Chapter 65 – A crushing sense of guilt


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Editor: Ghost Ape

“Somehow, recently I feel like an idiot for considering things so seriously.”

“Maybe you’re tired? After all Mr. Lizard is quite a grandpa, right?”

We were on the bank of a small river, the water gently babbling below. I went on a stroll by myself in search of a place to nap and sulk in the area, but Lady Saintess came with me, even though I didn’t invite her.

Because Rēko saw through the spirit’s present condition and even supplied her with magic power, everyone stopped really paying attention to Lady Saintess anymore since she had completely served her purpose. It seemed like it became dull, so she clung to me who entertained her with conversation.

“By the way, listen to this! To tell you the truth, I’ve advanced since then! A construction to draw a large-scale waterway from my town all the way to Peryudōna has begun. Don’t you think that water sprung forth by me being used in a town where top notch adventurers gather is amazing?”

“Aah, now that you mention it Rēko mentioned something about that town’s deteriorating waterway facilities.”

Lady Saintess was garrulous enough to convey clearly just how much she wanted to talk about it.

“Ah, of course the place I belong to is my current town. But I’d be hard pressed to refuse if I were to be told I’m needed. After all as a Saintess I should do my best to respond to a voice seeking help.”

“Quite earnest, aren’t you?”

“Ehehe not at all… I still have a long way to go. If one day the whole country were to worship me… that would be great….”

“I think it’s better if you don’t go too overboard. You’re likely to mess up after all.”

Still, she was so virtuous that it seemed unthinkable that she was once a demon. From what I gathered she was quite the bonehead during her demon days so her true nature didn’t particularly change much, but just how deep that town people’s faith had to be to change a demon into a god.

Thereupon, a question sprouted within me.

“Hey Lady Saintess, can I ask you something?”

“Yes? What is it?”

“You said earlier that awe and dread turns into demons strength, but what would happen if, for example, everyone around the world would be scared of a demon that actually doesn’t exist?”

“A demon that doesn’t exist…?”

Lady Saintess didn’t seem to get it and tilted her neck.

“Yeah, I mean it’s about me. Look, I’ve been mistook as Evil Dragon Rēvendia, wasn’t I?”

“Come to think of it, you’re right. But, in reality Lady Rēko is the Evil Dragon Lord, yes?”

“You’re still hung up on it? I told you it’s not like that. Rēko is truly only a human; she doesn’t belong to a demon category. A dragon known as the Evil Dragon Rēvendia doesn’t exist in this world.”

Maybe the shock was too large for her, but she petrified like a rock.

“Is, is that true? The one equal even to that Demon King―― the legendary Evil Dragon that has lived for thousands of years doesn’t exist…?”

“Ah, it’s true that I’ve lived several thousand years though. The distinct black body and azure eyes are also the same. But the name Rēvendia was forced on me and my strength or character were both extremely embellished.”

I made sure to emphasize that she absolutely had to keep it a secret from Rēko. Maybe because Lady Saintess read the grave aura I was emitting, she quickly nodded while gulping loudly.

“And so, in that case where exactly do the thoughts of dread towards me go? If I was a real demon I should’ve become dreadfully strong, but there’s not even a shred of such presence, right?”

In the end even if magic power was given there was no vessel. I was only a herbivore after all.

“You’re right… I’ve never heard of a case like that so I’ve truthfully no idea, but if the destination for those thoughts doesn’t exist they should disappear sooner or later, right?”

“Uh huh, so it’s really like that. A load off my shoulders… If there was some kind of weird uncontained magic power leak because of me I couldn’t help but feel responsible.”

“I think it’s okay. There was nothing like a demon suddenly springing forth in Mr. Lizard’s immediate surroundings, right?”

“No way. If that happened I already wouldn’t be in this world.”

“After all Mr. Lizard is extremely weak!”

Lady Saintess added laughing. If my memory serves me right though, I’m positive I’ve won when we last fought.

“Aah but still, there could’ve been something I missed. For example if it was a demon so awfully weak that I wouldn’t notice its existence, it might’ve occurred when I was asleep…?”

“No, no. If the sense of dread towards the Evil Dragon Rēvendia were to be embodied, it wouldn’t result with such a low level demon. For instance it should be a terrific demon that would be able to sunder earth with a swipe of its claws or fly through the sky crossing the speed of sound.”

“Then I can rest easy. After all if such a demon did appear in my surroundings I’d have noticed for sure…”

Then out of nowhere I had a flashback of my recent memories. A girl who wasn’t unusual in any way had suddenly awoken to an unbelievable amount of magic power – she sundered earth, soared skies, spouted flames, bent space; all the while acting as the Evil Dragon’s kin.

Instantly sweat started dripping down the nape of my neck.

“What’s happened to you Mr. Lizard? You somehow look really bad, you know?”

Just maybe, I might’ve had forced a terrible thing onto Rēko.



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