Soot-Steeped Knight – Vol.2 Ch.4 Part 6

Here is part 6 of chapter 4 of Soot-Steeped Knight, Vol.II.
This marks the 1st of 2 parts to be released this week.
Note: it has come to my attention that volume 1 has a trio of side-stories of its own. Its release was nigh-on a year ago, and so as with volume 2, they will remain indefinitely untranslated until the source text is somehow brought into my hands. My deepest apologies. For the time being, here are short descriptions as per Mr. Mihama:

  • EX 1 – “Dignity and Decline”: A quaint curio shop a little ways from the 5th’s headquarters. It is there where a new patron appears—one by the name of Rolf Buckmann. (Comes as a bonus with a hard-copy purchase from animate.)
  • EX 2 – “A Dispirited Tea-Party”: Francis Behrmann, Under-Mareschal to the 1st, knows many an ache upon his old nerves. The source: the slightly lamentable, unmasked mien of his mademoiselle. (Comes as a bonus with a hard-copy purchase from GAMERS.)
  • EX 3 – “The Heroine in Heartache”: Frieda, freelance and lady of the blade. What troubles churned in her as she flew with Rolf from the Albeck manor? (Comes as a bonus with a hard-copy purchase from Melonbooks.)

Going forward, I will try to obtain as many side-stories as I feasibly can, provided they come with electronic copies. I have thus far paid out of my own pocket for all source material, and so cannot justify a pricey hard-copy purchase for what amounts to 2-3 parts worth of content. LNT administration realises the same and refuses to endeavour or cover any such purchases. As such, while it pains me to say, from here on shall side-stories included as bonuses with hard-copies be untranslated unless the source text is provided to me somehow. Again, many apologies.
Attention: this part includes translation note(s) at the very bottom.
Visit this page for more information on this story and its table of translated contents.
Thank you for reading and please enjoy.
– Vagrant


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Soot-Steeped Knight – Vol. II
Chapter 4 – Part 6

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