Starship Chapter 190

Chapter Count for the Week: 5 out of 6

Hi guys. Here’s our fifth chapter for the week. Sorry for the delay. A car bulldozed a couple of powerlines over here in an accident and we only got power and net connection back a few minutes ago. To make it up, I’ll be posting two chapters today, so you’ll still get your fix guys.


Enjoy folks!

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  1. Thanks Baka ♥ I do really need myu fix

  2. I hope there are no serious injuries in the accident.

  3. Lol, like in GTA?

    Something like that happened some years ago in a intersection close to me. Regularly, a vehicle would crash into the sidewalk and take out some poles with traffic lights, disabling the entire system of the intersection.

    The funny part, this usually happened just after new traffic lights were installed.

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