Chapter 24 – As kin


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The Evil Dragon Lord’s presence abruptly disappeared behind the hallway’s corner.

I had a pensive look on my face.

Certainly, the Evil Dragon Lord was able to create subspaces, in which he could stride freely. However, if the mighty existence known as the Evil Dragon Lord were to even temporarily disappear from this world, it’d be an undesirable incident for this world’s natural harmony. Were the central pillar of the house to disappear, it’d creak and start to crumble. In the same manner, the world also couldn’t sustain its tranquillity without the Evil Dragon Lord.

The Evil Dragon Lord was extremely thoughtful. He had a thorough knowledge of causing bad influence on the world, and ever since he made me his kin, he hadn’t distorted space even once.

―― In which case…

Rēko dashed through the hallway, arriving at the corner. What she found was a puddle of water, as if there was a roof leak.

Moreover, it wasn’t just water. She could feel the dissolving magic power. Once she touched it with her finger, she immediately understood what kind of thing it was.

“It’s a dimensional barrier trap, imprisoning the target inside. Which means―― that insolent fellow before was after all the Saintess in disguise. No wonder that she had a strange presence for a human. To go so far in disrespecting the Evil Dragon Lord, I absolutely cannot forgive it.”

The Evil Dragon Lord wouldn’t have readily fallen for the enemy’s trap. Which meant, he went to the Saintess of his own volition. To put her to death, or maybe to win her over. I wasn’t able to see through his far sighted and prudent mind, but as his kin, ordered to restrain myself, I couldn’t meddle needlessly.

Nevertheless, suppressing the urge to destroy this trap right away was a terrible hardship for Rēko. She could’ve easily broken through the barrier Saintess made just by swinging her dagger. However, since the Evil Dragon Lord wasn’t taking those measures, were she to make a move, she’d have ignored his will.

“I cannot. If I were to cut in here, it’d be the same as me not having trust in the Evil Dragon Lord. That mustn’t be. As kin, I shouldn’t stand out where it’s not my place.”

That was why, she absolutely wouldn’t do anything. She stopped herself at just fully releasing her killing intent towards the Saintess from above the water puddle. All of the hallway’s windows shattered into fine pieces.

There should be no problem with this much. The Saintess was now in front of a genuine Evil Dragon Lord’s eyes. The released by me bloodthirst would be like a drop lost in the ocean.

With this I managed to let out some of my pent-up anger. Now I just have to carry out my walk as the Evil Dragon Lord ordered.

“Uwaa! What the hell is this? All of the windows are broken!”

I slipped past the panicking innkeeper and went outside. I was barefoot and wearing silk clothes as a substitute for pyjamas, but the Evil Dragon Lord also usually didn’t really wear much. In that case, he shouldn’t mind me lightly dressed.

When I was walking, several loudly squealing children came running down the road. Looking closely, they were holding vegetable scraps and tree roots in their hands.

“Where did Doradora[1] disappear to―?”
“He said he wanted to stay at some inn, didn’t he?”
“I was hoping to meet him again today…”
“He probably hasn’t left yet. Let’s search for him, search!”

I see. Judging from their conversation, they seemed to be searching for an unusual animal called Doradora. Come to think of it, when I was scolded the Evil Dragon Lord told me to play with human children as a way of learning their customs and habits.

They came at the right time, Rēko thought and readily approached the group of children. She pulled out her dagger and held it up towards the sky, saying,

“You there, human children. I want you to let me join as a member of your group. We have to hunt the one called Doradora, right? Just leave it to me. I’ve confidence in my skills.”

The children raised a ruckus. Rēko tilted her head.

Strange, I asked them in a natural manner, so why are they so wary of me? I’ve no idea what use the vegetable scraps have, but the tree roots have to be the substitute in place of swords for playing. They should want to corner and beat the one called Doradora with it.

“Y-You see, that’s wrong. We don’t want to hurt Doradora.”

Once the leader like young boy said so, the purpose of vegetable scraps unveiled itself to Rēko.

“I see. You don’t want to hurt him―― which means you want to capture him alive, and these vegetables are the bait to lure Doradora out. Should we dig a pitfall trap?”

“I’m saying you’re wrong! Doradora is a dragon that yesterday came to this town. He likes vegetables, and he’s really smart and cute too. We don’t want to bully him at all.”

So that’s how it is, I nodded. It seems there are various dragons. There are those mighty and grand like the Evil Dragon Lord, while there are also these lizard-like existences, which have just let their fur grow.

“I understand. I’ll search for that Doradora with you.”

Children were exchanging uneasy glances, but there was no need for worry. Once I used the bestowed upon me by the Evil Dragon Lord power and opened my third eye―― No, I shouldn’t. I was prohibited from using my powers thoughtlessly. Using it for mere children play was out of the question.

Which meant I should only rely on my five common senses. I closed my eyes and strained my ears, picking up sounds throughout the town. Excluding the footsteps of humans, horses and cattle, searching for other characteristic sounds of footsteps――

“This is…”

Catching the sound of footsteps she heard before, Rēko furrowed her eyebrows. Because these were footsteps, which shouldn’t have been there.

“We’ll have to leave playing for later. I’ve something to take care of first.”

She pulled out her dagger, resolutely kicking off the ground. She was quite slower than when using all her strength, even so the scenery was changing rapidly. She jumped over the few laid out in place of walls waterways and headed towards the town’s outskirts. During that time, it seemed an alarm bell urging people to evacuate resounded inside the town, but it didn’t concern Rēko.

When I crossed the stone bridge leaving the town’s area, I immediately saw my target. A mass of riding on horses and holding bows soldiers was lined up in a battle formation. Everyone’s gaze was cast towards that fellow.

“That’s why, please, put down your weapons. I didn’t come to attack the town. I don’t want to fight, even a little bit. I just came to apologize to Miss Saintess as atonement for my… Eep! Kin girl! I-I-It’s not how it looks like. I didn’t come here to do anything evil. Please, please just listen to me!”[2]

One who swore to never again assault human villages and to return to his native forest―― the three-headed elephant met the other day was there.


[1] Changed Dora to Doradora.

[2] The elephant is using ッス at the end of his sentences, which is a yanki like manner of speech.


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