Chapter 69 – I’d like to have a break


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Editor: Ghost Ape

“Hey Rēko, I think I told you before right? That you shouldn’t bite me anymore.”

“My sincere apologies Evil Dragon Lord. This spirit tried to be slick and steal a march on me so I accidentally forgot myself.”

“This time swear you won’t do it ever again.”

“Do not worry, the Lord’s words always turn into a vow etched deep upon my heart.”

“If that’s the case your explanation of why you ignored my request doesn’t really hold up though.”

Secured by Sheina’s hands, spirit was still chomping her teeth while looking at me. Although Rēko interpreted it as ‘the play-biting of affection’, no matter how I looked at it she seemed to be going after me.

However, although I was reluctant I had to admit that this time she helped me out a little. After all I had a hunch that Sheina harboured doubts regarding my true character.

Me being exposed as weak was a matter of life and death. Above all it’d increase Rēko’s risk of going berserk. I believed both Sheina and Haizen to be trustworthy people, but still, if they knew my true colours they’d have to report it to that home country of theirs. I wanted to avoid a situation where too many people knew.

―― And that’s exactly why I was now fiercely uprooting the grass that was still left around.

“How’s that Sheina? These are my true colours…”

“Ah, yes.”

All right, since I was so straightforward she started speaking more politely. I felt sorry for scaring her, but it was clearly working.

“More importantly Evil Dragon… Lord? This child immediately trying to bite you, isn’t it cause of the similar colour? That gold mountain’s ore was blackish, so kinda like the colour of Lord’s scales.”

“… In other words what? She tries to eat me because she’s mistaking me for a mountain rock?”


I drew several steps back. I couldn’t possibly endure her biting me over and over again. Reko sneered with a triumphant look on her face and said,

“Incidentally Evil Dragon Lord, I was play-biting fully aware it was the Lord’s tail. That means, as expected, I am a cut above her after all.”

“Just what on earth kind of competition are you having?”

Besides, biting me while being aware was all the more malicious.

Haizen put in order the current somewhat noisy situation by clearing his throat.

“In that case I’ll go ahead and allow myself report the previously mentioned contents… Also, Sir Evil Dragon. While you’re waiting, please enjoy our facilities freely, although I’ve to apologize in advance for its shabby state.”

“Oh yeah, I appreciate it. In which case… I’m a little interested, so could you let me read the records you had on me?”


“Yep. The literature on Evil Dragon Rēvendia you said you investigated in your youth. I would like to check for myself how I’m portrayed.”

I’ve been curious about that since a long time before. I knew I was treated as a profoundly terrifying existence, but when it came to precisely how “Evil Dragon Rēvendia” was portrayed, the “me” in question was at a complete loss. It was no doubt an exceedingly slim hope, but perhaps I’d find information on how to solve my current predicament.

When I directed my steps to the estate, Rēko came up beside me.

“Although presumptuous of me, how about a brief hot bath before that? Let us quickly get rid of the spurts of blood from that foolish grass.”

“It’s just the juice from grass, okay? I don’t think that overly savage expressions are good for you.”

“As a matter of fact I foresaw that it’d become like this and started preparing the bath beforehand. At Raiotto’s house I’ve also fulfilled the role of a servant so I’m well versed in bath preparations.”

“Yeah, I guess. At any rate if I were to loiter around the house like this I’d surely spread the dirt all over the place.”

Perhaps Rēko took that into consideration and encouraged me to take a bath. If that was the case, it’d mean she began considering the inconvenience of others, in other words became capable of basic consideration.

While wagging my tail surprised at just how smoothly Rēko’s education in proper decorum was going, I headed towards the bath guided by her. It appeared that the bathroom was located in a hut detached from the main building but of a similar condition.

“I’ll be adjusting the water temperature from outside so if there’s anything please let me know.”

“Thanks. By the way, what about keeping an eye on the spirit?”

“Even though I’m here she’s in the view of my third eye.”

“I see.”

I decided not to enquire about everything and pushed open the bathroom’s door with my forelegs. An endlessly spreading steam crammed my field of view with overwhelming heat.

―― On the opposite side of the steam was a wobbling and seething bathtub akin to the cauldron of hell.

“… Rēko? This is?”

“Yes, I made sure to finish off with Evil Dragon Lord’s favourite water temperature.”

My memory flashed with a distant scene when someone threatened to turn me into a soup. Even the merchant that was trying to teach me tricks had never went and seriously heated up an iron pot.

“Now go on Evil Dragon Lord, enjoy it to your heart’s content.”

Resisting an urge to break down and cry, I’ve implored with great difficulty for tepid water.


When I got out of the subspace’s vortex, I was in a corner of my town. Because of the matter from a few days ago it was still as muddy as ever, but maybe thanks to their prior preparations the people lived without any significant discomfort.

“Pheew, I’m so glad. The town looks okay.”

The town’s guardian―― Lady Saintess adjusted her straw hat and smiled in relief.

Sending her consciousness into the waterways she tried searching for any demons, but there was no suspicious presence inside the town. The demon-like presence she could sense was approaching slowly from the outside.

“Aaalright, bring it ooon! My barrier won’t break that easily!”

She got a bit enthusiastic about the first Saintess-like job in a while and proudly stuck out her chest while shrewdly standing in the barrier’s interior.

Once she waited for a while, the demon came into view slowly walking from the other side of the plains.


Lady Saintess widened her eyes. It was the long-haired demon whose head Rēko fished out just a while ago.


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