Chapter 145 – The single hope that disappeared


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「I decline immediately! It is not just a matter of “Aha, you’re a god now!”, I am not a god nor have a duty to be one!」

「Don’t be humble, Evil Dragon-sama. It might be true that Evil Dragon-sama specializes as the God of Destruction, but I am sure Evil Dragon-sama can demonstrate extraordinary skills as a God who governs a country.」

「Rēko, I thank you for your encouragement, but please don’t start making a fictitious personal career and widen my wounds, please.」

I looked at Kami-sama while trembling. She is laying down on the plains while saying 『I am glad…』, and she looked like a different person.

「Nee, Kami-sama, did you actually meant what you said just now?」

『It’s fine, it’s fine. Even I don’t have anything more to do after leaving it to the thunder god and holy beasts as my pawns. And you should be able to leave everything to this strong little girl here. It is a simple job that anyone can do, I mean it’s just using your name as the god after all. Get excited and try it.』

「You should never say that to the Shrine Maiden girl you are possessing or to other believers alright?」

There will be no faith nor shit if that happens.

There are a lot of differences between the Saintess of Seren who worked hard to protect her town and this powerful god that collects faith from the whole country, and yet still proceeds to leave the country’s protection to his subordinates.

「But Kami-sama, why did you want to retire then if it is just a simple job?」

『Because I’m going to sleep.』


Kami-sama’s reason is straightforward, and is kinda hard to argue. And perhaps knowing she is using too few words to explain, she started explaining again.

『This country is a huge volcanic island. And I was born as a God when a shrine is built for the volcano.』

「Volcano…that sound powerful.」

When we crossed the sea, I saw with my own eyes that the coastline of this land seems endlessly growing. If a land of this size is a volcano, any eruption is going to be tremendous.

If a full-scale eruption occurred, the whole world might be hit by a natural disaster.

「Well, it is powerful, but it won’t be for long.」

「It won’t?」

『Yep. Magma hasn’t come to me lately. And it feels like the volcano has entered a dormant period. Thanks to that, I am feeling sleepier and sleepier. And it’s also why I can’t honestly be the opponent of that idotic armor.』

It is true I can’t smell any gas in spite of this place being a volcano, and I also cannot see any place where the white smoke of steam is rising. She seems to be telling the truth when she says she is going dormant.

『Oh, this is great, this is great. Even though you are old, you understand quickly. Well, maybe not everyone will be fine with it if you become the god, but you are big, you look dignified, and your subordinates seem to be strong enough. Can you do it, please?』

I’m holding my head silently.

By the way, Rēko is excitedly writing and composing a national anthem beside me. I have to make sure that this horrific song never sees the light of the day.

「If the god of the country change suddenly, the people won’t accept it, right?」

 『There is no need for them to accept it. You are an Evil Dragon, so it should be fine if you forcibly declare control. If there is someone complaining, you should just shut him down on the spot as an example.』

「You, you really understand. I like it.」

Rēko smiled wickedly while doing her musical activities. I can not believe this. A person who is practically a God has the same level of thinking as this child.

Yoro-san feels like he belongs to the moderate sect as the Demon King, but I feel like this person belongs to the radical sect as a God.

I clear my throat and straighten up my spine.

「Are you sure it’s fine, Kami-sama? You should have told this important story to your subordinates or friends first, not a passing person. You should inform the Cardinal. You should tell them “ I am going to sleep,” and consult with them who is going to inherit your place as the god while you sleep.」

『Well, there is going to be a big fuss if I say that.』

「Won’t it make a lot of fuss too if you retire without saying anything?」

However, Kami-sama closed her ears with her hands saying ”Dunno dunno, can’t hear you.” My impression of the innocent Shrine Maiden girl has changed into a wicked villain.

At that moment, Rēko got on my back.

「Well then, Evil Dragon-sama. If you decide to do so, let’s go back to the capital and declare control. It would be a little ridiculous and it would seem like we are piggybacking on the false kin’s incitement, but this is one of the times when all of those fools are afraid of Evil Dragon-sama. And hey God, you should accompany us and declare full power delegation to Evil Dragon-sama.」

『Okkie dokkie.』

「It is not okkie dokkie. Isn’t it the worst thing to do for a person to take advantage of someone when they are scared?」

I desperately try to preach humanity to them. When you think about it, I am not a human, but the way I’m thinking is the most human-like out of everyone here. And Rēko is lacking in humanity too much.

「And Kami-sama. Right now, there are more important things to do than appointing a successor right? Yoro-san is here, and the fake kin who is an executive of the Demon King’s army is also here… Kami-sama, isn’t this the time where you should appear and reassure everyone? 」

『Not really. You can just leave the idiot armor alone, and the fake king is your problem, not mine.』

「Is it okay to just leave Yoro-san alone?」

「The stalker won’t do anything if you leave him alone.」

That is correct thinking.

It is unlikely that he will be violent if left alone, so it is probably the safest measure to just keep a proper distance. But I wonder why, I feel strangely sympathetic. To think that a day where I feel like this toward a Demon King would come.

『And if that idiot started to be noisy, just say that I will be back in a million years. He will just quietly wait like a cat.』

I shockingly looked at the God who said that while laying on the ground.


「No it’s nothing. It’s just that, you strangely trust him even though you are enemies. It’s as if you are friend with each other.」

『Friends won’t ask for a duel to the death.』

That’s right.

However, I can’t feel any negative feelings such as resentment from Kami-sama nor Yoro-san. They look like friends who are bad at each other.

「Ah, by the way, can you tell me how you and Yoro-san fought?」

Rēko might fight on that scale in the future. And in order to do that, I need to prepare in advance and train my heart.

But as soon as I asked that, Kami-sama clearly frowned.

「E, eeto. Did I say something wrong? Well, it’s okay if you didn’t want to answer that…」

『I also have a thing to ask, what is the story behind that little girl becoming so strong?』

Ah, she is changing the topic.

I try not to change my facial expression as much as possible from that bad attempt to change the topic. It seems like Kami-sama did not want to say anything about the battle with Yoro-san.

「About Rēko’s magical power… can you listen for a bit?」


I then tell Kami-sama about my hypothesis about the source of Rēko’s magical power. About how the negative emotion of “The fear of the Evil Dragon” all over the world is flowing into Rēko as a huge amount of magical power. 

And also the reason as to why I came to this country in the first place: to find the method to stop the flow.

I was expecting Kami-sama to give me some advice, but I never thought that such a ridiculous sentence would come from Kami-sama who has heard everything.

『That reasoning is wrong. No matter how I look at it, that magical power is yours.』

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