Soot-Steeped Knight

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Author: Yoshihiko Mihama

Illustrator: fame (Twitter: 18+)

Original Web Novel: 小説を読もう!

Light Novel: 電撃文庫

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, High Fantasy, Magic, Male Lead, Multiple Lead, R-18+, Tragedy, War and Military

Translator: Vagrant

LNT Release Schedule: 2 parts per week (Tuesday & Thursday)

Alternate Titles:

  • 煤まみれの騎士 (Susu-mamire no Kishi)
  • Knight Covered in Soot


Ever long has young nobleman Rolf Buckmann dreamt of knighthood, losing himself in stories of endless errantry and grand gallantry. But that dream seemed ever a dream when his life came crashing down—upon the rite of the Roun of Orisons, Rolf was met with silence from all-goddess Yoná, Most Divine, and thus spurned of Her gift of odyl: the spring of magick strength, to all of whom heretofore were graced.

Branded as an aberration and heretic both, Rolf leaves his scornful family and embarks on a tortured path to knighthood, along with Emilie Mernesse, his beloved and now formerly betrothed. Together, they navigate a society mired in cruelty and contradiction, and find themselves faced with dilemmas that threaten to upturn their lives forevermore.


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  • 2022.10.27: Volume I completed. Chapters 1 and 2 have been revised. Terminology change in part 5 of chapter 3 (“magi” to “wiċċan”; see notes therein). Story age rating changed to R-18+. Content warning updated.
Past Logs
  • 2022.06.21: Base release frequency changed to 2 parts per week. Normal release days fixed to Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • 2022.05.30: First part released; official start of project.
  • 2022.05.27: ToC page created.


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Content Warning:
Story contains depictions of discrimination, gore, trauma, and sexual violence.


Table of Contents (Click on Volume to expand/collapse)

Volume I
    (Note: Images may contain story spoilers.)
Volume II
  • Side-Story – “Bliss Upon a Palm”: (To be published)
  • Chapter 3: (To be published)
  • Chapter 4: (To be published)
  • Chapter 5: (To be published)
  • Chapter 6: (To be published)
    (Note: Images may contain story spoilers.)


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  1. Novel looks interesting, i will wait until at least a full chapter is out becaus ei just know i will be left wanting for more otherwise due to cliffhangers……maybe wait until chapter 3 is started then……

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