Chapter 11 – Interlude: Raiotto’s training ~today I’m also (half-forced) lively~


Translator: Luk2048

“Until you clean the strewn throughout the town debris, you’re to pull this cart with all your strength. I won’t let you rest till there isn’t a single piece of debris, even on the walls.”

After this order from Master Ariante, Raiotto’s respite time completely disappeared. Moreover, the one responsible, after passing down that absurd command has swiftly went to the dojo while saying “I also have to train other adventurers”. Quite the liberal treatment.

And now, throwing the words of encouragement from the back of the rickshaw was—―

“Raio~tto, it’s almost time for your medicine ♡ Actually, it’s an exceptional product! If one drinks just a liiittle bit of this, they don’t have to eat or sleep for 3 days!”

It was an alchemist. She was dressed in a purple cloak, with dubious bracelets and necklaces jingling loudly. Becoming of Ariante’s acquaintances, there were many such fellows switching and keeping watch over him.

Incidentally, yesterday it was a white sorceress launching at whim mysterious rays of light from her seat. Every time a ray of light hit him, fatigue would vanish unbelievably and he’d be full of vigour, but when that effect disappeared, the tiredness hit him twice as hard. Furthermore, every time when he was suffering from the twofold weariness, she wouldn’t cast another one. When he looked back, he could’ve seen her smirking, so it must have been her idea of harassment.

As soon as he stopped the cart to pick up the debris, the alchemist nimbly caught Raiotto in a nelson hold and brought near his mouth a flask with green liquid. Although the surrounding temperature should’ve been normal, a viscous liquid just like lava was seething inside.

“It’s okay! I’m not yet tired at all! I don’t need this medicine!”

“You can’t push yourself too hard~. Here~, there’s no need to be afraid of medicine~.”

A sinister green something was stuffed into his mouth all at once.

“U… Ugu! Guaa!”

The taste couldn’t be put into words. It was neither bitter, sweet, sour nor spicy. If one had to somehow express it, it’d be a “ruthless and cruel taste”. Moreover, due to its stickiness one wasn’t even able to vomit. In the time Raiotto freed himself and was crawling on all fours with a blue face, the alchemist was recording something down on a parchment. It seemed he was being used as a good human experiments subject.

In addition, without a moment of rest, a hand was placed on his shoulder.

“You came, boy. Good timing. I was just about to begin demolition of the partially destroyed homes. There will be quite a lot of debris, carry it all outside the town’s walls.”

It was a male martial artist with both of his arms wrapped in bandages. On his upper body there was nothing except those bandages. Raiotto judged him as an exhibitionist who only wanted to flash his muscles.

“Look, at least let me do some demolition work too… I’ve had enough of running…”

“No way. It’d be dangerous for a child like you. Come on, it’s close to this street.”

When he pulled his cart for a short distance, a scorched, on the verge of ruins house appeared. As soon as the martial artist smirked, he threw himself earnestly at the ruins while kicking and punching repeatedly. The ruins turned into debris right before one’s eyes. While running quite a dazzling sweat, he said.

“Aaah! Feeling of pure destruction transmitted to these fists and legs! Precisely this is the essence of martial arts!”

It was an insult to martial arts. Although Raiotto hasn’t gotten any accomplishments in arts, he was sure of that.

“Well now, Raiotto~. Stop spacing out and start picking up the debris. Or maybe you got tired? Do you want your elder sister to give you another medicine~?”

“Uwah! I’m great, full of spirit! I’ll pick it up, I will!”

Actually, his body moved awfully quickly. Even though he was still picking up debris, it felt like his body moved twice as fast. The frightening thing was, the alchemist was still recording down his condition in great detail. Without a doubt it had to be the effect of that medicine. Just the thought of what side effects would come from this moment forward could make one shudder.

The martial artist (pervert), who destroyed the house in the blink of an eye, came speaking surrounded with the stench of sweat.

“You’re lucky, boy, since you get to take the unlimited training course prepared by Miss Ariante. The ones who complete this course, no matter how much talent they lack, will always become first-rate warriors. I’m already looking forward to see your future self. When you get top notch skills, please have a bout with me.”

“… Setting aside sparring, are you for real? I’ll really become strong with this careless training?”

“In theory, if one keeps putting burden on his body and then recovering, one’s body will continue strengthening. Of course, if one does such harsh training, there’s a risk of dying along the way, but that’s exactly what she’s here for.”

At once the alchemist gave thumbs up. ‘Won’t I die because of their medicine or magic?’. He decided to leave his doubts for later.

“Well, sometimes it’s too harsh for the body and the heart stops, but――”

In response to the following words, which sounded like a death sentence, any kind of facial expression disappeared from Raiotto’s face.



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