Chapter 190 – Evil Dragon-sama In The Spiritual World  


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「Where, is this…?」

When I woke up I was in a pitch black space.

Because I used to live in a cave, I was a little used to the darkness. However, this darkness where my entire vision was dyed in ink is making a chill run down my spine.

「Err, why did I fall asleep, I wonder? What was I doing…」

The only thing that I can faintly remember is that I was fighting the unidentified dragon. I don’t even remember who won and lost.

While I’m fighting it, my consciousness gradually went away―and I was here before I noticed.

「Eei! In such a case, that’s right! Rēko! Please come here!」

I jumped on the spot and waved my front legs as some kind of signal.

It’s okay. Even if this is the most remote space, Rēko will definitely come pick me up.

But even so, it’s still quiet.

Usually, she would appear out of nowhere in seconds while happily saying “I have come”.

Then, there is a voice.

「Is there something you need, my lord?」

「Ahh, I’m glad you finally came, I was a bit impatient.」

However, what I turned around to see was the white mask of the fake kin floating in the darkness.

「Kyaa! What are you doing here! Ahh! Dream!? It’s a dream isn’t it!? Wake up!」

I started hitting my head against the ground to try to wake myself up, but strangely, the feeling of the ground is so vague that I can’t hit it.

It was as if I was buried in clouds or cotton. It’s almost like when you are running around in a dream on a mysterious unstable footing.

This is a dream as expected.

「It’s not a dream, but it’s not reality either. This place is inside your heart.」

「Err, why is my heart so dark? I feel like… it should have been a forest or a meadow.」

「Don’t say that. I had a lot of trouble getting it up to this point.」

What? I tilted my head then asked.

「But why are you here? I thought Rēko should have defeated you…」

「Yes. I was defeated. Not only I was killed that one time, the concept of death is also completely driven into me that I can’t revive myself.」

「Then this is just a dream right?」

The fake kin shook his head slowly.

「No. You saved me, Rēvendia-sama.」

「I did?」

「Yes. My body is dead, but I am already one with you, because you have eaten me.」

This time, I turned the other way around at full speed.

「Nonono. I’m a herbivore. I don’t have a hobby of eating you. Please don’t bother saying something like what Rēko said.」

「No. You have splendidly ate me. This is the ”lie” that I have prepared.」

The mask melted in the darkness, and the appearance of fake kin suddenly disappeared.

Only his voice echoed throughout the space.

「The saying that ”The Evil Dragon, Rēvendia, is an ancient demon. Despite being in the position of the highest cadre of the Demon King Army, his true power surpasses even the Demon King.“」

The echoing words sank into my head and rang.

「It’s a really bad lie. But fortunately, I had time. Little by little, and I mean really little by little, people started believing in such a silly story, and as the source and governor of that lie, a huge amount of magic power gathered in me.」

「Ahh. That’s right. I always thought that the magic power had gone to Rēko, but it had gone to you.」

Until Enka-san pointed out that “Rēko’s magic power is her own”, I thought that the theory was right. I even set my sights on becoming an evil person in order to guide that magic power to me.

「That means it was you who spread the lie that I was an evil dragon. That’s terrible. Why did you do something that didn’t make sense?」

「Don’t complain to me. It was the first generation of that damn priestly clan who organized this lie.」

「Priest… Ahh, Raiotto’s clan?」

「The founder of that clan was a scammer who tricked people into believing that he was a hero. He created a fake story because he wanted to make a heroic epic in which he had a fight with an evil dragon. And to support that lie, he even created a demon that is me.」

I knew that Raiotto’s ancestors were the origin of that lie, but I didn’t know that the fake kin was created by the first generation.

However, it is a big lie.

If you wanted to make a heroic story anyway, there is probably a way to make it more rugged.

Maybe because we are inside my heart, the fake kin read my dissatisfaction easily.

「That is exactly right. Though, you are also a hopeless fool. Even when he first tried to kill you, he accidentally fell and almost died on his own.」

「Err, does that mean that I was about to be killed?」

「Yes. And you, unawarely treated the seriously injured fool. It’s your main thing, but you were beyond carefree.」

I twist my head and try to dig up my memory.

Come to think of it, there is that one time. I remember taking care of a seriously injured person who had fallen down the cliff into the front of my cave― that person was trying to kill me at that time?

「But it’s ironic. The hero’s lie for glory, went around and created the worst demon.」

「Hm? What do you mean by the worst demon?」

「It’s about you, Evil Dragon Rēvendia-sama. I have returned all of the magic power that I have gathered with the “lie” to you.」

Again and again, I shook my front legs.

「I know. But somehow, I’m not suitable for that. Even when I was weeding with the Saintess, I couldn’t gather any magic power.」

「That’s why I prepared a special ‘bait’ for you to eat, using the magic power that I have accumulated so far.」


「Yes. It’s a bait called “Demon King Army’s Executive”. Unbalanced demons that have a great amount of magic power but are very incompatible with you. Everytime you dismiss them, you gradually approach “The Evil Dragon that is comparable to the Demon King”, and finally, when you made the former Demon King Thunder Armor admit defeat the other day, that becomes the anecdote for the Evil Dragon Rēvendia. An existence, appropriate for the lie.」

Hah! I’m terrified.

「D-Don’t tell me! If all of it were a conspiracy, was Rēko’s power set up by you too!? To become my kin, in order for me to defeat the Demon King――」

「No. I didn’t know anything about that unfortunately. To be clear, her existence is nothing more than irregularity.」

「That’s right, huh.」

「To be honest, it was terrifying because I didn’t know the bottom of her power.」

「I feel you, I feel you. It’s just going to go on forever.」

Maybe Rēko’s power isn’t someone else’s work. There are no schemes or gimmicks, and it is just something beyond the limits of human beings.

That’s why I’m still not in a hurry.

No matter what the situation, Rēko will surely find me. Maybe she is in a little restroom break and that’s why she doesn’t come here right away.

「Do you really think so? This is your heart, you know?」

「It’s normal for that kid to go into a spiritual world like this. She once interrupted me when I was having a thoughtful conversation with the Saintess.」

「Rēko-jou’s power doesn’t work on you. And no, let’s go back to the previous talk.」

The fake kin’s voice echoed from all directions asking me a question.

「――Have you really understood your heart?」

I couldn’t answer immediately. The words of the fake kin continued as if to sew the gap.

「Please be relieved. There is nothing to threaten you here. Quietly, peacefully, and for forever――please stay here.」

I felt like sinking. Looking at my feet, my body was gradually swallowed by the jet black floor.

I can’t resist it.

I don’t have that kind of power. And here, no one is on my side to help me.

The top and bottom, along with left and right disappeared. My consciousness became hazy. But sometimes, I heard the phrase “vegetables” and that almost woke me up, but I still fell asleep in the end. And what felt like a long time passed.

I don’t care about anything anymore.

But then.

「Oi, shitty small fish lizard.」

There was a voice calling me from the edge of the darkness.

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