Starship Chapter 193

Chapter Count for the Week: 2 out of 5

Hi guys. Here’s our second bonus chapter for the week courtesy of Nathanial Y. My hip is finally free of pain and my internet connection is no longer slow as heck (It seriously couldn’t even load a webpage these past couple of hours…) so here’s a long-awaited and much-agonized update. Believe me, I was sweating buckets for the entire day because I couldn’t deliver your fix T_T But now I’m back and the Patreon folders will finally, FINALLY be updated. A million apologies to all the subscribers T_T

To make it up, I decided to release two chapters each for Saturday and Sunday. Another chapter will be up in a few hours, but let me finish updating the Patreon folders first. Give me a few hours for that at most because I still have to finish where I left off and make sure everything is coherent. But it won’t take long.


Enjoy folks!

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  1. Glad to hear (read) that your health is getting better.
    About your internet, maybe they filmed another ‘Sharknado’ nearby, so some cables got bit 😀

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