Chapter 150 – Dragon from a fairy tale


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—Evil Dragon Rēvendia is a fictional existence.

As I am not a real evil dragon, that statement is correct.

Maybe there is a real Rēvendia-san somewhere in the world, but that is unlikely.

It’s hard to imagine that the location of such a mighty being is completely forgotten. And if there is a person who calls himself Rēvendia(along with his kin Rēko) that is rampaging this much, he should have shown some movement.

But so far, the real Rēvendia-san hasn’t shown his shape nor shadow.

「Um, Ria, why do you think it fictitious?」

「Ettone, in the old tales, it is said that Evil Dragon Rēvendia has already lived in the world long before humans were born. And that a long time ago, there were two suns in this world, and the world is in perpetual day. However, the hungry evil dragon went and ate one of the suns. That is why night existed in this world, and the moon is the leftover food at that time.」

「That story has such a big scale.」

When I was just carefreely listening, I suddenly had a bad premonition and I turned to look at Rēko. Then as I expected, she was fufufu-ing ominously.


「And the technique of shooting the entire energy of the sun that he swallowed that time is Evil Dragon-sama’s ultimate secret technique.」

「Calm down Rēko. It is just a myth from posterity. I have a cat tongue, you see? Don’t you think it’s strange that I was eating a sun?」

「I see. Come to think of it, Evil Dragon-sama does have a cat tongue.」

I somehow managed to stop the construction of a new setting by a hair’s breadth.

Basically, my regular diet is wild grass, so I’m not tolerant of hot food. Occasionally, Rēko would make a vegetable soup, and I would have mine at a slightly lukewarm temperature. Such daily situations have come to help.

I turned back to face Ria.

「That is quite an exaggerated story.」

「Un, because sun and moon is always moving, right?」

I nodded. I don’t know much about astronomy, but I do know the movement of the sun and moon were too fast for even a dragon.

This alone would be enough to serve as the basis that the story is “fictitious”, but Ria continued talking.

「And the name too.」

「The name?」

「Un. For example, there was a demon king who fought against Kami-sama a long time ago.」

It’s Yoro-san.

While I was starting to feel tense, Ria picked up a tree branch and started to write characters on the ground. It is a calligraphy consisting of three characters.

『Thunder Armor Ragan』(雷剛鎧ラーガン).

It was Yoro-san’s previous name, which the Cardinal said before.

「It is normal to name a monster with a calligraphy character that shows it’s nature like this. It’s been a long time since Kami-sama fought against the demon king, but it’s already a custom at that time. But the name Rēvendia isn’t like that isn’t it?」

「Ah, come to think of it, that’s right.」

「Un. That’s why I wonder if he really is a demon…」

Kuragari wolves(暗明狼). Kurikurikōbe(繰首頭). Water demon(水魔). Hollow(虚). Sousou(操々). Now that I think about it, all the demons I’ve met fits that notation. Only Rēvendia (レーヴェンディア) did not. 

There is also Doradora(ドラドラ), but that is just a name that Rēko gave to him. I’ll exclude that since he probably has a real name.

And along with that, there is a big contradiction if it said that Rēvendia existed before humans were born.

Ariante said that demons are born from the negative emotions of humans. Based on that, “Evil Dragon” shouldn’t be able to exist without humans.

But of course, Rēko’s belief didn’t even move an atom from this level of talk.

「Fu. Evil Dragon-sama is always out of standards. Evil Dragon-sama is the one and only existence that has reigned since the time of the creation of the world, common sense of ordinary demons won’t work on him.」

「I think I have been able to appreciate your positive thinking a bit more recently.」

「I’m grateful.」

Then, Ria walks between me and Rēko.

「Everyone in the city thinks that Dragon-san is Rēvendia, right? Why did that happen?」

「I don’t exactly know…」

I need to hide the fact that the fake kin is here. Saying that such a powerful demon is hiding around would only unnecessarily scare her.

Ria suddenly put her hands together and entered the praying posture.

「But don’t worry Dragon-san. I just remembered that Kami-sama did tell me how to resolve the misunderstanding: Tie up the people that complain by strength.」

「Ria. Do you understand what kind of dangerous remarks you are saying?」

「It’s not unreasonable that one would think it’s dangerous, because this statement requires a very esoteric interpretation.」

Ria, who has already begun to show the piety of a priest, continues with ecstatic expression.

「There is no doubt that “strength” means “do your best” . This is Kami-sama’s thankful words, which would mean 「If Dragon-san does his best to persuade everyone, everyone will surely believe him」.」

「What about “tie up”?」

「Believes in His words and look forward, as it will surely shed the light of hope.」

「What about “tie up”?」

Ignoring my biggest question, Ria looks like she is shining brilliantly. 「I see」mutters Rēko as she listens from the side.

If you think about why I have a sense of déjà vu, she is basically the reverse pattern of Rēko’s usual twist. She purifies Kami-sama’s evil remarks with a favorable twist with only a partial thought.

The same wavelength Rēko crouched in front of Ria and sat down for discussion.

「If so, let’s have a strategy meeting. Normally, the dignity of Evil Dragon-sama can’t be hidden no matter what one does, but it may be possible to hide it if we showed our full potential.」

「Un! Let’s do our best! Dragon-san is kind, so I’m sure that everyone will understand!」

I am still a bit worried, but I was a little relieved by Ria’s words. If someone would look at me without any strange preconceptions, maybe everyone would treat me like this.

However, there is a sense of discomfort at the same time.

All the humans I met so far in this journey believed that Evil Dragon Rēvendia existed. Even someone strong like Ariante suspected that I was an Evil Dragon at first, and I think that even children the same age as Ria know the existence of the Evil Dragon. The Cardinal himself believes that Evil Dragon Rēvendia is real so it’s unlikely that the church is teaching people that it’s not.

Even though it’s like that.

Why is it only this child can accurately recognize that Evil Dragon Rēvendia doesn’t exist?

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