Chapter 202 – The Jewel Ornament Dagger


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The fake kin that is united with the decaying dragon roared.

It sounded both like a scream and a roar.

「Please leave it to me to clear the attacks. I’ll get rid of all the troubles with our power.」

Rēko erases all the attacks that the fake kin had released in order to intercept us.

She swept aside the ray of light, smashed the claw slashing attack, and simply glared at the innumerable scales that were about to attack us.

「Fake kin-saaaaan――!! Would you please wake uuuuuup――!!」

I called while swirling around, but there was no reaction.

The fake kin that is assimilated into the head of the dragon did not let out any word as its upper body hung down.

He may have still wanted to die as the carcass of the Evil Dragon Rēvendia.

「… Rēvendia. I have something that I want to try.」

At that time, Raiotto said that.

「Something you want to try? Is it persuasive?」

「No. If you can’t persuade him, then I think it’s useless if I do it. But… I have this one idea.」

He didn’t seem to be very confident in his words, so his gaze fell for a moment.

No, maybe it’s because of the silver wind that is protecting me by covering my whole body.

Raiotto, who gulped down, eventually said.

「Rēko. Kill that dragon with that dagger.」


The end of the former god that was once called “ Deception”――The fake kin is in a quiet sleep.

He is already tired of lining up barren lies.

Still, he is happy right now. His lie became a reality, one at a time. He can die as the Evil Dragon Rēvendia just like he wanted.

Does he want it?

Was that really the case?

To make the lie of Evil Dragon Rēvendia real, is it really what that personage wanted?

No. This lie is protecting something――

While sleeping, he suffered from a severely unpleasant headache.

Again, the fake kin drops his consciousness into the darkness. All he has to do is to wait for the remaining magic power to be gone and he will self-destruct. That’s it.

『It was my bad』

At that moment, he heard someone’s voice.

With his consciousness still not awakened yet, the fake kin silently listens to the words.

『I just put a heavy burden on you. I’m disqualified as a scammer after all.』

Who was it? This voice.

『But, just wake up for one more time. That lizard――he will surely help you.』

The voice went away.

As if following that voice, the fake kin regained his consciousness slightly and opened his eyes. The scenery of the outside world jumps into his field of view.

――There was a sword.

The Taizan Katari lizard is flying in the sky heading for him.

And on his back, was a girl holding a big sword with a shape suitable to be called a claw.

It’s the kin girl. It’s Rēko.

The magic power on the dagger with a jewel decoration――not. What is it? Flowing with some kind of unknown energy, it resembled a shining big sword.

So that’s how it is.

So you will stab me with that.

After all, I’m just a lie. Dying from the hands of the real kin, what irony.

However, when he was satisfied and tried to lose his consciousness again, he heard a voice similar to what he heard in his dreams earlier.

「This is, the sword that reached Evil Dragon Rēvendia.」

It was the voice of a blonde boy who was putting his hand on the handle of the big sword.


【The Evil Dragon Rēvendia, suffered only one hand injury in the battle with the hero.】

【But, Rēvendia saw the potential of humans in the wounds carved by the vulnerable humans.】

【And the violent dragon that once raged for blood and flesh had come to be calmed as a silent dragon hiding it’s claws.】

That, is the 『folklore of the Evil Dragon Rēvendia.』

「Rēko! Raiotto! Doradora-san! I beg of you!」

『It’s the wind and rain dragon Fuuro.』

Although I inadvertently rushed into a mistake at name calling, I flew toward the fake kin.

Rēko’s jeweled dagger is not for defeating the Evil Dragon Rēvendia.

――it’s to calm the violence.

To deliver that distorted lie that was devised to protect my body to another 『Evil Dragon』.

That is the last strategy that can be done.

「Please, Rēko…!」

「Leave it to me. Evil Dragon-sama’s feelings, you bastard’s apology, anything and everything…」

The light of the blade shined.

「Let’s deliver all of it with this one blow.」

A slash.

The big sword that Rēko swung separated the dragon that was self-destructing and the body of the fake kin.

The dragon’s remains that lose its core melted into fog.

And the body of the fake kin was thrown into the air also starting to lose its body and was disappearing.

「Fake kin!」

Did it fail?

I was impatient, but I soon realized that it was something different.

「My appreciation. My lord.」

While collapsing like sand, the fake kin told me so.

While looking into the gentle eyes under the broken mask.

「Someday――is it okay to have permission to see you again?」

I nodded to that question without even waiting a second.

「Of course, I’m a long-lived person. I’ll be waiting for you to meet again… I’ll wait forever,」

The final appearance of the fake kin is how he squinted his eyes and laughed happily.

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