Chapter 154 – The Result of Everyone Combining Their Powers (Ver 2)


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「Oh… it’s been a long time, Sousou-san. How are you…?」

『Ah, I’m fine… I’m here because I heard the very very kind Evil Dragon-sama’s cry of help, you see?』

My whole body began to tremble from hearing that eerie voice. I know that she is not a bad person(demon), but I still can’t get rid of my uneasiness. I feel like I have been targeted for life.

「So you have become friends with the God of Hunt, huh?」

The proof is that Sousou sent her thread of salvation here immediately when I asked for help from God of Hunt.

『Fu, fun. I didn’t become friends with him. I just happened to pass by the cave, so I just stopped by.』

『Great help. Thanks to her, this cave, very prosperous.』


I never knew Hunt God’s cave was doing business.

『Hunting Training. Recently, many people came.』

「Oh, training. But why is it prosperous thanks to Sousou-san?」

『She is a rabbit. A rabbit is, a target for hunting.』

It is true that Sousou-san’s original appearance is a stuffed rabbit. SInce it more or less imitates an animal, maybe as a target for hunting practice?

『It seems that that red haired female knight spread rumors of me in her city. “A cave where you can train with a former Demon King army’s executive,” she says. And now stupid people wait in line for me everyday even though I am already so busy fufufu…』

A bit of eeriness faded from Sousou-san’s voice and I could feel that she was in a good mood. It seems that she is having a good time.

And when I was feeling relieved,

「The Evil Dragon has begun to move strangely! He might be activating the mysterious weapon at his feet!」

「Release the restraints and attack! Never let him approach the city!」

The magicians whose existence I have completely forgotten fired attack magic from their weapons towards me. Attacks composed of flames, wind blades, thunder, and gravel approached me like big waves. 

「A, ahhh! Wait a minute, I don’t feel like fighting!」

Even if I shouted in protest, the attacks that have been launched would not  stop. A surface suppressing attack with seemingly no escape will crush me.

And then, the ball at my feet was covered in threads.

The ball is something that is given inexhaustible kinetic energy by Rēko, it has a tremendous rolling speed. If precise operation by the hands of Sousou-san is added to that…

The ball went through a complicated trajectory like a snake, and snuck through the slight gap from the wave attacks unscratched.

「…oh, I’m alive…?」

『Of course. I avoided it.』

「Un. Thank you very much Sousou-san. I’ll make sure I repay you someday.」

『By the way, why does “Evil Dragon Rēvendia” who is equal to the Demon King need my help for these attacks?』

My smile and face froze.

That’s right. Sousou-san still thinks that I was an awesome dragon that was the top of the Demon King’s army executive until the end.

『Or did you just got caught off guard? Is that it, Rēvendia? You are the strongest dragon right…? If not, why did I lose to you before…?』

「T- that’s right! I was just caught off guard, usually I would just easily blown away their attacks.」

I started making excuses in a cold sweat. However, a grave was dug for me in the other direction.

「Do you hear that! He is provoking us because our attacks don’t work! Let’s do it again with stronger attacks!」

Only the worst part is heard by the magicians. In a hurry, I turned to them.

「It’s, it’s different! I am a harmless and quiet lizard! Can you guys retract your shining weapons?」

『Hee… Rēvendia. That’s the first time I heard that.』

「Ahh! It’s different, it’s different Sousou-san! I am certainly a strong dragon, but…」

I started to suffer from speaking. If I make an excuse for one, it will stimulate the other.

There is no other choice. It’s either sink or swim, but I’ll have to believe in Sousou-san, confess about everything and ask for forgiveness…

『I’m kidding.』

Suddenly, Sousou-san’s voice became softer.

『I know about it, you know. You were really just weak and you were just misunderstood, right?』

『She, believed it, somehow, or another.』

「S-sorry. I didn’t mean to lie to you. I just didn’t have the opportunity to speak honestly… can you forgive me?」

『It was a shame. Since you made a fool of me, I don’t want to forgive you so easily…』

I was frightened like a lamb, and Sousou-san kept speaking as if handing down death sentences.

「Yeah I decided, I won’t forgive you until you come to me and directly apologize. So don’t say it when you are in trouble. I don’t want you to die somewhere before you can apologize to me, so I’ll lend a hand to you as much as I can.」

That was an anti-climatic comment, but I was very happy about that.

「That means you will help me from now on?」

『So, not, honest.』

『Sh-shut-up! Anyway, what kind of situation do you have!?』

Attacks start coming from the magicians again. However, the ball continues to take splendid evasive maneuvers thanks to Sousou-san.

In the meantime, I’ll summarize the situation and explain it.

Due to the dubious magic of the fake kin, everyone in the capital misunderstood me as an Evil Dragon.

And then in order to resolve it, I tried to disperse their fear by riding a ball.

Then Rēko’s powers made the ball a big shot.

『So that’s how it is… it must have been hard, Rēvendia.』

「Uu. You understand how I feel right? Can you then please release me from this ball as soon as possibl—」

『I understand. I understand how you feel. I also always scare and drive people away until I couldn’t make any friends… I had similar time before…』


I’m confused. The vector of sympathy is different from what I expected.

『Just leave it to me. I’ll show your wonderful ball riding art to the people of that city.』

「Please don’t. It’s plenty of help already if you drop me off or destroy the ball. Why do you suddenly have a Rēko-like thinking? Nee Hunt God, can you stop Sousou-san for me?」

『This is, training, too.』

「Are you a person with that kind of thinking too?!」

Strictly speaking, he is not really a person but a God. And apparently, I have no ally here.

『All right. If we break through the city gate, we will be able to show it in the city. Now… let’s go Rēvendia.』

From there, my vision dyed white from an explosion.

The ball started sneaking around the magicians with a single maneuver, leaving them behind without engaging them. 

『Let’s open it!』

The closed gate was opened without any problem due to the interference of Sousou-san’s thread, and I was forced to enter the capital on top of a ball.

As the gate opened, screams of horror rose from the city, but it was me who screamed the loudest.

「Noooooooo! Someone! Someone help meee! Please stop this baaaaaall!! 」

A lot of residents had a confused 「…?」face when seeing such a dragon.

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