Chapter 146 – The Devil’s Whisper


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『Ou. A normal person probably wouldn’t understand it, but it‘s just obvious for a god like me. It’s not a magical power that comes from outside, but purely your magical power.』

I slowly tapped my cheeks with my front legs.

『What are you doing?』

「If it’s a dream, I want to wake up already.」

『It’s reality, so accept it. So, did that kid have a special training or background?』

「No…she just suddenly awakened…」

Kami-sama stared at Rēko. Then she put her hand on her chin, tilted her head, and nodded as if she had given up.

『Yup. Let’s just stop thinking about it. Hm?』

「Why did you stop thinking about that after you threw a bomb so easily?」

『Then let just say that you are a genius.』

What a shallow conclusion.

Although I came to this country with the hope to cure Rēko, the fact that “It was my doing” was thrust onto me so ruthlessly.

Shivering at the cruelty of the world, I started eating the grass around here for the time being. The vegetation here is unique since this place is an island country, and the grass is surprisingly delicious with a flavor that I have never tasted before. There might be some worth in trying this in various ways…

「Hah! No, no, no. Almost escaped from reality there.」

『Your face went sullen in two seconds… Even if you are worried about it, it’s not really a big deal. Just take it easy.』

「It is a big deal. She always goes around making a dangerous fuss, and it’s even worse when she goes out of control.」

『But aren’t you guys just fine?』

「It is not just an “all right” result.」

I am really serious about it, but Kami-sama didn’t think of it as such a big problem. He is just looking at Rēko with a bitter smile.

At this moment, Rēko is gathering together the holy beasts while saying 「You will be Evil Dragon-sama’s servants from now on. So chew on your honor and cry. Oops, don’t get me wrong, but servant and kin are different things. The position of the kin of Evil Dragon-sama is not easily given…」

The holy beasts don’t seem to really understand what Rēko is saying, and although they were gathered in front of Rēko, they don’t seem to be listening to her. Some wolves are obviously having a nap right now.

『She might be a little malicious, but the content is just some ordinary kid. It won’t be a huge problem as long as the guardian watches her properly.』

「I don’t have that kind of confidence.」

『If so, be confident from now on. You were holding the reins of that idiot armor, and I think that is a good thing. Though admittedly there was the time when you guys blew up the quarry, the thought “these idiots” came to mind.』

「Oh, so you were watching.」

『Well, if it is to the extent of blowing up a quarry, it’s cheap. If that idiot armor goes wild seriously, it won’t be strange if the whole country is scorched. Originally, he can do that much.』

「Isn’t it strange for Yoro-san to do that?」

『It’s not strange. He is a Demon King after all.』

「That’s right, huh…」

I am feeling a little complicated.

Yoro-san might not look like that right now, but he may have a more vicious side of him when he is called the Demon King.

『And more than that, before you trust that idiot armor, you should trust that little kid first.』

「No, I do think that Rēko is a good girl, but that strength is just too powerful…」

『I do think we better include that little runt in this talk. Oii!』

Kami-sama suddenly called Rēko over. At this moment, Rēko is in the middle of trying to make the holy beasts dance to the provisional national anthem she made.

「What is it all of a sudden?」

『Well now, just stay here a little bit…and listen to a story from your Evil Dragon…』


「Oi, Kami-sama!」

What am I going to say? There is a danger that Rēko will run out of control if too much information is blown to her.

I was panicking, but Kami-sama just started stroking Rēko’s head.

『Since he is such a good old man and all, cherish him fully, okay?』

Since the possessed shrine maiden girl is actually younger than Rēko, there is just this strange picture of her trying to reach out to Rēko’s head rather than stroking it. However, considering Kami-sama’s age, it isn’t a funny scene at all.

「What are you talking about? There is no one in this world who cherishes Evil Dragon-sama more than I do.」

Kami-sama started laughing in front of Rēko who was puffing her cheeks. I am just glad that no serious provocation happened. It just looked like she lightly scolded Rēko like what a God would do.

Kami-sama’s words are rough, but she is surprisingly a solid person.

And at the same time I thought of that, Kami-sama put her arm around Rēko’s shoulder and her face became a blatantly villainous face.

『And that’s why jou-chan. To fulfill your filial piety to your old man, please do your best to put the Evil Dragon on the throne of God.』

「Naturally. I cannot afford to miss this opportunity for Evil Dragon-sama to climb to higher heights.」

I immediately canceled my recognition of Kami-sama’s character.

I wonder why strange people always gather around me.

Around the same time, at the Cathedral’s dungeon.

The demon that was once calling himself as the Demon King—and now Yoro is sitting on the cobblestone of the prison.

The prison is covered with protection magic, but for him, it is only as strong as thin paper. However, he did not show any sign of jailbreaking.

All he wanted was to have a rematch with God. He did not wish for unnecessary destruction.

If he waited a little longer, the people of the church, including the Cardinal, will come to him to talk: at that time, he will be able to negotiate for a place to contact God. A new shrine maiden was found, so there should be no problem.

But then—

The dungeon should be unmanned, but the candlelight suddenly shook slightly. When Yoro looked up, the shadow of a black robe, which was not there a moment ago, appeared in the darkness.

「You…did you come here to repent?」

A demon that calls himself the Evil Dragon’s kin.

Yoro did not know what kind of person he is, but he is probably not a good guy. Yoro readied up some thunder on his palm and was just about to step out of the prison, but before that, the fake kin began to speak.

「Previous Demon King. I have come here to talk.」

「I have no ear to listen to you. This time, I will make sure you turn into ash.」

However, without being disturbed by Yoro’s warlike world even a little, the fake kin turns his gaze straight at Yoro.

And quietly spoke without any feelings nor intonation.

「—then, do you have any ear that will listen to my plan to set the stage for a duel between you and the god?」

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