Chapter 132: The load is too heavy for me


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「I can’t be the Shrine Maiden? Why?」

「Rather than why, you tell me the reason why you decided to be one.」

The place where I parted with Yoro-san is at the back of the research institute building.

It seems that I was just right on time to rush to the cathedral. If I was just a little bit slower, they might check Yoro-san’s identity and he won’t be permitted to be in the country anymore.

「Listen, okay? They are looking for a girl to be the Shrine Maiden, and one has to be a believer in the god of this country as well, okay? Yoro-san is a big rugged man. And didn’t Yoro-san just defeat one of that god’s subordinates as well?」

「Dragon. What is the value of such an old-fashioned ritual that is following precedents and tradition? I think it is worthwhile to take an innovative view and enter a new era.」

「Even if you argue with me, it won’t change the reality. Also that is not even an argument.」

After hearing my words, Yoro-san looked at the cathedral while gritting his teeth.

「If I can’t become the Shrine Maiden, then there is only one thing left that I can do. There is no other choice but to take all the people in this city hostage and threaten that god…」

「Wait, please have more flexibility in your ideas. Don’t just suddenly go to the extremely radical route.」

I desperately try to hold back and soothe Yoro-san, who is trying to go into the city with lightning in his hands.

「Ah, that’s right. If the candidates gather from all over the country, doesn’t that mean Rēko can secretly infiltrate it? If you enter the cathedral during the ceremony, you could hear the voice of god.」

I thought that was a good idea, but then I saw Rēko’s face, with her mouth closed tight and a blatantly disgusted face.

It is extremely rare for Rēko to look like this in response to something I propose.

「I am very sorry, but I only worship Evil Dragon-sama. Even if it is only once, it is emotionally difficult for me to worship the god here even if it’s just acting.」

「Ah, I see. Well, I remember that you are not good at acting anyway.」

If her acting is as bad as that time at Peryudōna, then it will be bad. If she gets tired of all of it and shouts “This country has received Evil Dragon-sama!” it will be over.

「After all, I want to devote myself to listening to Evil Dragon-sama’s oracle. If I listen carefully, I can still hear a part of it—”Destroy. Destroy. Engrave death and destruction to this world.” like that.」

「That is the voice of a third party who is neither me nor god. I think it is a dangerous person, so can you block the voice so that you can’t hear it again?」


Perhaps Yoro-san believed Rēko’s words, as he put his hand to his ear and tilted his head. Even if you do that, you won’t hear any voice. It is just Rēko’s usual delusion.

However, this is troubling. I can’t think of any alternative idea that will make Yoro-san refrain from doing anything stupid. If there are no other good ideas, Yoro-san will try using force again. Even though Rēko is already bad enough with plans like that.

「Well, what are we going to do, dragon? If you don’t have a good idea, I’ll act on my own judgement. Ah, that’s right. First of all, to alter my appearance, it will be completely appropriate to tie a ribbon to my helmet. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll use force.」

「Ugh…is that such a big difference in impression…」

Why would you think you can cheat the strict guarding with something like a ribbon? Looks like he became a bit naive because it is just his 4th day of reincarnation and his memory isn’t perfect yet.

And then, Rēko suddenly got on my back.

「Evil Dragon-sama. Only Evil Dragon-sama can be relied on in this situation. If this airhead Demon King is no good, and I am also no good, in that case— then Evil Dragon-sama can infiltrate as a Shrine Maiden candidate.」

「I am the most ineligible right? After all I am not human.」

「What are you saying? The qualification for a Shrine Maiden did not include “Being a human being”.」

「I think it was omitted because it’s just the natural premise.」

However, Rēko continued and clenched her fist in excitement.

「”A young maiden with magical power”, the condition fits perfectly. The might of Evil Dragon-sama’s magical power is so great that everyone in the world is afraid of it, and Evil Dragon-sama has infinite lifespan, which means eternal youth. It’s perfect. It is almost like the condition is made for Evil Dragon-sama.」

「What about gender?」

「Come on, Evil Dragon-sama. Please make a decision.」

「What about my gender?」

My question passed through Rēko naturally as she probably thought it was just a trivial matter. I was probably male. I am not really confident as I never met anyone of my kind but, I… I think I was probably male.

「Um, Rēko. That kind of thing is just unreasonable—」

「I see.」

Before I could start arguing with Rēko, Yoro-san nodded greatly.

「It seems that I myself have not abandoned my preconception. It does certainly make sense for you. For this dragon—is a perfect candidate for the Shrine Maiden.」

「That didn’t make sense at all though? That is such loose categorization you know?」

「Naturally. The great potential of Evil Dragon-sama makes it possible to respond to any situation. There no such thing as being unable to solve such a problem.」

The conversation between Rēko and Yoro-san is strangely smooth, probably because their wavelengths uselessly matched with each other. He naturally believes in Rēko’s exaggerated remarks, which are usually very unbelievable.

Well, it is probably just because Yoro-san is easy to deceive.

「Um, Yoro-san. I’ll do something about it, so can you believe in me and stand down? Please don’t do anything extra.」

「Umu, leave it to me.」

However, even though it is easy to say, the lie will gradually progress to an irredeemable level.

For the time being, I said something like “leave it to me” to make him return to the bar, but this will only postpone the problem for a little while. This kind of situation will make me cry.

「Rēko, will you secretly monitor Yoro-san, so he can get back to the bar without making any detour?」

「I don’t think that kind of thing is in need of worry.」

「This is just in case. Just go for the time being.」


With some proper excuse, I removed Rēko from the scene, then I started to walk to the cathedral again.

It is out of the question that I will be accepted as a Shrine Maiden candidate, but I will just go and ask if I could see the ceremony just for a bit.

If I could enter the cathedral during the ceremony, then there might be a chance.

「Outsiders are off-limits. Please understand.」

「As I thought…」

I’m gonna cry.

I thought that this would happen, but the mental damage is still great.

At the fountain in front of the cathedral, I was at a losswhile drinking the unfortunately discolored water, when someone softly stood beside me.

The person was ridiculously small.

I thought it was Rēko for a moment, but the person was two times smaller than her. A girl that is about 5 or 6 years old, wearing a white nun-like cloak.

「Nee, Dragon-san. What’s wrong? Why are you crying?」

With round eyes, she asked anxiously.

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