Chapter 153 – When In Trouble, A Friend Will Help


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The quiet scenery of the plains flows at an incredible speed.

The ball goes on forever, leaving my screams and tears behind.

Normally, I should have fallen on the ground already…

But I can’t, because my body is supported by an invisible power.

And because it is impossible to actually be on top of the ball right now, my whole body is slightly floating above the surface of the ball.

When I look back behind me, I can see Rēko and the holy beasts running and following me. However, the speed of the ball is overwhelmingly faster. What a wasteful advanced technique.

「No! Please stop it somehow!」

Perhaps the magic in this ball is considered auxiliary magic like the「Shadow Twin Wings」, which is why even if I touch it, the magic power is not invalidated.

Then the only way to stop it is to break the ball.

I activated Hunt God’s black claws. Then I stretch it towards the ball.


The moment they touched it, the claws flicked away in an instant. There was not even a slight change on the ball.

I turned around to see Rēko was still a bit away from me, then I whispered to the black claw.

「Um, Hunt God? Can you hear me? I am in a desperate pinch right now, so can you please help?」

I remember that the Hunt God watches over me from these claws.

In an unlikely event, he could help me. And right now, where attack power is needed but mine is insufficient, it’s the time to ask for help.

As if responding to my plight, a voice slightly echoed from the claws.

『Can’t……too far……good luck……』

Although it was fragmentary, I could somehow understand what he was saying.

「Please do something somehow! Isn’t it your principle that anything can be done with enough spirit!? This time too, please do something somehow with spirit!」


「Ah, sorry. Your voice is really small and I can’t hear it clearly.」

『Idiot. Don’t try to deceive.』

His voice is clearer now. Maybe this is the effect of the Hunt God’s spirit.

「Anyway, Hunt God please help me! All you need to do is to attack it once!」

『Something impossible is impossible. But…just wait a bit…at that place, there is…』

「Hunt God !? Hunt God!?」


Hunt God’s voice gradually became quiet and then it ceased.

My liver freezes in despair.

While that is happening, the wall of the capital is approaching from a distance. I should have flown away at a considerable speed when we retreated last time, but to think that I would arrive here in such a short time.

And not only that, a group of magicians that seem to be church associates can be seen coming together in a tight formation.

If the ball keeps rolling, its course will break through their formation and straight to the capital.

It looked like a beehive.

「Uuh, I should have eaten more grass before I got on the ball… I didn’t think that something like this was going to happen…」

I never expected that the end of my 5000 year old life would be “Death because I couldn’t get off from riding a fast paced ball”.

It is so ridiculous that if I had heard my cause of death a while ago, I would have laughed while saying「You’re kidding. There is no way I would die in such a strange way」. Turns out I actually will die in such a strange way.

「—Confirm the target!」

The magicians who are protecting the capital noticed me and readied up all of their weapons at once. However, they are not attacking. When I was wondering if they were in a ‘wait and see’ state or something, someone who looked like their commander shouted in a loud voice.

「Evil Dragon Rēvendia! You who has kidnapped our Shrine Maiden as a hostage, what is your purpose!」

As I thought, the story went that way.

It is making me mourn in my heart, but when I think calmly, this might be an opportunity in a sense. Until they can confirm the safety of Ria, they won’t attack me that easily.

「Err, it is a misunderstanding. I did not kidnap her. Ria came to us with a relaxed manner.」

「Lies! Then stop the invasion of the capital right now! Stop that new weapon of yours at your feet!」

His argument is way too good and I have nothing to say back.

Someone that is going at a tremendous speed into a formation is most likely an enemy. No one would have believed that it was a ball for riding, not a weapon.

「Looks like there is no room for negotiations! It can’t be helped— we will show you our strength! 」

「Wait, wait, wait! There is only room for negotiations! I am just negotiating!」

Of course, there is no way they’ll believe that. The mages pointed their weapons at me and magic power began to accumulate at the tip of their weapons.

Then, the direction of the ball suddenly changed.

The route that was straight toward the capital before began to change back to the way I came, like drawing a small circle.

When I looked at my feet wondering what happened, there was a change on my black claws.

A thread of light is extending from the black claws. The thread, which is somehow familiar, “Manipulated” the ball and forcibly changed its route.


「Nee, Rēvendia…are you in trouble…? need my help…?」

And when I heard a voice coming from the black claw, I clearly remembered who the owner of the thread was.

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