Chapter 53 – Rēko-like effort


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“So, show me your strength, human. You can fully demonstrate the skills you’re so proud of, the ones you acquired without putting in any significant effort. Then I’ll make sure to thoroughly crush them along with your self-confidence.”

“Eeeeh―. Sounds like a pain―”

Rēko’s plan of lecturing her was very simple. If the opponent is a prideful genius, one just has to break that pride by surpassing it with an even more overwhelming power. And then, it seemed she planned to finish it with “This overwhelming power was acquired due to my diligent effort as a kin.”

It didn’t make any sense. After all Rēko awakened solely due to her misunderstanding. As far as I know, an abrupt awakening doesn’t enter into the effort category. There might be some things where this child indeed did her best in her own way, but if one were to ask whether she became strong due to effort, the answer would positively be negative.

But first, there was something else that bugged me even more. Right in front of the mansion inside a plain, empty garden, Rēko stood with her arms folded in front of Haizen’s daughter.

“Rēko? ‘Show me your strength’… what’s with suddenly calling for a sham like duel? Weren’t you supposed to simply talk with her?”

“There are times when a single fist conveys a deeper message than a thousand words.”

“But you make most things go poof with a single fist.”

“It’s okay Evil Dragon Lord. Even I know to moderate my strength. I intend to face her like I would an infant, soothing and cuddling.”

While still moaning, I ultimately gave in. Still, though Rēko’s like this, it wasn’t like she ever seriously injured a human before. She had some sense, one way or another. Let’s believe in her occasionally.

“Then before our duel begins, I’ll listen to your name.”

“Ooh? A self-introduction? I’m Ensheina, though Sheina is fine. Nice meeting ya.”

“Very well, then I’ll also introduce myself anew. My name is Rēko Rēvendiriusu. Come now, let us play――”

I tugged lightly on the hem of Rēko’s robe a few times.

“Wait a second Rēko. Was that the surname you had? Somehow I’ve a feeling you smoothly gave yourself a name similar to mine, didn’t you?”

To be precise, it wasn’t even my name.

“I revealed my surname for the first time here. It is a lofty name which only Evil Dragon Lord’s kin are permitted to adopt.”

“I don’t think a self-introduction’s contents can be changed according to your mood.”

Well never mind, I gave up. My surname multiplying wasn’t anything that surprising by now. Rēko lowered her gaze towards a nearby patch of grass, picked up a single withered leaf and put it on her head.

“If you make this leaf fall down, you win. I won’t attack you at all. That’s fine, right?”

“Okay, a queeestion. How do I lose?”

Sheina inquired.

“You lose once you admit your loss. Until then, I’ll keep you company for as long as you want.”

Without any support, the leaf was simply laying on top of Rēko’s hair. Let alone fighting, a puff of wind seemed enough to knock it down.

Beside me, Haizen held his chin in a purely spectator-like manner.

“Hoh… Sir Evil Dragon, it looks like Lady Dragon Kin has a considerable amount of confidence, doesn’t it?”

“She’s always brimming with confidence.”

“However, I think her handicap might be a bit too much. Sheina is quite talented. With these conditions I can’t say she has zero chances of winning.”

“No, I don’t think it’s possible.”

No matter how talented she was, she still fell under a human category. There should be no way for her to rival Rēko, who was already in the middle of stepping into the territory of an Evil Dragon herself.

Seeing that the preparations of the two facing each other were complete, Haizen raised his arm.

“Well then, you two are ready, right?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Eeeh. I still didn’t say I’d do it―. It doesn’t look like it really matters even if I win. What about setting a prize?”

“If you do, I’m going to give you all the riches and strength your heart may desire.”

“Ooh! I like it simple.”

Somehow, she started saying things a Demon King would.

“Umm Rēko? If I recall correctly we don’t have any wealth, that’s why we came in search of gold.”

“It’s okay, I’ll win.”

“So your modus operandi is that of a swindler?”

With no regard for my anxiety, Rēko put her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest full of confidence to win. Haizen paused with his arm raised after confirming both of their fighting spirit, and――


Swung it down at once. Simultaneously, vigorous movements deciding between the duel’s victory and defeat―― were nowhere to be seen.

Without any fighting spirit, Sheina drew near Rēko with small steps in an easy-going manner. Rēko was fixedly staring at it with an expression full of distrust. In this way, she gently drew her lips near Rēko’s ear, whispering,

“Say, Rēko, if you let me win, I don’t mind giving you a~ll of my Evil Dragon Lord’s books collection…?”


Twitch, Rēko’s shoulders quivered. No good. What a despicable mental attack. She discerned the difference between their abilities and decided on the most effective shake-her-up method. She was more capable than I expected.

“If you do it now, I’ll add in a present – the skin Evil Dragon Lord shed in ancient times…”


It was working. Due to Rēko’s increasingly larger shaking the leaf slightly shifted position.

“Don’t get fooled, Rēko! I don’t moult!”

“Aah! You can’t! Evil Dragon Lord, advice is off-limits!”

Sheina, who realized her weak-point attack was ruined, decided to use force at point-blank range. Having said that, I didn’t really understand what happened. The moment Sheina fully gathered the magic power in her body, warping the nearby space like a mirage or a heat haze―― a violent dust cloud blew up.

It was similar to an explosion, but there were no flames. Only, after the dust cleared up, Rēko’s imposingly standing figure was revealed with the leaf still stuck on her head.

Tsk, Sheina clicked her tongue.

“I give up―. There’s no way to win against that.”

“No need to sulk like that. Your attack was quite effective. I’d never have thought the cast-off skin was a lie…”

“You aren’t really helping, you know? But still, you’re amazing Rēko. It’s the first time I ever lost to someone younger. Do kin really become strong like that?”

“My strength exists solely due to the Evil Dragon Lord’s power, but of course, it’s not like I got here without putting in any effort.”

Me and Haizen clenched our hands tightly in suspense at the same time. Haizen as a result of his desire for his daughter’s rehabilitation, whereas I due to the slight fear of what exactly Rēko did recognize as effort.

“――『Eat well and sleep a lot.』I diligently keep on making the effort.”

“I knew it, please make me kin!”

This voice of hers resounded loudly in the quiet garden.



  1. A bunch of lazy bums lol

    • One lazy bum of a dragon that got caught up in this mess, a lazy bum whose power goes beyond common sense, and a lazy bum that wants to leech off the first lazy bum’s “power”. They will get along swimmingly.

  2. I think Revendiris sounds more fitting

  3. Just realized, if Reivendia was unaware that the humans had named him, and yet there’s literature about him from well before this Haizen guy was born, he must’ve been isolated for a damn long time.

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