Starship Chapter 107

Chapter Count for the Week: 1 out of 6

Hi guys. Here’s our first chapter for the week. As you’ve noticed, we have extra chapters again. As there is quite a bit this time, I’ve decided to space out releases to 6 per week. If you guys are curious just how many there are, it’s a whopping entire 8 bonus chapters. So that’s 4 bonus chapters per week for two weeks plus 2 regular ones for a total of 6, assuming there won’t be any other donations coming in (which I highly doubt lol).

Our almighty donors for the week are Damian W (1 chapppie), jasonred79 (2 chappies + an obligatory MWAHAHAHAHA!!! evil laugh), and Mark W (1 chappie). The rest have all been sponsored by good ole Jimmy X (4 chappies) and will be released next week. Sorry, jason. You’re not the evilest of the bunch this time XD

Anyway, link’s below as usual, you slave drivers!


Enjoy folks!

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