Chapter 203 part 1 – Legend Last Forever  


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Four men are walking in the deep green mountains.

Each of them has a sword, bow, and other weapons, giving them a skilled atmosphere.

「Hey, is it true that there is a rare beast that sells at a high price in this mountain?」

「Oh, there is no doubt about it. I’ve confirmed it with the information, it looks exactly like the Taizan Katari lizard that should have gone extinct long ago. If we can catch it alive, we will be a rich man.」

「But isn’t this the mountain where the Evil Dragon Rēvendia lives?」

The bearded man at the front laughed. He is the oldest and the leader of the four of them.

「What Evil Dragon Rēvendia. Didn’t that dragon die in Peryudōna a while ago? After defeating the Demon King, he was weakened enough that the adventurers of the city defeated him――or so the story went. There is no way he is still in this mountain.」

The following people smiled and nodded to his words.

The Evil Dragon Rēvendia was synonymous with the horror of humankind. But one day, his existence disappeared along with the abominable Demon King. Even if this mountain was once said to be the site of Rēvendia’s castle, there is nothing terrifying about it anymore.

――Or so that’s how it is supposed to be.


The incident began with the scream of a man.

When the bearded man looked back at the screams from behind him, one of the three minions who followed him was gone.

「Hey, where did that guy go?」

「I-I don’t know. He was gone the moment I took my eyes off him.」

The bearded man quickly crouched and checked his surroundings. There are no cliffs or slopes that you can fall down on.

However, there was one strange thing.

「What? This puddle is…」

It wasn’t raining and it didn’t look like spring water, but there was a puddle in the middle of the mountain road.

Maybe that is exactly where the disappeared man stepped on. However, it is impossible for an adult to disappear in a puddle that is not a bottomless swamp.

「Hey, did he go somewhere to take a dump or something…?」

「But boss, didn’t he scream?」

「Don’t be scared. Maybe, he was just in a hurry because it was about to leak.」


The moment he tried to make an optimistic interpretation, a new scream came up.

When the bearded man turned around again, one of his minions was gone again.

「Hey, what happened just now?」

「Oh, boss! Above! Above!」


When one of the minions pointed overhead while looking at it, there was the one who screamed there.

――His whole body was entwined with a spider web-like thread, and the minion was hung without resistance.


One of the remaining minions got frightened and started running.

「Hey! Wait! Don’t panic at time like this!」

Even while saying so, the boss is also upset.

His minions are not amateurs either. Even if a low-ranking monster were to attack them a little, they shouldn’t be done in immediately.

Is this mountain the base of a very powerful monster?

There was also the mysterious puddle and the spider web-like thread. A monster that masters two distinctly different abilities.

Then, the minion who was previously running away uttered a screaming-like voice.

「Ahh! There! The adventurer right there!」

There was an adventurer in armor ahead when he pushed aside the bushes.

The adventurer has heavy armor covering his whole body and is tall enough that we need to look up at him. A top-notch adventurer that is relieving to see.

「Mu? Do you have something to do with me?」

「Yes! My friends who entered this mountain were killed one after another… It must be the work of monsters in the mountains! Please help us!」

The minion clung to the big man in armor, but the boss stopped midway.

Something is wrong.

From this big man, no human atmosphere can be felt. Rather, he has a terrifying atmosphere.

「Fumu――that is probably the work of my acquaintance. The “lord” of this mountain is not someone who deals with such small items. After all, he is the masterpiece that defeated me. I’m going to go and challenge a revenge match on him now. Wahaha.」


「You may have also come to challenge him, but I’m not saying anything bad. Turn back here. Otherwise, his kin may wipe you out without a trace――sleep.」

The boss turned his heels immediately and ran away.

Behind him, there was a sound of his minion screaming and falling to the ground.

He can’t understand what this means.

Wasn’t it supposed to be only a lizard living in this mountain, which is huge but has no fighting power? Why do terrifying beings spring up one after another?

At the end of the dirt road that he ran through with sweat on his forehead, the boss finally saw it.

――A huge dragon.

It’s appearance was similar to the Taizan Katari lizard.

However, the intimidating feeling it released is not that of herbivores. Like it destroyed the world yet still has strong signs of atrocity, staring fiendishly while making someone their prey.

There is no way.

The real.

Evil Dragon.


Filled with too much fear, the boss lost control of his bladder and fainted.

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