

She just continued to fool around, maintaining her usual attitude without paying heed to anyone. I was totally unable to tell whether she was joking or not. On the bright side, she was talking a lot more openly with me, so it must mean that we’ve become closer as friends so hey, silver lining, but apparently she was still interested in testing various methods of killing on me, so I can’t let my guard down around her for even a second if I want my body to remain intact.

「Anyway, I’m really glad that you’re okay, Jiro-kun.」

Senpai said when she found out that this whole situation was just a prank made by Fujisato. Right now, she was only worried about me in the purest and most innocent of manners. She was a worrywart with a penchant for being overprotective, I however, didn’t find it annoying at all, and was instead very happy about that.

Yes. Worries, joyfulness, happiness, up until now I’ve always taken those things for granted, and failed to understand how precious they were. But I do now.

Perhaps it was my path towards this realization that Shiinamachi-senpai’s 『Story』 was indicating. It had shown me a path to the future, showing what kind of attitude I should adopt to see this story through to the happy ending.

「Heeeeeeeey! Monjiro! Everyone!」

In the end, both Fujisato and Kuho were able to remain our friends and keep their usual smiles. Perhaps it was a good thing that we were able to duke it out with each other and witness how terrifying getting under one’s skin could be. Thanks to that bloody conflict, both sides understood that we were all the kind of opponent we’d like to never fight again.

After losing to me that night, Fujisato supposedly gave up on attacking senpai any further, deducing that any further attempts on her life will be fruitless. Naturally, Kuhoh, Fujisato’s vassal fully supported her decision and went along with it without any complaints. Now it felt like we have become companions that could help advance each other’s stories further. Such a peaceful result was the best outcome possible, and I was happy that in the end we managed to achieve what I was secretly hoping for the entire time.

「Come swim with us, Shiki-chan!」

I don’t know if Fujisato’s natural airheadedness was at fault here, but she seemed to have forgotten all the bad blood between us, and was just smiling radiantly without feeling any guilt. I don’t know whether it was a good thing or not, but none of us was actually able to tell what she was thinking deep inside, and perhaps it was for the better.

「If it’s a challenge from another Nightkin, then as a member of the Yatono family I must accept it, no matter how trivial it is.」

Shiki declared, rushing forward to meet the challenge. She and Fujisato seemed to have that strange sense of rivalry going on between them.

「Jiro-kun, shall we go swim together with them as well?」

And with a magnificent fluttering sound, senpai took of her jacket. Having senpai’s stunning curves exposed right before my very eyes, I couldn’t help it but to go red up to my ears.

「My oh my, Jiro-kun, s-seeing you getting so red makes me embarrassed as well…」

Shiinamachi-senpai was wearing the same swimsuit she wore in the bathroom that fateful day when I was killed and revived shortly by her.

Seeing her curvaceous body caressed by the rays of sunlight was, from the lack of a better word, magnificent! My heart was beating so fast that I thought it was going to explode in my chest.

「I shall never forget this miraculous sight and I shall burn it forever into my eyes: the image of senpai in her sexy swimsuit!」

「You know Jiro-kun? Seeing you getting so excited over my swimsuit kinda creeps me out.」

Standing under the shining summer sun, Shiinamachi-senpai tried her best to cover her breasts and nether regions. By doing so, her adorability jumped from 100% to over 9000. Enjoying her display of embarrassment, I felt that living and enjoying happiness like that was the most precious thing. I was happy and grateful at the same time that I could witness a sight like that with the eyes of my current 「self」.

「Oh, right. I have a favor to ask of you, Jiro-kun. That is, if you don’t mind.」

「Of course not. What is it, senpai?」

Senpai smiled tenderly, and then looked at me seriously.

You, the one who is walking beyond the beaten path, and who has obtained a genuine heart: The time has come for you to return from the midst of darkness…

Her soft lips whispered those poetically prophetic words.

Those were the words of her story: the story of Shiinamachi Kaguya.

… to make the curtain fall on the King’s life.

My heart suddenly both stopped and skipped a bit.

In other words, Senpai’s life will…

「What is going to happen now, senpai?」

I felt my entire body being drenched with cold sweat.

Senpai, however, left my question unanswered. Instead she graced me with an affectionate smile that expressed her boundless trust in me, and spoke the words that marked the beginning of our battle for the happy ending of her story:

「Today is my dangerous day, so please visit me in my room!」



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