Chapter 46 – Till we defeat the Demon King


Translator: Luk2048

Editor: Ghost Ape

When I woke up, it turned out we were banned from entering the town. Thinking about it, I guess it was justified. Rēko went berserk in front of every single guard’s eyes, and she tried to turn it into a barren wasteland. I did try going to the guard post and apologize for that whole affair after I woke up, however――

“It’s fine, totally fine, we don’t mind at all. But because of all the mud strewn across the town it’s hard to properly welcome the Evil Dragon Lord and Kin Lady. How about proceeding to the next town?”

“We already got all of your belongings packed and ready.”

“Ahh, I’m moved to tears; who would have thought we would be able to see the genuine Evil Dragon Rēvendia in our lives. It’s an amazingly rare experience, isn’t it? It probably won’t happen ever again. There mustn’t be much to do in such a remote town either. Well then, please make haste in your journey to subjugate the Demon King.”

I felt their strong determination to prevent us from entering. I didn’t have the nerve to deliberately ignore their will, so leaving the guard post I only had them fasten the entire luggage to my back, looking all set and ready for the journey ahead.

“Then let us depart Evil Dragon Lord.”

Although I hadn’t yet said even a word, waiting in front of the guard post Rēko greeted me in high spirits overflowing with enthusiasm. I really would like her to stop being so strangely fixated only on subjugating the Demon King. She could instead pay a little more attention to my real feelings.

“Wait a minute Rēko. I still have something to take care of.”

“Understood, I apologize for my lack of consideration. What great matter could it be?”

“Well… Let’s see…”

I’d like to munch on some grass for at least 5 years here. I decided to keep it a secret since I had no idea what would happen if I said that. I thought it over and went with a random excuse to buy time.

“Right, we’ve to say our farewells to Ariante and Lady Saintess. There’s no doubt they helps us out in various ways.”

For some reason both of them were gone when I woke up. There was only Rēko, who had been continuously murmuring some unsettling plan like a lullaby in my earshot, and the stretched flat on the ground unconscious silver dragon.

“If it is that female knight, she was invited to the festival not long ago. According to what I heard, it appears she is being extolled for her merit of exterminating an unthinkably powerful demon, but I cannot help but wonder when and what exactly has she defeated.”

You, you dummy. It looked like stopping her became Ariante’s achievement. Well, that made sense. I was technically standing at Rēko’s side, so if I were unlucky, I might even be made out to be a mastermind behind this.

“I see… but it’s surprising. Ariante didn’t seem like someone who would be good with such gaudy atmosphere.”

“During that time, a bunch of adventurer reinforcements prepared by Ariante arrived. They were a group of sycophantic parasites. As soon as they heard about her meritorious deed, all of them puffed out their chests as though they took part in it and dragged the female knight to the festival.”

“Wow, what a group of crafty people. Rēko absolutely mustn’t turn out like that.”

If not only her abilities but also her morality were to fall into darkness, she’d become unmanageable.

“Since she was made a focal point of the festival it’d be hard to meet her. We can’t even enter the town. Then what about Lady Saintess? Wouldn’t she come out if we were to call out near the waterways?”

“That is even more serious.”

“Eh? Something happened?”

Rēko nodded with a blank face, responding,

“The female knight was lauded as the『Second coming of Lady Saintess!』, so she is sulking and does not want to come out.”

“Ah, is that so? No wonder that looking closely the mud strewn throughout the town has increased slightly.”

She probably threw a tantrum, and in the end only pleased the villagers.

“What should we do? If it is necessary I will drag her out of the barrier.”

“Nah… since it’s like that, it might be better to leave her alone――”

Sploosh, suddenly water gushed from the ground and transformed into the figure of Lady Saintess. It looked like she was dissatisfied about being left alone.

“That’s cruel, not even a word of encouragement! Why is that?! Why didn’t it become my achievement?! I also did my bessttt…”

“Even if you say that…”

It was probably wholly due to her lacking any sort of aura of a powerful person. Even though she should be fairly strong, she somehow had a vibe similar to mine.

“If you’re that dissatisfied why don’t you just go to the festival? It’s Ariante we’re talking about, she’ll no doubt explain you’re the real Lady Saintess.”

“Eeeh, but that’s embarrassing…”

With her cheeks dyed red, Lady Saintess was bashfully squealing. If she also found coming forward unpleasant, just what exactly did she want?

“Weell, I want to be praised. I’m the type that thrives on compliments. Still, being complimented directly is embarrassing, so I want them to praise me indirectly, like in the festival’s shrine. It’s obvious I won’t allow other people to get the exclusive Lady Saintess treatment. Do you now understand this maiden’s heart?”

“You’ve got some complicated frustrations, don’t you? But there’s no point telling me, I really can’t do anything.”

“That’s right, stop bothering the Evil Dragon Lord.”

While saying in a threatening tone, for some reason, Rēko had embraced Lady Saintess. I was staring in wonderment at the downright unexpected action. I certainly couldn’t believe that a sign of friendship would sprout between them after they messed around trying to kill each other.

“Eh? Lady Rēko? I can’t believe… you wanted to cheer me up by hugging me? Lady Rēko, being the genuine Evil Dragon, that you would worry so much for me… I, as a puny demon, cannot help but feel pride――”

“What a drag. Stop spouting crap and go get praised as much as you like.”

Rēko lifted Lady Saintess’ body as though she was lifting a baby high up.

And then she threw her violently at the town’s heart, where the festival’s accompaniment echoed. The throw’s velocity showed Rēko’s absolute lack of moderation or mercy. So much so, that she couldn’t help but turn into a flashing star.

After a little while screams could be heard from the distance. It was obviously because a human-like figure abruptly came flying. She might even be treated as a new demon. It’d be great if Ariante’s followers didn’t subdue her.

“Well then, with this we finished the farewells.”

“I won’t be able to face Lady Saintess ever again.”

“At that time I will pin down her neck and turn her face towards you.”

“That’s the main cause I won’t be able to face her though.”

I let out a long sigh. Whatever the case, it didn’t seem like spending our time peacefully at this town was a viable option.

And so I embarked slowly to the plains, without any particular aim. Rēko had climbed on my back and clung to me with all of her body.

“Evil Dragon Lord, I hope I can continue as your dutiful servant, now and into the future.”

“Yeah, well, let’s both take it easy.”

Although Rēko will probably continue to run amok with all her power and this journey will be filled with hardships for me.

At the very least, all the way until we defeat that Demon King.



  1. There is still one more chapter of the first novel?

    • That’s right, a short epilogue of the first book with Ariante’s and silver dragon’s antics. Wanted to post it tomorrow, but Ghost was as quick as usual. Might as well post it now, just give me a minute or two to edit in the changes~

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